Sunday, 23 December 2012


Yesterday we shared with you the message received from the LORD God of how Christianity has created a bottleneck. [1]

I just popped into to wish some people best wishes for Christmas and this video had been posted. The woman that made the video about pharmaceutical drugs and their affects claims to be a doctor, and some say she lives in Panama.

Rima E Laibow comes out like a whistleblower about drugs. What she says is nothing new to those of us that have been campaigning against pharmaceutical drugs for over a decade. However, the video particularly caught my eye when she mentioned the words 'genetic drift' has mentioned in our previous post. [1]

Can you just image the sheer quantities of these drugs that are being taken by both children and adults in the USA; and what that will create for the next five generations?

In addition, it is written that the father of one of the children that died, Robbie Parker (Emilie Parker’s father) was a drug researcher. He wrote his Master’s thesis on the use of SSRI’s during pregnancy. [2] 

Adam Lanza would also have known about the Lib Dem that won the election in Connecticut; and his plans for Canadian drugs. This massacre was all about drugs, all the links, track back to drugs. 

Hence it adds even more profound meaning to what the LORD God said. [1] 


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