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This morning I had a dream, a friend who organizes exhibitions spoke to me and she said 'Do you receive messages from God everyday?'.  She then asked me if I was going to organize some conferences and then the dream ended.

The skin disease on the sides of my head is not good today, and my back was hurting again when I woke up this morning. After I had written the 'Day of Enigma, 21st of December, 2012' post. 

The LORD God spoke and he said 'It is official, you are the Messiah'. 

Is there any reason why he would choose today to say that? 

Was it because I had that dream and message this morning or was it because of what took place yesterday? Or was it because it is the 22nd? 22 is a master number of the divine feminine, and the 22nd of December, is the 'Day of Continuity'. 

Jeff Benner, the author of the Hebrew lexicon gives us this view of the word Messiah. 

The word Messiah is a transliteration of the Hebrew word meshiahh (meh-shee-ahh - the "hh" is pronounced hard like the "ch" in the name Bach). This word comes from the root mashahh meaning "to smear" as in Jeremiah 22:14 where it is usually translated as "painted". In the ancient world olive oil was a very versatile commodity. It was used in cooking as well as a medicine as it is a disinfectant, no shepherd was without a flask of olive oil which he smeared on his or his sheep's injuries. The verb mashahh is also translated as "anointed", as in Exodus 29:7, in the sense of smearing olive oil on the head. This ceremony was performed on anyone becoming a King, Priest or Prophet in the service of Yahweh. From the root mashahh comes the noun meshiahh literally meaning "one who is smeared with olive oil for office of authority" or, as it is usually translated, "anointed". This word is also used for any "one who holds an office of authority" (such as a king or priest) even if that person was not ceremonially smeared with oil. A good example of this is Cyrus, the King of Persia. While he was not ceremonially smeared with oil, he was one of authority who served Yahweh through his decree allowing Israel to return to Jerusalem.

The above explains to the people that the paintings were also another important aspect of the one, what do women do? They paint their faces and has you know it was this year that I was compelled to paint. The meaning of the name also indicates the importance of putting olive oil on the skin disease. The Jewish rabbi's are fully aware that the Messiah would have a skin disease on their head. However, they never seem to mention the skin disease on the right arm like Moses. 

Has such we have the following criteria related to the meaning of the word. 

1. Painted/Paintings, we smear paint on paper. 
2. Using oils for healing. 
3. Olive Oil for Olive skin and the skin that is has white as snow. 
4. Anointed
5. Office of authority 

6. Jewish people were allowed to return to Jerusalem in Israel. The re-creation of Israel was a true sign that it was all coming to be as predicted in the biblical prophecies. 

If you look at Jeff Benner's website, you will see the ancient pictographs that relate to the word.  

You will see the symbol of water that can relate to the waters of shiloh that is mentioned in the book of Genesis that predicted that when Shiloh come, the scepter would leave Judah. Prophet Isaiah also predicted that they would refuse the gentle waters of Shiloh and that she would come with the children. That the children,  the signs and symbols would be a sign for Israel that we are here. The MEM that became the letter M, for Mother, water has always been symbolic of the divine feminine. 

After that we have the symbol of two front teeth, the letter SHIN. Who spoke to you about the teeth and how they are related to the organs in the body? It is also telling you that their teeth would be important, with important things to share with you about teeth. Modern day in English, the shin is also to do with anatomy. Hence, it is indicating that her anatomy reveals the truth to you. Inside her mouth you will see a double golden crown on the right side. 

No surprise then that it was ANAT that first welcomed me in Tel Aviv when I arrived at the airport. ANAT is also a healer and works with the mind, body and soul. 

Then we have the pictograph of the arm and hand and this give us a message about the arm and hand has mentioned in many of the prophecies. It became the letter YAD, the modern hebrew letter is YUD. Has you know it is written in the flesh of her hand. It was after the two missions to Israel that the LORD God revealed to me the importance of the arm and the skin disease in the biblical prophecies, in addition to the importance of what is written in the flesh of my hand. 

After that there is the tent wall. Jeff shares with us that the meaning of this letter Hhets, 'outside as the function of the wall to protect the occupants from the elements'. Did she go to the wall in Jerusalem Israel? She walked above and over the famous wall, she also walked around the wall of the old city and through some of its gateways. Jerusalem in Israel was indeed blessed has ordained, although Jerusalem in Israel was not my kinda of place, I just did has the LORD God instructed me. Although I preferred to be in Northern Israel, close to nature. 

The Harp of Faithfulness and Teacher of Righteousness. In the biblical prophecies, the LORD God predicted that he would betroth his people to him with this reality. Prophet Hosea was spot on! 


PS The washing machine is working again now. 

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