Thursday, 6 December 2012


A toddler was crying today. She had a blood test and it was a shock to her little body. I informed her mother who open to listening. To give her rescue remedy flower essences before and after any blood tests. That the energetic body is very sensitive, even to a pin prick.

The mum looked at me surprised and asked 'Can I give it to her?'

I replied 'YES', 'It is made from flowers and can do her no harm. It will help her energetics and vibrational frequencies, if you give it to her now, and before and after any such intrusion to her body'.


Parents have to come to understand that it is not simply a pin prick when you take a blood test. Whatever happens to a child, if and when its skin is penetrated by a sharp object, it then co-creates a 'memory of pain' that impacts on their lives in adulthood. Until the time comes when the adult is ready to heal those memories that made them cry when they were toddlers. Jesus was correct when he informed his followers that they had to become like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven. He was referring to the inner child.

Painted December 5th, 2012. The 'Day of Actuality'. 

The toddler looked to her older brother to give her comfort, he gave her none. In the meantime, the baby in the push chair began to cry loudly, because the baby could hear its beloved sister crying. So the baby cried has well. The mother attended the baby, I would've liked to have had permission to pick up the precious toddler in my arms, soothed the little girl with the warmth of healing love. Hugs and cuddles, if she had been my child, I would have held her close to my heart, sung to her and danced with her to take her memory away from the memory of pain. Immediately, that it happened. Of course, I would have also given her rescue remedy prior to the blood test, due to what I know now. Only those that have had the courage and the humility to do the inner child healing work, understand that which I speak of and its importance in helping to break the never ending cycles.

All I could do was give her my attention, and beam healing at the child from my eyes and my heart. A divine laser beam of love. She then stopped crying in my presence.

After that the mother said that she would give her chocolate. Is giving chocolate the right thing to do in this situation with the toddler? No. Do you know why?

One poster responded "It conditions the child into seeking pain".

Our response:

No, it conditions the child to seek comfort from chocolate, if and when the person is in pain. Comfort eating is to do with protection. If a person comfort eats it is to with their inner child.

If the child was of my flesh, or if I had permission to hold the child close. I would have put her heart on mine, I would have sung to her, and danced with her to take away her memory of pain. At the same time, I would look her in the eyes with the sheer power of healing love. With my hands beaming love into her; to take away the memory of her experience. 

I would not have cared who was watching, in that moment, there is just me and the child, and our love for each other. 

Our love removing the memory of her painful experience. 

Sometimes dads are better at it. I was blessed to have an amazing dad that knew what he was doing when he sung and danced with me; and I did my best to do the same with my child. 


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