Friday, 14 December 2012


In the recent post titled 'Cameron contravenes UN Rights of the Child', followed by 'Children Must Be Given a Voice, Bedroom Tax'. A couple of paintings were included, paintings that were painted on the 12th of December, 2012. The first painting looked like the water of shiloh being poured on the grass roots of humanity. One can view it in terms of sharing the information about the children and the call for them to be heard in harmonic concordance with the UN Rights of the Child, the spiritual law, in addition to the everlasting covenant that was delivered for the children in September 2007. 

Then there was another painting that held a message for the people reading the blog and the posts. I must admit it does look that there is blood in the painting, in that which looks like hair. Like a scalp.

Two other paintings were done last night that I had not shared with you, so I will post them now. 
This one look liked a skull to me, and it felt like a discovery.

Following the skull type painting, there was another one and I called it the 'Blue Flower'. 

The last painting from last night looks like there is an alien in the picture. 

When I look at all of the paintings together, a story begins to emerge. First the waters of shiloh, followed by the scalp, reminds me of the message that we shared with the Americans when this blog began. The message was that the Americans must work with the first nation. The skull reminds me of the crystal skull that was removed by Americans from Belize, and they're asking for it back. 

The next painting gives the colors that relate to the USA and its two-party political system. Followed by an alien type image in green. A friend and I went out this afternoon, so I have only just heard the news about the shootings in the USA, and China involving a lot of children and some adults at school venues. I really was not surprised, bearing in mind that I was compelled to send out a call last night to people that truly care about children. Calling people to listen in regard of what I was sharing about the human rights of the children. Some people simply did not have the ears to hear, the eyes to see, or the heart to understand what was being imparted and the importance of it. 

Has we know, in this timeline many biblical prophecies are being fulfilled, and some are being fulfilled, due to the people that Prophet Isaiah called the 'refusing of the waters of shiloh'. So people certainly have to take responsibility for what and whom they have supported. So who is responsible for murdering the children and why? Press reports state that it was the 20 year old son of a teacher at the school in the USA.  Did that teacher exalt her son has an equal? Or is the child another one that grew up in the American machine? Was the child given a voice, was that child heard? Ultimately, children learn what they live, USA. Apart from the dear children that have died, the shooter killed his mother, is that normal? No. Seek within America, and what you have co-created since the day that the USA was founded. 

I always remember Russell Means sharing that the USA has been at war with others every year since its inception. Russell Means has passed over now, yet, everything that he stood against, is still allowed to continue. Simply because the people refuse to do the will of God. Obama says he and the nation are 'broken hearted' at what has taken place. Is that true? Did he stop his wars against other nations? No. Did he help the indians like he promised? No. Yet, the Liberals still support Obama, why? Is it because of the drugs? Is it because of their sexual preference? Or do they simply close their eyes, ears and hearts to what is really going on in their nation with the authority of Obama? 

What kind of a teacher was the mother that was killed at the school? Why did her son wish to end her life? What had she done to him? What had she given him? Had she given him pharmaceuticals when he was a child, had she given him mind altering drugs?  All of these questions have to be asked. What brought the 20 year old to do what he did to her? 

Compassionate hearts can really change the world, truly compassionate hearts, exalt children has we have been asking people to do for decades. If you require help to change the world, then you have no choice but to turn your hearts to the children, past, present and future. It was only a couple of days ago, that I was reading about the 98 boys that died in a detention centre in Florida, USA, due to the treatment that they had received. One has to ask where was their humanity to do such a thing to those children? 

How about the fact that most bullying that takes place in the USA is carried out by women against women? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Goodness gracious me, America has a lot to learn and a lot to heal, for truly, children do live what they learn. And has the Son of God so rightly said, you have to become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. He did not tell you to bully each other, he taught his true followers to become healers of the child. To enable people to reclaim their joy and innocence, to understand what helped them to become the people that they had become. Hence, forgiveness was such a powerful part of his teaching. For without forgiveness the heart cannot open, and the heart truly is for giving. Those that truly live in their hearts, give with all of their hearts and souls, they are compelled to do so. 

May the children and the people that have passed over, rest in peace. May their families be comforted at this time. 




Anonymous said...

Something really incredible has happened here.

The child Bryan Oliver has red hair and the Daily Mail state that he was being 'tormented' and 'bullied relentlessly'.

The child was continually told that 'GINGERS DON'T HAVE SOULS'.

They plan to charge the child has an adult over the shooting in Kern County. That means that Bryan Oliver could be killed by the US government.


Anonymous said...

To be clear, what is incredible is the painting of the red hair.