Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Professor Gil Troy from Jerusalem, has written a brilliant article in response to the American Jewish progressives, rabbinic and otherwise. He calls their stance 'Self-righteous grandstanding makes their Israeli brethren look like the obstacles to peace, which validates Palestinian lies and tactics'. Gil has provided an excellent response to those that hailed the UN decision a success. The article is titled 'American Jews: Beware High-Fiving the PLO'. 

He also wrote 'You cannot compromise on 1967 borders when your enemy is still trying to win the 1948 war to destroy you.'  

He is absolutely right! The LORD God also said to yours truly, 'NO COMPROMISE'. 

I recommend that everyone reads Gil's response to the following people: Rabbis J. Rolando Matalon, Marcelo R. Bronstein and Felicia L. Sol. 

Truly, did it really happen? Israel is bombarded with rockets, over 800, a provocation to Israel. 

Israel responds like it does when it has had enough. Then the UN give the PLO a pat on the head and sweeties for being good little boys. Its like rewarding a naughty toddler with sweets, when the violent toddler keeps on hitting its older sister on top of the head with a hammer and a rolling pin. It reminds me of Nazi Germany, the Germans bombed the lands nearby, then after the war, the British tax payer ended up having to pay for the rebuilding of Germany. Did you know that the British tax payer was still paying the debt to Germany since the war, during the Gordon Brown government? How many more wars are the Brits paying for? Where is the social justice in that? A country makes war against you, then you end up paying for it! 


However, no matter how well written the reply is from Gil Troy, we all know what happened to Troy. Troy mentioned the pure and the virgins, well when he does that he steps into my space. 

'American Jews cannot pretend that the only acceptable politics is the politics of the pure. Life is not a monastery. There is a reason why in the Jewish tradition even rabbis, let alone politicians, are not monks.  A politics of finger-wagging vestal virgins is a politics based on the lie that we can dodge ugly realities. Choosing life – in all its messiness – yet still aspiring to moral grandeur is the Jewish path, not just Israel’s burden.' 

Is that true? No. Has yours truly ever 'dodged ugly realities'?  No. Good job, that the righteous one is not an American Jew then isn't it? Also it is apparent that it is not just an American Jewish issue, its an issue for many academic liberals and so-called progressives.  I can assure you of this; that they would soon change their tune if 800 rockets were arriving on American soil, like it did in Israel. 

In my experience of the so-called progressives, none of them like to deal with the root causes of the core issues. In fact, universities were even teaching people on leadership MA's not to do so.

Frankly, Gill, the Jewish people can do without the 'moral grandeur' and 'life and its messiness'. The biblical prophecies express to you that Israel is where it is due to what was written about it. How about reading Isaiah 24 and 29 just for starters. For the righteous one is truly here, the defender, the innocent. 

Yes Gil, the righteous one does live like a monk in a monastery at this point in the time, as the LORD wills it, ever read about the Jewish prophets Gil? Maybe when the political leaders of Israel wake up to this reality, then the rest of the world will as well. For has the LORD God said, he does not take no for an answer, and every knee shall bow. How much is Israel willing to suffer before it is willing to do the will of the LORD? 

The LORD God said to his righteous one, 'They think they can override you, but they can't'.

For the full article from Professor Troy, please see the link provided. 



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