Saturday, 29 December 2012


Santos Bonacci claims that 'Christianity, Islam and Judaism are from the Holy Science'.

Is that true?


How can Islam be from what he calls the 'Holy Science',  when it is a known fact that the Arabs took what they could from the Greeks? Santos Bonacci speaks of 'religion', the word 'religion' does not even exist in biblical Hebrew.

He speaks of the cap to do with the planet Saturn? Is that right? Saturn is to do with the spiritual law not the cap. He speaks of Jupiter being the rock of Peter? Is that true? Jupiter is the planet of expansion. The one known has Jesus Christ said he would build his community on Peter. Was that the Church of the Vatican? No. The one known has Jesus Christ was a mighty healer, so it is common sense that he would build his community upon a healer not bricks and mortar.

He did build his community on a Peter, a Peter that was born a taurus the bull in this land of Joseph. A Peter that helped people to heal their 'inner child'. The scriptures informed you that you had to become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. Is taurus the bull ruled by Jupiter? The last I heard his planet was ruled by Venus.

Does the moon rule the first heaven has Santo Bonacci claims?


The moon has no light of its own!

Is Santos Bonacci another ivy plant? You decide!

The artist John Scott brought this man to my attention and although John and I do not agree on everything. I know in my heart that he is a man of integrity.

For instance John wrote that 'water is a metaphor for humanity' in response to the video.

Our response:

John, in the ancient pictographs the symbol of water is the MEM, it became the letter M for mother. Divine mother, divine feminine. The waters break when the baby arrives from the womb of the mother.
Water was very important to Judaism due to the prophecy in Genesis about the scepter leaving Judah when Shiloh come. Prophet Isaiah also informs you that shiloh did come, and they refused the gentle waters and now my children come with signs and symbols and it is a sign for Israel.

The water carrier is also important to Israel, due to the fact that the prophecies tell you that the carpenters and water carriers were sent to help Israel. No coincidence then that the Aquarian Age is the Age of the water carrier, and yours truly was born an Aquarian.

However, water does apply to all human beings; because they are made mainly of water, scientifically we know that is anywhere between 70-80%.  As such, they are mainly feminine in their true nature.  Why is that? People who know what they are made of: are here to care fully for all creation that was given by the Creator. If and when people honor the water within themselves, they then also honor the water outside of themselves; and are able to bless it in the most amazing ways!

We also know scientifically that water holds memory, and in my view, that is one of the reasons that it is written that Jesus Christ spoke to his followers while sitting on a boat or close to water. When people connect with the divine feminine energies, it is far easier for the Son of God to connect with them, because they are then in the flow of the truly divine.

Onwards and upwards



Anonymous said...

You claim to be of God yet ask for money to further your self-righteousness? I'm sure Christ would approve.

Yorkie said...

Ha the human body is 93% water and santos bonacci speaks truths but some people still want to live in their disillusioned bubble and try to debunk thousands of ancient philosophers who have stood the test of time what everyone fails to realise is that the moon controls our tides with its energy FACT so just think what the rest of the planets/stars are doing

Yorkie said...

Another thing i forgot to mention is that just because an apple does not illuminate does not mean it doesn't have light same goes for the moon REMEMBER JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SEE IT DOESN'T MEAN IT'S NOT THERE

Anonymous said...

You simply didn't understand the real meaning. You just simply took one of his video start making "debunked".

He has made dozens of videos that you can collectively understand so much more.

You are arguing an obvious universal fact that makes no sense.

Is human body one? Yes, it is one body, but its also comprises of different organ and billions of cells working as one.

Hence, if a person answer "Yes, it is one body" , here comes highest level of stupid debunker, saying "No"

If a person answer No, another debunker say, Not true. The human is no one but comprises of million cells"

Seriously, you can taking his videos totally out of context for goodness sake.

For humanity and goodness sake, please deepen your research and find out clearly before taking things out of context.

Anonymous said...

I believe that both exist at the same time theology and science after all I always remember what Mathew said in his account "In the beginning there was the word,and GOD was with the word and GOD was the word" Simple science proves that all matter holds memory and shape due to frequency and that there is more empty space within that memory and shape than actual matter. Science also proves frequency or sound " THE WORD" cannot be of random origins therefore "THE WORD" remember there was the word GOD WAS WITH and GOD WAS so science has proven the existence of GOD and we are all part of that one thing, one consciousness one existence all from one GOD creating us and all reality threw frequency that has benn proven to generate from consciousness . Always love each other love everyday and most of all love GOD

Dennis W P said...

Worst debunk I have ever heard of or read.

CLEARLY, THIS IS NOT a debunk at all.

Misinterpreting words completely, & taking words out of context.

The author is giving shallow knowledge and clearly, the author is not an expert in the subject. It takes various multi-disciplines and different subjects of studies to comprehend and understand it.

In a nutshell, the author is a victim of little knowledge being a dangerous thing.

Matthew Ryan Garrett said...

I study Western Cabala and Alchemy and all of Bonaccis claims are in line with these practices that have been around for thousands of years. What he says are traditions and disciplines that are anything but new.