Thursday, 30 September 2010

Come ROSES Come

It is time to call the ROSES to come forth, it is time dear ones, to gather, to come together, to work together and be one in one place. The divine plan is underway, not long now. There is a lot of work to do but we will do it with joy in our hearts. We cannot do it all for you, but we will do it for you, for the glory of God. We will do it all for love, AHAVA.

The pink rose in bud as been given and placed in the heart of man. It is for GRACE and gentle love.

I view that as the grace of God, Abba being gentle with you because he loves the gentle and tender hearted, just like his blessed ones do. It is also to do with being gentle enough to accept God's will gracefully, with mercy and love for humanity. [1] Pink was especially chosen because it was the colour that I was asked to wear on the first mission to Israel on the 13th of May 2006. Some of you may also remember the pink dolphin that arrived in the lake of the USA.

On the post made on the 13th of December, 2009,  it also mentions the blue rose given to me by the holy mother. [2] That post also mentions Michael, and the month of September, so I understand the feelings of grief and the importance of it flowing through me more fully now.

Take nothing for granted dear ones, do it all for love and justice will be done. When people are strong you think they will live to be with us, that is not necessarily true, it takes a lot more than strength, it takes the will of God.

Its also linked in with the creation fresco from Michelangelo featured on this blog in August. Sometimes we have to be taken away from those we love in the earthly realm because it is all part of a much bigger plan that is beyond the self or another. It truly is ERGON putting humanity before the self. A noble cause in the holiness of God's love and sacred union with us. Our inheritance and spiritual heritage that nobody will be allowed to put asunder.

Come ROSES Come, pass the ROSE around.




In the early hours of this morning. Michael said 'One more day'. When Michael used to write to me, he addressed me as beautiful, even before we met or he saw any photographs. So I would like to share these two videos with you this beautiful sunny day with blue skies.

Good Morning Beautiful.


Last night I had a crazy dream
A wish was granted just for me
It could be for anything
I didn't ask for money
Or a mansion in Malibu
I simply wished, for one more day with you

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

First thing I'd do, is pray for time to crawl
Then I'd unplug the telephone
And keep the TV off
I'd hold you every second
Say a million I love you's
That's what I'd do, with one more day with you

I was hoping to bring Michael to the new healing city
when it is built. So that he could see me and talk to
me every day. However, now our communication is in
a different realm and he can see me all of the time.

I know that Michael would have loved the place and the
people chosen by God. I knew he could heal there in
the arms of love.

One more day reminds me of the words of Nostradamus,
when he said that she would not be seen for 40 years and
for 40 years she would be seen every day.

No coincidence then that this is post 40 in September.

Love beyond measure Michael

In my heart ALWAYS....


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Giraffe Manifesting

Well we have a huge Giraffe manifesting here on my right in front of me. His head and neck are right over the bronze dolphins. He is like a giant in comparison with the dolphins. He is an aged Giraffe because he's got a few bumps on his head that look like horns.

There was a novel called Giraffe written by J.M. Ledgard. It is based on a TRUE incident when 49 giraffes were slaughtered in the Czech Republic (1975) following an OUTBREAK of a suspected disease amongst the group. [1]

There was also the medici giraffe in 1486, presented to a member of the Medici family in FLORENCE.  It was the first one to arrive in ITALY as such it caused quite a SENSATION. 

The male Giraffe is called a BULL. Giraffes like to WALK with the elephants because they know they are safe with their GOOD friends, so they stay CLOSE to them. The WISDOM of the elephant combined with the VISION of the giraffe is an incredible combination. 

Now he KNOWS that I have seen him, the manifestation of him is much softer.

Ted Andrews author of Animal SPEAKS shares with us his keynote is FARSIGHTEDNESS and his cycle of power, is year round. As we know Giraffe is a very GRACEFUL animal, with his FEET on the ground and his head in the HEAVENS.  He is a social character and a great communicator, he LOVES to bring you GIFTS,   eat the leaves from the trees and KISS delightful ladies. He requires very little sleep and doesn't drink much either because he has difficulty reaching the WATER.   One of his horns is on the third eye as such he is an animal of vision and intuition. A blessed one that likes movement and asks you all to keep your EYE on the horizon.

How funny they have hairy who does that remind me of?


God bless Africa, its people, plants, animals and natural resources.

May it have peace and plenty.


After this post was made, I heard a very loud heart beating, 
it was huge, it was on the left side of the room. So we then 
made a post on Michael Mauldin's blog on the HEART and 
HEALTH and what impacts upon it from a scientific perspective.


Scroll Visions

While I was resting I was given two visions. The first vision was of a winged messenger MERCURY. The second vision was of a very large LION and he had a big SCROLL in his mouth.

Then Abba said 'NO SCHOOL, SCHOOLS OUT'. 

Then I responded to a colleague's email and while I was sharing the visions with him, Abba said 'THEY WILL FALL LIKE A PACK OF CARDS'. 

He is clearly talking about a domino effect.

I had a look at the phrase 'schools out' and it is usually written as 'Schools out for summer'.

Do it all for LOVE and JUSTICE will be done.

Talking about justice in this Saturn in Libra transit, reminds me of a man South African born (USA) who shares with us that there used to be a 13th amendment that was removed from the constitution of the USA.He reminds me of Michael Mauldin, I feel sure he was very much like him when he was younger in legal practice.

Indeed, it is time for the UNIVERSITY OF LIFE.



Just heard from a colleague in Chicago, USA. 0.3.30 GMT

Front page of Today's Chicago Sun-Times.


Those that have been following this blog and the visions and messages might remember that in March 2009, in the CHET Visions it was the ELEPHANT that stood on the mice that were creating disease. The ELEPHANT also stood on the ram, the skull of the ram was also found in the Michelangelo frescos featured last month on this blog. The Elephant standing on the ram also signifies the ending of those that co-create the death of others and themselves.  As the prophecy states in the bible, death will be swallowed UP in VICTORY! 

So it is with great joy that we share this wonderful video of the ELEPHANT with YOU.

The ELEPHANT as a spiritual totem, has the most spiritual wisdom. In Christian symbology it is a symbol of the CHRIST as an enemy of the serpent. Pliny spoke of it as bathing in the river and invoking the heavens. Of course in India, it is symbolic of GANESHA, the overcomer of obstacles. Elephant was also sacred to BUDDHA and QUAN YIN loves her baby elephants that she rides before they become FULLY GROWN in enlightenment. 

The FILM was launched at the Saatchi Gallery, and in my youth I was a consultant for the Saatchi companies. I was head hunted for the job by a creative director that I had worked with in a previous London agency.

My involvement was helping to set up a new company, designing and implementing systems, new business development, and a trouble shooter for one of the companies when it was having financial problems.

I was so SUCCESSFUL at getting through the DOOR of large companies and the corporations, that the new business team at head office would then INTERVENE and take the client from me. However, as the bible instructs, do not let anyone take your crown.

This FILM is called 'Your Moment is Waiting'. 

Beautiful....and as Michael would say SURREAL, nice play on words there with SIR REAL. 


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

MOMBASA in trouble..

Islamic Mombasa, Kenya is in trouble and its not the first time either. See the trouble in paradise article. [1] Mombasa means 'Island of War'.  Now doesn't Obama have a connection with Mombasa, Kenya? Born on the Island of War. 



And what do we find? Ex-criminal, lawmaker,  Gideon Mbuvi 
born in Mombasa becomes MP. He says he is set to become the 
senator for Nairobi county. 

Should ex-criminals be allowed to be lawmakers? No

Should ex-criminals be allowed to work in government? No

Having an ex-criminal in political office is just asking for trouble.


Aliens deactivating nuclear missiles

This is such a wonderful story. 'Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots. The story was written by Andy Bloxham at the Daily Telegraph on the 27th of September.

Military an ex-military personnel collated the information and claim that the aliens could have landed on Earth as recently as seven years ago. [1]


Seven years ago, was the Harmonic Concordance. The great engagement with God. When all the angels called the spiritually elect from one end of heaven to the other. It was a truly cosmic event celebrated internationally, and the planetary configurement predicted that great change was coming to planet earth.

We have been busy haven't we.....

13th May 2006, Israel was the Stargate opening when Melchizedek
and many star beings, Masters and elders from many planets arrived.

As we told people at the time, they came to stop man blowing up the
planet because what you do to this planet impacts on the whole cosmos.

We came to stop man destroying the planet and its people as well.



Monday, 27 September 2010

Making it THROUGH

Abba first mentioned YAKIMA earlier this month of September [1]. I know that I will make it through and I know that you can too because ABBA sent me to YOU! 

He kept his promise to the children of ISRAEL. The descendents of Abraham.

Do it all for LOVE and JUSTICE will be done.



Sunday, 26 September 2010

Crane Fly - Time to Take a Stance

Crane fly came to visit this night, he was dancing under the shade close to the light of the lamp on my left.

Amazing that he did not get burnt by it. The message brought by the harmless Cranefly this night is 'Time to take a stance'. 

The last time he came, we made a post on the blog about it on the 28th of June. Two days after Michael Mauldin died. That June post also mentioned derivatives, we also repeated the message from God that 'The die is cast, it is set in stone' received just a couple of days before the 26th of June. It also mentions how the following day Abba also said 'The Dark Lords are descending'. It all makes so much sense in hindsight! After a person dies, its amazing how some people do descend!

Cranefly is back again confirming what we state is truth.

Michael as certainly risen and there is nothing to stop him now. You will notice that this video from LORD of the RINGS as the theme tune from Queen Elizabeth - Golden Age. Also this month we have the ring nebula. M57. This cosmic image is wonderful and always reminds me of the engagements with God. M for Michael indeed. 57 in Hebrew gematria is also 'to be raised', 'to flow', 'to be manifest'.

Today, is also the 26th and 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God. No coincidence then that this is the 33rd post in September in this three year of innovative creative solutions. 33 is also the number of creativity and the 26th of September is the 'Day of Patient Practice'. 

Do it all for love and justice will be done.


Saturday, 25 September 2010


Michael said 'Remember 'I'm innocent'. Then he said 'WOW you heard me'. 

Love beyond measure Michael.

May the will of God be done in his power and for his glory.



This story reminds me of Israel, it is an interesting story about Lesotho,  an African state that is struggling for survival. The text from journeyman state that China's dominance of the textile industry pushed Lesotho out of the market. Changes in trading regulations have brought the 'Kingdom in the Sky' crashing down to earth.

One might question the motive of the USA? Was it to force Lesotho to be swallowed up by SA? Who was behind the plan and the creator thereof, does it sound like the economic hitman? 

Why is the USA making Lesotho suffer by not sharing their textile contracts equally? Why did the USA give the contract to Lesotho in the first place? Why did the USA give such hope to the people and then close them down instantly? Leaving parents and children reliant on the charity of the USA for food aid, when it is clear that these people wished to carry on working?

If you were the USA would you give your textile contracts to China who oppress the people of China and Tibet? Or would you give to those that are pure in their intentions and true to themselves and their own people? Moral and ethical questions for many Americans to think about especially as the religion of the Lesotho people is Christian.  What would you choose? My heart is with Lesotho, Tibet and every other culture that wishes to retain its crown of sovereignty.

The people of Lesotho wish to retain their independence and do not wish to be swallowed up by South Africa. The Lesotho people are being true to themselves and are doing their utmost to survive in very difficult circumstances. However, God blessed them with a natural resource of a diamond mine. Not only do they have diamonds, but they have the largest carats in the world.

How amazing then that in the mountains the diamonds flow in abundance.

The general manager of the diamond mine (South African owned) is sad that it could only provide 450 jobs for the people. However, I wonder how many other natural resources the people can find to help them to survive on their own land. 

'The motto of the Lesotho is 'Peace, Rain, Prosperity'. Lesotho also have water that is sold to South Africa that surrounds it. So there is plenty of motive behind the plan of the demise of Lesotho. 

As we said in the past, the USA carries a very heavy karma. 

The Story of Lesotho 

I feel sure that God will do all he can to help the people of Lesotho to ensure that they can and will retain their independent state and way of life.

Do it for love and justice will be done. 



Thursday, 23 September 2010


This lovely Greek classic came up on recommended video's on youtube today. We last featured it on the blog in March and it is to do with the evening return. It was the song that was playing on the arrival in Athens. It feels like it is time to get the second film developed and see what we find, bearing in mind that this wonderful photograph was on the first film.


No coincidence then that there was another post on this blog in September 'This calls for WISDOM'. 

Manos Hatjidakis - Evening Return

May the will of God be done

Come Greece Come


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Buenos Aires Message

Earlier today, after the second post was made on Michael's blog, I had to go and get some food to feed my son, I have lost my appetite and that often happens with bereavement. However, sons must be fed.

At the end of the shop Michael said 'Someone will come from Buenos Aires to help you'. Michael loved shopping. Then there was the pigeon mentioned in the previous post. 'Peace, now I am at peace'. After contact details were given to the police, he's now at peace.  After that post was made he said 'I love you darling' and I responded 'I love you too'. 

My genetic Father, used to sing 'Don't cry for me Argentina' to his daughter when she very young, and while I was listening to it again. Michael said "Now their hearts are opening. They understand why we had to stay apart'. 'Now their hearts will heal'. 

When Michael first came into this life, Abba called him CHEKHOV,  so I read about Anton Chekhov. Chekhov and his wife Olgar did not live together. Abba was preparing me in advance. Chekhov was an eminent Russian playright,  and he wrote a story called 'Lady with the Dog'. No coincidence then that my son was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog. I shared the message with Michael at the time it was received.

Michael once wrote these words on an international forum.He certainly 
had a way with words. If the poor had not been his passion and his divine 
purpose. I feel sure he would have been a well known author.

 “When I read the well-chosen words which Lotus brings to us, . . . and when I discern the Care and the Caring with which those words are submitted, . . . I stand in awe of ONE (1) Great Fact : Although she may or may not be the “Last” or the “Only” Living SURREALIST, . . . Lotus is most assuredly the ONLY Surrealist with whom I have had the honour of contemporary communication in real time.

“ Perhaps there are other Surrealists; . . . but I have NEVER had the LIVING Acquaintance of any others, . . . although I know the MANIFESTOES of those who lived long before my time.  Lotus has in common with those other / earlier Surrealists an awareness and an appreciation of what her Surrealist predecessors called the Alchemy of the Word.”  Michael M. Mauldin.

Thank you Michael.

May the will of God be done.


Sea Gulls Fly High

The sea gulls have been flying all day. When I went to the recycling bins a single pigeon was sitting on the wire in front and above of me. It seemed like he was just sitting there waiting for me to arrive, because he was looking straight at me and the message received was 'Peace, now I am at peace'. After I received the message he flew off to my right into the early evening blue skies.

I then looked all around me and the sea gulls were flying their wonderful dance. There were so many of them today, far too many to count. It felt like it was lift off as their lovely white wings soared against the backdrop of the blue sky. They knew the direction in which they were flying and who was going with them. The blessed birds are such a blessing to humanity. They bring so many messages when people understand them and how they impart them.


Wyclef Jean - The Outsider....

Due to the red tape of Haiti Whyclef Jean is not going to appeal. Hip Hop star Whyclef has been stopped from running due to the fact that he has not lived in Haiti in the last five years. He as expressed the same sentiments that we expressed about him on our other blog.

"Some battles are best fought off the field, and that is where we take this now".

He also stated that the Haiti government is ranked as one of the most corrupt on the planet.

As my dear friend Michael Mauldin used to say he's an outsider not a states sider. He defended the African American community and the poor from the oppression of others.

Being an outsider can be more powerful because you're standing against the machine. You're standing against corruption wherever it may be found. Governments are involved in what is known as 'Constructive Manslaughter' of the poor. Keep the pressure on with the henchmen, keep them in poverty long enough and those that are not evolved will eventually die of the stress of it. The medical profession are well aware that 85% of all disease is stress related. When governments do not give you back your own money that you have paid in for a rainy day. It is a crime and a transgression of the spiritual law of God.

Governments that oppress the people will fall just like the tower of babel of orthodox religion once the people understand fully what is going on. The front page news here in the UK today, is that "the Tax man wants all your pay packet and will give you pocket money"

Whyclef knows full well how essential it is that he is with his people. I hope he and his wife move to Haiti to be with the people. Then in five years time he will be qualified to run for president. He can also help his people in the mean time by being an outsider of the government. He can inspire, compel and organize them to arise in the right way.

We wish Haiti, Whyclef and his family all the success in the world. His voice is heard and his heart is known.

Long live Whyclef Jean for the glory of God.

Perfect Gentleman

Come Soldier of Love. Come.

Love is not for sale.....

Divine love is incorruptible.

As Abba said 'No tax on labour'.