Sunday, 30 December 2012


To the person from Milton Keynes, thank you. I will do a mandala for you in the New Year and send it to you.

These are the paintings that happened on Sunday, 30th of December, 2012. Interesting bearing in mind that my Second Saturn Return is now direct. The 30th of December is the 'Day of Authority'. This painting reminded me of glasses and I can see what looks like a green bird.


Pope Pius X received a message in visions that the last pope would have the same name has him. There was another Pope called Pius, he was Pope Pius XII. He was pope between 1939 - 1958. Prior to him becoming Pope he was the papal nuncio to Germany. His "decision to stay silent in public about the fate of the Jews", remain the subject of controversy.' Has we know, Jesus gave a message about silence, when he said 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'. Sacred Words. 
It is written that the motto of Pope Pius XII was 'The work of Justice shall be peace'. 

This video covers 1951-1958, is it a coincidence that I was born on the planet during those years. In this video he asks the Lord to send the Angel to help humanity. Has we know the biblical prophecies predicted that the Angel of the LORD would come in the last days of the end times. The prophecies predicted that the Son of God would pray to the Father' but only the heavenly Father would know when he would send the one to help humanity. 


It reminds me of purple feathers like one would wear on a hat. 

What is Oprah up to? Do you know? 


Has we know, lavender oil is for healing and lavender and geranium are very good together. I can see some more healing coming forth now. Interesting I had not counted them when they were being painted. Only now has I uploaded the scan, I counted that there was 13. Has we know 2013 ends in 13, so it is bound to be a year for the love of healing for the one. 2013 also has interesting gematria.

Onwards and upwards


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