Sunday, 30 December 2012


When humanity become sitting ducks they become easy targets for the gun slingers. How much longer will humanity allow itself to be shot at? I feel the depression all over the world, so many people crying. So many people have given up and wish to leave the planet, so many have had enough. Why is it so hard for humanity to care fully, when it is so easy to do so. The 6th of January is known as the Epiphany in 2013. However, the 6th of January in numerics is the 'Day of Substantiation'.

Ash Wednesday is on my birthday this year, 13th of February, 2013. 13th of February is the 'Day of Stimulation'.

However, I feel the energy of Easter with the painting above and that arrives at the end of March next year. This painting followed the one above and I have called it 2013. While I was painting the heavenly Father said 'They are saying, that you should be given a doctorate, nobody has created the impact that you have'.  What use is a doctorate to me? Would it bring joy to my heart? Would it put an end to the suffering all over the planet? Would it bring justice where social justice is due? Do you honestly think that a piece of paper would placate me? Humanity ran out of honors that it can bestow a long time ago; what use is honor to me if those that give it; do not walk the talk?



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