Monday, 3 December 2012


Following on from the 'Song Thrush and Vision' post. [1]

RT have uploaded the story of the UK government and its human will to revolutionize the welfare state. RT have titled the video 'Tears and Torment: 5 billion pounds, UK Revolution in Welfare fails'. No surprise really is it, did anything that Clegg and Cameron commission work at all?

It is has I predicted it would be, the unemployment combined with what the political leaders, and academic economists have done, have taken an inspired young man and he is now been diagnosed as 'clinically depressed'. See the video for the full story of how the government have put out 'Job Seeking' to a private contractor and what it has co-created.

Some people don't even sign on and receive what they are entitled to. Due to the sheer amount of invasion of privacy and the amount of harassment that is involved. The other day, a young man informed me that he had been made redundant and he hadn't signed on while looking for a new job.

He had been out of work for two months, two months with no money coming in. Now he has to go for a third month with no money, no food, due to having to work a month in hand. I asked him what he was eating? He said he was 'living on rice.' He was fortunate to find a new job in the lead up to Christmas. Although in the leisure business they often lay them off in the New Year. The job market  hasn't been like this since the 1950's.

So what to do with Cameron, Clegg, Department of Works and Pensions and their private contractors? Sack them, seize all of their assets, see how they like it! 5 billion to paid back to the public purse due to the contractors not meeting their commitment and obligation to those that they were employed to serve.

The young man in the video above, should now enlist a human rights lawyer to sue the government for the fact that he is now clinically depressed; due to being forced to comply with the regime enforced. Humans rights lawyers should come forth to represent the people that have been harmed by what the government has done to the people. 

Enough really is enough. It is time the British government pay the consequences for their actions against the people. Has the NT states what you give will come back to you 30, 60 or 100 fold, its all part of the spiritual law of the cosmos. However, be aware that a Song Thrush cannot rescue a dead bird and that is exactly what the UK government are doing to the people. Only the Lord can change the climate and its economics because the Spirit of the LORD God is on the Lord. 


Song thrushes are relatively short-lived birds. They live an average of 3-4 years, but a few can reach quite an advanced age. The oldest known wild individual was 13 years, 9 months old. Mortality is high and its causes many and varied. Only 20 per cent of fledglings and 60 per cent of adults survive to breed the following spring.
Long-term monitoring carried out by the British Trust for Ornithology shows that the population in England declined by more than 50 per cent between 1970 and 1995. This decline was most pronounced on farmland, where the population decreased by about 70 per cent. Because of this decline, the song thrush is red listed as a bird of serious conservation concern. There has been a partial recovery in numbers during the last decade.   
The decline in song thrush numbers has probably been caused by the loss and degradation of preferred feeding and nesting habitats.


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