Saturday, 22 December 2012

'DAY OF ENIGMA' 21st December 2012

Has we know the 21st of December, 2012 was the 'Day of Enigma'. It began with the washing machine refusing to work. It was bound to be an interesting day, has people have called me an 'enigma' in the past.

I then spent the day with a dear friend celebrating a belated birthday. We had a nice lunch together, while my friend was looking for a book, I got chatting with a busker from London, little Israel of Tottenham where the riots kicked off in 2011. I asked him if he supported Spurs, he said no, he supports Manchester.

Then there were two youngsters collecting for the Red Cross. I do not give any money to the Red Cross and I told them why. This is from a post that goes back to 2008.

'We warned Israel and others about the Red Crescent back in 2008,  it was posted on an international forum at that time. On the 19th of November 2008, I wrote the following"

"When I woke up this morning I was shown a vision of a Red Cross. So what is God showing us? It seems that the Red Cross is also the Red Crescent movement. The Red Star of David is not allowed but the Crescent Moon is."

We also warned UN Watch by email when they were supporting the Red Cross.


On the 6th February 2009, the blog post was called 'Visions of the Virgin Queen and the Red Cross'.

19th of March, 2009. Blog post Tudor Rose and the Crown.

Then I saw my son has he was arriving for work, and a niece of ESME and her son. They are all doing really well. On my way home I saw some youngsters who were making a video outside ANGEL Court, they were with the busker. I said to them 'I hope that you are singing about the bedroom tax and what this government is doing to the people'. The boys did not know anything about it, so I explained it to them.

After that I saw a friend that I had not seen since 2005. She spoke of another friend of ours Julie; and we said that we must all get together.

Then this morning I had a dream, a friend who organizes exhibitions spoke to me and she said 'Do you receive messages from God everyday?'.  She then asked me if I was going to organize some conferences and then the dream ended.

That sums up the 'Day of Enigma' for yours truly, it was a day of colliding worlds.


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