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SECOND SATURN RETURN - 29th December 2012

Well I took a quick look at the news and has we know there has been violence and disasters all over the world. From crashes on the motorway to an Italian girl being attacked with a samurai sword in North London. Also another shooting in the USA, this time at firemen. Whatever next!

A friend gave me a present yesterday in a bag with 'Phase Eight' on it, I gave her a small of box chocolates with 'After Eight', on it, plus a crystal shaped bottle with some Lavender in it for the bath. It was just a gesture, it is the thought that counts, and it was symbolic of my healing love. She clearly requires peppermint and lavender for her healing process. She refuses healing; so we have to help her to understand in other ways. This is about nurturing the self at this time in her life. Has we know eight is the numeric of spiritual transformation, although she is not consciously aware of the importance of the numerics.


The home cooked lentil, ham and vegetable soup is ready and it was a delicious starter.

I am cooking the toast to have with the chicken liver pate next. The new oven doesn't like making toast, so we have plenty of breadcrumbs! I shall have a slice of bread instead, and maybe some bread sticks or biscuits.

The potato's are boiled and ready to go in the oven with the chicken and stuffing balls. Vegetables I shall have leeks in a cheese sauce, green cabbage and carrots.


Last night I was painting for my second saturn return. On my first saturn return I gave birth to a great light, a real bundle of joy, and he is currently working for some Italians. After he was born, I returned to full-time employment when he was eight months old.

My career and the company that I worked for soared again. I carried on running a business part-time; as well as working full-time; until I sold the business five years later. During my working life, most of the time, I worked six to seven days a week. I was never work shy!

After baby was born, I would take him everywhere with me, we were never apart.  He used to lay on my heart so that he could hear my heart beat, until he became too heavy for me to carry on my chest. I had one of those slings that you put on your body for the baby to sit in. So his body/back was upright with his head close to mine. Just like the fresco of us that sits in the Vatican.

Then he was also in the pram and carry cot from the pram that was a two in one.

He had a small pram that was bought in the January sales, he was a January Aquarian water bearer for an Aquarian Age. I bought the pram,  first because I wished for his back to grow straight; and be has flat has possible in the early stages of his life on the planet.

I felt intuitively that the baby buggy was not good for babies in the early stages of their life; and that a pram was essential for helping to strengthen the back of the baby. If I remember correctly, it was my parents that bought the first push chair to move him around. He also had a push chair at my home when he could sit up straight. The push chair ensured that he had to either sit up straight or lay back straight.

My second saturn return goes exact on the 29th of December, 2012 and that is the 'Day of Pre-eminence'. Has we know 29 is the numeric of 'Grace Under Pressure' has well. If I remember correctly, this also comes in my astrological, planetary house that rules career.

2013 will be the Chinese Year of the 'Black Snake' and I was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse. Has we know the horse can stand on a snake, just like the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet. It is written that the Chinese Year of the 'Black Snake' is the year that the Horse does a lot of work with food. I have certainly been doing a lot of that in the lead up to this second saturn return.

In the first saturn return I was also giving big dinner parties at home, and I would serve up to 22 people at the table. The big dinner parties and other large events where I provided the food, were to raise money for local charities. While I was feeding my son, I was also feeding others, there was always food and drink for anyone that knocked on our door. Of course for those that required it, spiritual and loving sustenance as well.

This time with the second saturn return; my journey with food is different. This time it is sharing about healing foods and how individuals can help, heal and nurture themselves with food. The importance of food to the survival of humanity. To understand the importance of water for growing food, also the messages that the water and the food bring to the people.

We know that water holds memory; so what memories does the water give to the plants? How does the water impact on the vibrational frequency of the plants in different nations. How different are the plants from one country to another. Bear in mind that every land has its own frequencies that are beneficial for the people that have been born there. That is why different lands have different flora for different reasons.

However, when the gene pool changes in a particular land,  like when they genetically modify food, it also impacts on the frequencies that are impacting upon that land. It does bring about a change and that also impacts on what the land attracts in the spiritual law. Carl Jung would refer to it has group consciousness that is impacting on your nation.

Has far has I am concerned what I am sharing with you on this post, is nothing more than common sense; and some people have more money than sense. Better to have more sense, than money.

Money does not help to lead you home, your senses do.  If and when you listen to your senses they will always guide you right. There were times in my early life when I listened to my senses and it saved my life has a child. There were also times when I refused to listen to those senses; and pain and suffering in relationships were the result. Hence, I always listen to my senses now and what they are showing me.
No surprise then that the LORD God took me away from the man that stood against me in Rev 12, and again in Micah 4.


There was news today that Lionel Richie gifted himself with seven mercedes cars for Christmas. What sense is there in that? None, Lionel is a perfect case of the 'black snake' having more money than sense. Richie was born in June, 1949 in the Chinese Year of the Earth Ox. So he is clearly in earthly realities and he demonstrates that with his Christmas purchase of big boys toys in different colors. Clearly, a man that truly loves himself, does not require big boys toys to make him feel good about himself.

Has we know the OX is stubborn and hard to shift. Its a great pity that he did not integrate the words of love that he sung. For if did, he would be helping the blind with his money, instead of buying cars.

You know I have met people who are blind, that have more senses than Richie. Blind people that trained in Reiki healing and experienced past life healing. Clearly those that are blind, can really see, hear and know the truth! Their senses are heightened to help them with their spiritual journey.

The people who are blind physically, are closer to my heart than people like Richie with his money can ever be.

Love beyond measure


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