Wednesday, 26 December 2012

ELIAKIM responds to Chief Golden Light Eagle

This is in response to Chief Golden Light Eagle

Many are called but few are chosen, it takes pure intention to co-create miracles. Few have purified themselves enough to do so. The flowers await the saints that are not ready even now! After all of the hard work to bring them on, they are still not ready to take their light into the darkness to transform it. That takes real courage and dauntlessness. In my experience the Spirit of the Native Indian is for the beginners at the start of the journey. It is to teach discipline and to ground people into their spiritual life. Preparing people to be diligent, committed,  to work in harmony with the spiritual law of the being and all sentient beings. To ensure that integrity and honor is in place; and that there is a smooth path open for Spirit communication. The Indian Spirit is for training the horses to accept its rider in humility. ensuring that it does not struggle against itself. If and when the people are ready, then new spiritual energies come in at a higher vibration.

Nostradamus predicted that the eagle will fly to high close to the sun. Has we know, if and when an eagle does that; they can get scorched by the heat. For what use does the sun have for a head dress of feathers? What difference is there between the headdress of an Indian Chief, the black hats of the Rabbi's, or the hats of the Churchmen? Do they not set themselves apart with the way that they dress?

Is that the way that the Creator sets people apart? By the way that they dress? Are people chosen for what they wear, how they look?. No, the Creator can see beyond appearances directly into the heart. The traditions of men continue; at the same time has the Creator carries on with those that he has chosen from those that were called. Much can depend on the evolution of the soul, more can depend on how much has been integrated by the individual themselves. Every phase of the journey must be fully integrated, and fully understood. How can you impart to others what you have not integrated yourselves? Has a great Reiki Master Teacher once said to his students, 'You cannot teach others how to drive the car until you can drive it yourself'.

If Chief Golden Light Eagle had been called, he would know. If he had been chosen, he would know. When it happens it is mighty indeed, and you can never ever deny it and or your spiritual experiences related to it.

So speak to me of your own experiences, of 'called', and 'chosen' and leave the rest behind.


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