Thursday, 20 December 2012


Last night I shared the LORD's message with you and it did relate to the USA, the prophecy mentions how they did not listen and do the will of God,  now they will experience what they dread the most.

I did remove the American that provided videos on guns from our subscriptions following the Lanza murder as requested by the LORD.

Now this video was brought forth for my attention and it is called 'Government to imprison Christians'.

Is it a surprise to me?


In 2009, I was compelled to provide humanity with a paper on the 'Last Days of the End Times Timeline', warning Christians of the biblical prophecies provided by Prophet Daniel and the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

How the prophecies relate to this timeline, the prophecies even mentions the local councils and we all know what is happening in the UK due to the funding cuts. In 2009, I also delivered a copy of that paper to a local church, I never heard from them in response to the paper.

Remember this I was arrested and put in prison over night and it was an ‘Unlawful Arrest’. That took place on the 3rd of January, 2011. Not only was I put in prison, I was bullied all night long and not allowed to have any sleep. All they were interested in was whether there was going to be another war, and how criminals are co-created. They took my DNA, photograph etc. 

The biblical prophecy also informs you of how I was 'ensnared' in court, and that the innocent one received no justice. They will use any excuse they can to arrest the people that stand for true freedom and human rights. We have also warned you about Obama and who he is in the biblical prophecies, Rev 13, Obama and the 42 men. That is why the prophecy tells you that wisdom was called to do the count! It also tells you that the supporters of Obama are not written in the lambs book of life. 

Human rights lawyers have to get their back sides in gear because Amos 6 is titled 'Woe to the Complacent' and 2013 is a number six year. Being a six year and the Chinese Year of the Black snake, you will see Obama for what he really is. 


Here is the video from the USA and the byline provided with it is has follows: 

Obama wants to imprison "suspected terrorists", and on another one of my videos homeland security says Christians are terrorists.



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