Sunday, 16 December 2012


The LORD asked me to go to the Daily Express so what did I find there? Princess Beatrice mourns her pet that was savaged by the Queen's corgi's. Pets, especially dogs tend to take on the mannerisms of their owners. Like the children copy their parents, parrot fashion. Cameron the corgi, that fits!

The corgi 's of the Queen are savaging our people and their human rights. While people are living in poverty in this country, the Queen and her entourage will be eating the very best money has to offer.

Nostradamus gave a prophecy that 'the Prince will fall on the seventh day.' Well Prince Harry will not be with the Royal family for Christmas. We did inform you that the British monarchy have had many warnings recently, and they will increase and get a lot more serious.

Prince Harry will be in Afghanistan for Christmas and I wish him no harm. However, the LORD God did not ask Harry to go to Afghanistan. Has the prophecies predict the Princes cannot meet the high standard. They were sent into the military because that is what the British monarchy do, would I be happy for my son to go into the military? Absolutely not! I did everything I could to share the truth with him, to get him to look at his real motivation for enlisting. After a lot of pondering and discussion, he came to his own conclusions and did not go.

The Corgi savages remind me of this painting of the scalp and what happened to the indigenous peoples of the lands that became part of the commonwealth.

An Indian child from Canada, photo courtesy of Kevin Annett who has spent his life defending them.





Anonymous said...

The military are overseas to conquest land. Prince Harry is very protected. He is painted as a hero. Your media keep people gullible. Better to have a slice of bread that is not stained in blood, than be living like a King or Queen by robbing people. In the time of change - there will be no rulers over anyone. Too many people want to be King and Queen now for the wrong reasons. A few are delusioned with this idea. When this house falls, people will be free.

Eliakim said...

Well Harry isn't painted has a hero in the UK has far as the military is concerned.

In the main our media do an excellent job, far better than the American media have ever done. I read about stuff in the UK press about the USA, that Americans do not get to see or hear about. So it is good that I am able to share with some people what is being shared by our journalists.

Well has far as people being robbed, the biblical prophecies state the the people are robbing elohim. Hence why humanity is experiencing what it is. Has the LORD God said 'It is not a one-way street'.

It is the Americans that are 'gullible' by thinking that 'when this house falls' people will be free. They are so 'gullible' that they buy into it every time.

Have you never heard about the richest man in the world? He's not British, European, American or Jewish.