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The Olive Tree is set alight!

Rene Wadlow may well have been off the radar screen of Constance Cumbey, an active Michigan lawyer. However, he has not been off of my radar. Constance has blogged about how Rene Wadlow wrote an article boasting of their 'global revolution' coming off so successfully in Tunisa. [1]

I should also add that I do not agree with the conclusions that Constance came to about the strategy of what can only be called olives from the olive branches due to them being like Solomon. Solomon was willing to marry anyone to attain peace in his part of the world. We all know what happened to Solomon and the temple with that strategy, both were destroyed.

I will not allow Rene or any of his comrades to take credit for the sheer amount of effort that the truth movement have put into helping people at the grass roots of society. I did receive an email from Rene last week with the same old strategy that the olives tend to send out. I informed Rene Wadlow once again that their strategy of helping humanity has not worked in the last 100 years. People like Rene Wadlow did not ward off the captivity that the poor find themselves in.

However, nor do I agree with Constance Cumbey and her conclusions about what she considers to be 'new age'. Has far as I am concerned, the new age died a long time ago, and the golden age began at the harmonic concordance in November 2003.  When the first engagement with God took place with global significance. In September 2007, the children also received their divine plan when the everlasting covenant was delivered.

Has we know Rene Wadlow has aligned himself with 'Theosophy' and I stood against one of its authors in the Rev 12 timeline or to be more correct, he stood against the wondrous woman from heaven. Rev 2 also tells you all about Jezebel who also came out of theosophy, she was ECP.

Anyhow, to understand the implications of the olive tree and its olives you have to understand the biblical prophecies pertaining to it. Prophet Isaiah predicted that the olive tree would be beaten and in the book of Romans in the NT; the Christians are referred to as the olive tree. So although Rene came out of Theosophy most of those involved in theosophy are actually Christians in their hearts. Pacifists that think they know the way to bring peace to the world, just like Solomon thought he could as well. Has we know the masons are also heavily into Solomon and his ways.

For that reason, has far as I am aware, Rene Wadlow and his comrades have not stood against the Vatican, they supported Obama and they never stand against the institutions that have oppressed the people of the nations for 1,000's of years. The book of Judges mentions how they anoint a king for themselves, just like they anointed Obama. Judges 9:8, just like the unelected officials elected the Pope to represent the Christian community. A Christian community that were given no say in its choice.

Isaiah 24 explains why the nations are being plundered and everything else that is currently going down environmentally. Prophet Isaiah was very specific he explained that the 'everlasting covenant was broken' and how the 'joyful harp became silent'. He is referring to the 'Harp of Faithfulness', yours truly when she was cut off from the internet during the summer of 2012.

Prophet Nehemiah spoke of how the olive trees are used to make temporary shelter, as such they are not permanent. Nor could they ever be so. In Isaiah 17, when the olive tree is broken only 3-4 olives remain on the top most branches. Four or five of the fruitful boughs. In my humble view, the fruitful boughs are those that have not assisted governments to hang on to the status quo like Rene Wadlow has done by being a part of their system, and its mechanisms.

Of course the olive tree has been an age old problem. Even Prophet Jeremiah spoke out against the olive tree, he also predicted that the olive tree would be set on fire and broken. Prophet Amos predicted that the locusts would destroy the olive tree. In Hab 3:17, the olive tree fails. Hag 2:19, the olive tree did not bear fruit. Zec 4:11 Two olive trees are on either side of the lamp stand. Two olive trees also appear in Rev 11.

Basically the methodology and strategy used by Rene Wadlow and his comrades that work within the mechanics of the system has not; and does not work. In the last 100 years they did not ward off the captivity that humanity finds itself in. Due to them thinking that they can engage the oppressors to change their ways to help the people. When in fact, all it does is teach people like Obama the buzz words, and gives them ideas of how they can do a better job of oppressing the people. Prophet Isaiah expressed that there is only one place for people like Obama and Cameron and that is prison. 

Rene Wadlow and his associates in and outside of the UN, did not support the new covenant or the building of new Jerusalem. They did not support yours truly, the righteous one, that came from the Island in the West that Prophet Isaiah spoke about. Has such, they pay the consequences and their olive tree being is set on fire. And has the righteous one is the flame of Joseph, I shall personally set it on fire because enough is enough of the never ending cycles. Has the olive tree is a metaphor, I shall set it on fire metaphorically in word and art. 

The biblical prophecy has been fulfilled, and now the end of the olive tree that is assisting the nations to become a waste land. Isaiah speaks of the 'guilt of the rebellion', he is referring to the rebellion against the will of the LORD God and the new that he brought forth. Rene Wadlow etc shall not take credit for all of the hard work millions of individuals have put in 24/7 for no pay. If that means that the UN has to burn down as well, then so be it. The people have had enough of those that do not listen to the grass roots; and the power truly is with the people that I have been blessed to support and serve. They come in all shapes and sizes, from many nations and cultures. All colors of the rainbow. 

Has we know olives are an acquired taste, I like the olives. However, I can live without them. The olives are not essential, although I do like cooking with olive oil and putting it on salads. So it is good that some olives on the top most branches will survive what is coming to be. In this context, the top most branches applies to the olives who are closer to heaven and the divine will of the LORD. 

Being a pacifist does not mean working with the governments that are oppressing the people. Did the Son of God do what Rene Wadlow has done? No.! It is written that he was a carpenter and carpenter's cut the wood. In the infancy gospels he told his father that he had cut the plank to short. 

Has we know many Christians supported Obama and those Christians are also part of the olive tree as indicated by the text that they embrace. No surprise then that the current pope also chose the name Benedict has the order has the crest with the olive branch upon it. When the current pope was elected in 2005, the Son of God informed me that it would be 'genocide for the Church'. 

Yours truly is the water bearer so I do have the ability to put out the fire with water; has and when the LORD God compels me to do so. Know this the NWO is beaten, and it is just a matter of time before its proponents are removed from office. The power is with the people, we are global and we are strong.  


1. http://cumbey.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/shocker-rene-wadlow-bat-yeor-david.html

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