Friday, 28 December 2012

Rosa Gypsy Queen

I was compelled to paint and has soon as I sat down, the heavenly Father said 'ROSA', so I allowed my hand to paint Rosa. While I was painting I could feel the energy of a Gypsy Queen in the painting and the name Rosa always reminds me of the gypsies and Latin America. 

Solomon sang about the Rose of Sharon, was she a gypsy Queen? The latest DNA research is that the gypsies found in Europe came from India. 


Has we know the righteous branch was raised up for David, and I have been blessed to meet many Davids during my life on this planet. One of them was a real gypsy from LA, a lead singer that sang about them. He still lives in London, England. 

Every David that I was blessed to meet was very talented. 

May David Allen continue to sing and dance to inspire gypsies everywhere. 

Keep those feet dancing everyone, make a noise, let them hear your voices, feet and hands. 

Rock those dance floors, make them shake with the good vibrations. 

I do love flamenco, when I was a child my mother sat for hours making a flamenco dress out of crepe paper. Those were the days when mums put so much effort into the outfits. It was their effort and their love put into every stitch that made the difference. Looking back now, everything that she made for me had a reason and a purpose. Everything that she made for me; had a message that she was not allowed to speak. Lily certainly had a lot of fire in her, a fire that was never quenched until after she passed over. 


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