Monday, 17 December 2012


Last nights paintings, Sunday, 16th/17th December 2012. The first painting reminds me of the sun. 



While watching a video this evening, it was clear that the police officer knew the mother very well indeed. He made a point of stating that he knew her outside of school activities. In addition, they are now saying that the mother was a 'prepper', a 'survivalist' and was preparing for the financial meltdown. Apparently she was storing food and guns to defend herself and her son. 

This picture reminds me of what followed it and Obama turning up at the scene. However, I also see something else going on, how they wish to take the children from their parents. Especially single parent mothers. That then reminded me of the single parent mothers in Greece, that are being forced to give their children to charities because they cannot afford to feed them. Now check out the history of Chris Murphy, the Liberal Democrat that won the election in Connecticut. Check out what he has been involved in, to include Canada and the importation of pharmaceutical drugs.  

I sense there is a lot more to be uncovered in this case. Peter Lanza and his new wife have fled, it is reported that they have left their home. 

On the 27th of February, 2011 the LORD God gave me the words 'Connecticut' and 'Minnesota'. See the link for what was written at that time. Connecticut is in New England and it is known as the 'Constitution State'. The highest peak is bear mountain and the post mentions Obama and Rev 13. 

In the third painting, I see the golden mother and her holding onto lots of her children, and asking them to stay close to her, has she wraps hers arms around them. I see a snake in the painting as well, and  next year will be the Chinese Year of the Black Snake. It is 2013, that will have the most impact on children so far, and I don't feel it will be in a good way, if the children do not stay close to their mothers. Has the LORD God said 'No School, Schools Out'. See previous posts.

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