Saturday, 15 December 2012


It was the 29th of September 2010, when the LORD God said 'No School, Schools Out'. [1] Every time that something happens at a school, I am reminded of that message that was delivered to Christians in the USA to pass on to their people. At the end of the day, all one can do is pass on the warnings. Prophet Isaiah predicted that those that do not pass on the 'testimony of warning' will be held responsible if and when anyone dies due to them not doing so. Two members on our Christian list, were removed in recent weeks due to them not wishing to hear the truth of the word of God.

Its also no surprise to me that the prayer vigil for the children was held at a St Rose Church, a Catholic Church either. [2]While America mourns the tragedy, may Americans also ponder upon the warning that was given, and why they do not act upon it. There really isn't much more to say, has I have shared my views in a different post. This post is really to remind the USA of the words given by the heavenly Father two years ago. Two years later, American children are still in school, even though they had another reminder about it in June 2011.

The night before the massacre happened I sent out another call to care fully for children, people from the USA refused to listen again.

May the children rest in peace, and their parents be comforted at this time.





Eliakim said...

I have read this write up and taking everything into account, it is clear that there was no learning disability.
In fact he is described has a genius. However, he was camera shy, and that tells us that no matter how talented he was he had serious self-esteem issues. Also what makes a mother be so interested in guns? She was also into dice. Gambling and guns not a good environment for a child. I sense sibling rivalry, and clearly the child was distraught when his father left and divorced his mother. Does she look like the kind of mother that would have taken anti-depressants? Yes. Is it likely that she had given Adam mind altering drugs as well? Yes.

There is at least 20 million children on mind altering drugs, so Americans should be very concerned at what they have done to the children. The Obama administration plans to do a lot more as well with the teen scanning. If Obama and the pharmaceutical corporations get their way, they will double the amount of children taking these drugs. That's Obama and is Obamacare for you.

It is no coincidence that this happened during the first Obama administration.

Eliakim said...

Sorry about the typo. I meant to type 'teen screening'.

I have just checked out the politics of Connecticut and the seat was won by a Liberal Democrat Chris Murphy. Now read Rev 13 and what it says about the supporters of the Leopard Obama.

Chris Murphy's mother was also a school teacher.

Chris was involved in real estate and banking law between the years 2002-2006.

Murphy was appointed Chair of the Public Health Committee, and also chaired the state task force looking into the re-importation of prescription drugs from Canada.[5]

In 2005, Murphy authored legislation establishing the new Office of Child Protection to better coordinate advocacy for abused and neglected children.[6] Murphy also wrote Public Act 05-149, an act permitting stem-cell research while prohibiting human cloning.[7] The act, signed into law by Governor Rell made Connecticut the third state in the nation to permit taxpayer-subsidized stem-cell research.[8]

Eliakim said...

His Father had not seen him since June, and the newspapers call that recent.

Well sorry folks, I don't call 5-6 months recent for a boy of that age.