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We recently shared with you that 750,000 people are 'vomiting in the UK it surely is a sign that is mentioned in the prophecies. It is about a state of being of the people; and the land on which they live.

Isaiah 19:14 speaks of a 'Spirit of Dizziness' and one surely can see that happens at Christmas time. Isaiah 19 is about Egypt. However, there is also a Memphis in the USA, and the LORD God referred to Obama has the Pharaoh in November 2008.

Prophet Jeremiah speaks of being drunk, and people certainly become intoxicated with spending money at this time of year. Jeremiah 25:27, 48:26. 

I have quoted from the NIV translation. However, let us look at a different translation and the word. 

The NAS translation states that they have a 'Spirit of Distortion'. It has been translated from the noun av'eh, strongs number 05773, it means 'distorting', 'perverting', 'warping'. One can certainly say that about the British government as well. 

How do we know that this also applies to the UK? Isaiah speaks of the 'vomit' and currently 750,000 people in the UK are 'vomiting' due to the norovirus. When people are 'vomiting' in such numbers the prophecies inform you that the land is 'defiled' and its inhabitants leave the land because it is so.

Have you ever been to Egypt? When I went to Egypt everyone on the ship was sick, 99 people out of a 100 were physically sick. It was only yours truly that wasn't sick, just one out of all of the passengers. So it is clear, a virus that makes people vomit, can only take hold due to what they hold within themselves. However, I did Reiki every meal and drink prior to eating and drinking.  I also gave Reiki to myself when the lady that shared my cabin when down with it. 

Elohim makes them vomit up their riches Job 20:15

Who are the biggest shopaholics?

Western Women 
'Spirit of Dizziness' 

One can celebrate Christmas has a festival of giving. However, can it be a festival of giving to the poor in the true nature of the Son of God? Do people have to use it has an excuse to spend billions on that which they do not require? Is spending such vast sums of money on non-essentials necessary? Absolutely not. That is why they are 'vomiting' up their riches. 

When a person is a shopaholic; it signifies a deep unhappiness within. People buy, buy, buy to satisfy their unhappiness. Things can never make people resolve the real issues that they hold within themselves. If people have not healed themselves what do they have? Exactly what the prophecies tell them that they have. Their being is 'warped', 'perverted' and 'distorted' by their desire to spend, spend, spend. I once met one woman that spent 6,000 pounds on her credit card at Christmas for her children, and she spent the rest of the year paying it off. 

A dear friend said to me the other day, 'I've had enough of this', she was talking about Christmas and all that it entails. She truly is waking up to the reality of 2012, and what the future holds for her daughter and grandchildren. She is now realizing that the life she has had, will not be the life that her children will be blessed to enjoy. She is coming to understand that the life that she has known, will be no more. 

It truly is the end of the world has humanity have known it. 

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