Sunday, 23 December 2012


The Daily Mail feature the story of how the 'failing foreign doctors who demand right to sit GP exams a staggering six times'. 63 per cent fail compared with nine per cent of the British. Language was revealed as one of the problems and patients can't check how many attempts they had. You can see from the comments from the Brits that they are not happy about it or the NHS. [1]

This does not surprise me at all, I once knew a Pakistani doctor that sat her consultancy exams eight times. She simply refused to accept that was not what she was meant to be doing.

If you compare this with how nurses are treated, it is clearly discrimination against the nurses. Nurses and midwives only get one opportunity to pass, so is that fair? One rule for doctors and a different one for nurses? So who is it that is giving doctors the right to re-sit their exams so many times?

Joyce Robins, co-director of campaign group Patient Concern, said: ‘This is scandalous. If a doctor can go on failing they shouldn’t be treating patients in the NHS and that should be stopped.
‘There has to be a cut-off point and four attempts is too many.’

Shadow Health Minister Andrew Gwynne said: ‘Any attempt to make it easier for doctors to pass these tough exams must be resisted.’

The row centres on foreign doctors who are training to become GPs – but a similar difference in pass rates has been observed among doctors hoping to become hospital physicians and psychiatrists.
About 3,000 doctors a year take their final professional GP exams, set by the Royal College of GPs.
Of those, approximately a third are from outside Europe and did not complete their basic medical training in the UK.

In these cases, they are permitted to apply for NHS training posts, involving three years working in placements. The difference in the failure rate between UK and non-UK doctors is particularly pronounced in a part of the exam observing candidates in a mock consulting room, faced with 13 actors posing as patients. The test examines their knowledge, ability to ask important questions and listen to patients’ needs. Figures show that 63 per cent of foreign doctors failed the test, with communication one of the main problems. [1] 


At the same time, there is another scandal to do with the government in the UK. The changes to the benefit system that is being planned will cost more than chasing the millionaires that are avoiding paying tax. That only takes into account the extra tax staff on child benefit cuts, it doesn't even include the rest. The child benefit cuts will impact on a million families in the UK. 

Has we know the current government is still living in the Victorian era of the aristocracy that rules over everyone. Well my friends those days are rapidly coming to a close, it is the end of the world has the aristocrats have known it. It also includes the ones that have come from foreign lands. Our people have really had enough! 

On top of that there is news that there is a '62% rise in police officers being investigated for corruption with eight out of ten accused of illegally disclosing information.'   

Truly, and the police wonder why the children do not respect them anymore! 

It was discrimination against Julian Assange and yours truly, the LORD God said so. 




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