Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Following on from the new 'red feathers' painting included in the previous post. I was compelled to paint for someone else that I used to know. You will recognize the mountain, four sacred ankhs, and the flames of Joseph under the mountain. However, when I put the painting on the wall, another image was revealed to me, an image of someone else completely. In fact, the more that I look at it, the more faces I see within it.

The blue mountain reminds me of Australia, has there are blue mountains near Sydney. I also knew a healer and therapist in Australia, with the same name has the man that this painting was for.

Revelation is in these paintings.


I understand the four keys that are featured in this painting, each one of them is symbolic of a person. I also know who they are, and who I elevated beyond the self and when it took place and how. All four of them were born on this land of Joseph, including myself. The color of the mountain is also symbolic of spiritual transformation and the thymus chakra level of consciousness of 'I ACCEPT'.

The number four is also related to 444 and perfect love. Four is a practical number and it relates to communication and how they communicate, what they communicate about. All four of them are healers that were pre-ordained to do that which they came to accomplish in perfect divine love. It also applies to their connection in life, their divine purpose, and reason for being that is also connected. This is not the first time these people have known each other, this is past life as well. These people are keys to life, and the importance of acceptance of all that is divine and holy. It was essential that they united on the same mountain on this land of Joseph.


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