Thursday, 27 December 2012


I am calling all mothers to take action. On my first saturn return I found myself having to go to man's court to defend the sanctity of a baby. It wasn't the happy ever after fairy story! Life circumstances overtook me and I had no choice but to fight with all my might to protect my child, his good health and innocence. It is a very long story that I shall not share with you now.

There are many women of my age group that did the same, we were breaking the never ending cycles and saying no, I shall defend my child with everything that I have got.

Now saturn returns for the second time in my life. However, this time it is different, this time we have the divine court.

Stand with me to defend the sanctity of the children of the world, from the men that did not have good mothers to defend them. Those men that did not have good mothers to defend them create wars against other nations. They also joined the military and were taught how to use a gun. Their mothers did not defend their innocence, they did not defend their own flesh from harm.

Stand with me in truth, in love, mercy, integrity and justice of the divine court. For it will please the LORD our God.

Sisters of the Rose, come together, stand together.

Your time has come!


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