Sunday, 16 December 2012


A very close and dear friend has the name of Barbara, in Greek the name means 'Strange, stranger, foreign' and she does adopt many strangers on her travels through life. [1] Some of her friends call her Babs, and it is written that in Aramaic, Strong's Hebrew 3824 the meaning of lebab is heart. [2]

Hence the painting of exploding hearts fits her perfectly.  In some ways she reminds me of dolly in her personality, the matchmaker. No surprise then that Barbara Streisand played dolly in the film, 'Hello Dolly'. Always was a big fan of Barbara's, I feel there are big changes coming for the exploding and expanding hearts; especially now that people in UK are receiving Christmas cards with notes in them telling them that the end is nigh. Police are trying to track down who is delivering them. I must admit the news did make me smile.

She certainly has a heart that understands yours truly, and she listens intently.

May Barbara and her family be blessed, may 2013 bring all of their dreams true.



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