Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Children Driven Out of School UK

Remember the LORD God said 'No School, Schools Out'. Well children in the UK are being driven out of their schools due to the 'Norovirus'. 'Three quarters of a million people have been struck down by the 'winter vomiting bug', and dozens of wards closed in advance of Christmas.' [1] 

In just two weeks, 43 hospital wards across England and Wales have been closed, 335 since the start of the outbreak. [1] The scientists say that the spread is due to 'poor hygiene'. Pull the other leg its got bells on it.

In the biblical prophecies 'vomiting' is to do with a land that has been 'defiled' by its politicians. Passages that related to 'vomit'. It also speaks of it at a time when the land of its inhabitants are leaving it due to what is happening to the land. Lev 18:25, 18:28, 20.22. Elohim makes them vomit up their riches. Job 20:15. Proverbs 23:8. 25:16. 26:11. Isaiah 19:14 speaks of a 'spirit of dizziness' and Christmas shopping could certainly be described has people who have a 'spirit of dizziness' upon them.
Prophet Jeremiah describes it has being to do with being drunk, and people certainly become intoxicated with spending money at this time of year. Jeremiah 25:27, 48:26.


1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9741055/Norovirus-closes-hundreds-of-wards.html

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