Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Schiphol Airport - Holland

Schiphol arrests: US officials suspect terror 'dry run'Men flew to Amsterdam from Chicago but were then arrested over suspicious items and last-minute travel itinerary changes. [1]

On the 24th of August 2009 at 21.00hrs, Abba said 'Schiphol' 

this message was passed to a colleague in Holland immediately 

and we asked them to alert the security forces. We do not share 

all warnings on this blog in public view for obvious reasons. 

The amount of times that Chicago comes up is not a coincidence. 


National Karma

Do the nations have individual karma? Of course they do because people are not separate from the land on which they live. Is it in the bible? Yes, and it begins with the book of Exodus where it states that the deeds of the Fathers impact on the next 3-4 generations. People are also warned not to cut the flesh and we now know scientifically that if children are cut in childhood it mutates the genetics. The measure that you give will be the measure that you receive. The karma of many nations are mentioned in the bible for those that have the eyes to see it and understand it on a spiritual level. 

Many may wonder why we have not mentioned Pakistan since our post on the millions of sea shells that turned up on the beaches. [1]

You may also remember that God warned humanity about cultural genocide and its perpetrators in December 2007, published on the internet in January 2008. God as been warning humanity about its transgressions of the spiritual law via his Navi for a very long time. Violence disempowers the soul and vexes the Spirit of God.

Here is an article on the Islamic genocide of Hindu's.


End the Islamic Occupation and Oppression 

Its time for all Muslims to embrace healing and non-violence, its the only way that they can break the never ending karmic cycles. History and current events show us that Islam is a religion of anarchy and lawlessness. No surprise then that Obama is in the White House.

Where is the Hindu Holocaust Museum?

As the Christ said 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'.

Afganistan pre-Islam.

The spiritual law is supreme in divine justice and it is beyond most peoples comprehension due to them being in attachment of earthly reality. The rains of purification will keep falling until the people are willing to break the karmic cycles by healing the self.

The biblical prophecies predict that shame will cover the glory of Islam and it tells them to drink and be exposed. No coincidence then that during Ramadan, this weekend, the front page news was the shame of the Pakistani cricketeers and those that fixed the game.

The just and righteous are ten steps ahead of those that wish to oppress humanity with any religion.

The spiritual law is spiritual for good purpose, it is in place to defend the spiritual that are having a human experience. The cosmic and universal law that is part of every nation, culture, planet and person.

As Abba said 'It is not a one way street'.

Later on this afternoon Abba said 'Punjab'.

This article is about discrimination by the Islamic authority and the NGO's. As we know many NGO's and charities have been infiltrated so it is no surprise that discrimination is taking place in the Punjab.

"Islamabad, Aug.27: The Pakistani authorities may have been claiming that they are leaving no stone unturned in providing relief to flood affected people, however, its discriminating face has come to the fore with over 5000 Hindu families complaining of not receiving any help from the government." [2]

1. http://christvisionloveunion.blogspot.com/2010/08/millions-of-seashells-pakistan.html 
2. http://www.dailyindia.com/show/393868.php 

Celestial Chariot

Last night Abba said 'The internet is ablaze'. Then this morning I was given a vision of a person riding a chariot in the heavens.  They had very long hair in the wind. Immediately, I was taken to remember the Ben Hur Solar Eclipse on the 15th January.

When most people think of chariots they tend to think of Egypt. However, they can be found in many different cultures. The Celts were also famous for chariot making. Boudica, Queen of the Iceni and other tribes were involved in a huge uprising against Roman forces. We also live in an ancient Roman town. There is a sculpture of Boudica in London near the houses of parliament. [1]

It can also have many meanings in spiritual symbology, it is the celestial chariot. In India, the charioteer is the self which directs the horses, as symbolized by Krishna who drives, but is not involved in the fighting or action around him. The axle is the world axis and the two wheels are symbolic of heaven and earth that are joined by the axis. The cycles of manifestation. The Hindu Gita, the Song of Songs is also a wonderful text about the celestial chariot. In my experience it is the most influential ancient text on man's struggle with God. No surprise then that our next big mission is to India in 2012, God willing in strength and means.

"A far greater reward is attained by the Yogi who knows the truth of light and darkness; he attains his everlasting home''. This quote from the Gita is aluding to spiritual alchemy and the ascension of the saints.

Christians are not aware of the parallels between the Hindu texts and Christian texts. This is just one example.

"For I am the sacrifice and the offering, the sacred gift and the sacred plant. I am the holy words, the holy food, the holy fire, and the offering what is made in the fire. I am the Father of this universe, and even the Source of the Father. I am the Mother of this universe, and the Creator of all. I am the Highest to be known, the Path of purification, the holy OM, the Three Vedas. I am the Way, and the Master who watches in silence; they friend and they shelter and they abode of peace. I am the beginning and the middle and the end of all things; their seed of eternity, their treasure supreme. 

The heat of the sun comes from me, and I send and withhold the rain. I am immortal and death; I am what is and I am what is not." 

From the documentary: The Hidden Jesus

If people are not willing to compare their texts with the texts of other spiritual philosophies from other nations than they cannot see the universal truth. Comparative religion can be fascinating if you are interested in texts. Completion of truth really does exist!

For instance what the Christians call the Bride of Christ can also be found in Indian culture and Judaism, although the Bride as different names.

There is also a great work called Qabalah, The Mystical Heritage of the Children of Abraham. Written by Daniel Hale Feldman. It was shared under the auspice of the Work of the Chariot Trust. The book is based upon a 30 year relationship with what David as called an adept mystic. It is the first comphrensive record of his mentors teachings. Much of the detail in the book are not found in other work on the subject in any language.

Orthodox Christians might like to ask themselves, why is it that the Jewish spiritual teachers understand the mysticism in the bible and Christians refuse to even consider it. Are the Jews and Christians looking at the same biblical text? Or are they looking at it with different eyes? Remember this the bible tells you that the Christ came to bring back what was lost, the key of gnosis that the Jewish priests had thrown away. Do Christians know what that was? I haven't met one yet that does and that includes theologians and those that have been trained in the Christian priesthood.

The celestial chariot is also known as the Merkabah or 'Throne of Glory'. The Lord rides the chariot seated upon the throne.

The 31st of August is the 'Day of Public Appearance'.

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Monday, 30 August 2010

10 Year Cycle - Your Inheritance

Well as we know it has been the end of many cycles in recent years. The 9th of September 2007, was the beginning of the end of 9,000 years of religious control and domination. It was 999 when the children received the divine plan. It was also the delivery of the new covenant for the children of the world.

The 11th of November 2009 was 11.11.11, it was the beginning of the end of 11,000 years of human government domination of the people. The beginning of the end of male domination of planet earth.

For me today, in this reality, it is the end of a ten year cycle of reaching out with a hand of help to people on internet forums. I was first called to the internet by a dear friend and colleague in 2000, she had started a health and healing forum. There were very few members there in the beginning, with divine help some of us were able to help it to build into one of the most popular websites on the internet. When I left it in 2006, it had 98 forums and was getting 1 million hits a year. During that time we met some wonderful people and I am still in touch with some of them.

From there we were led to harmonic concordance, comparative religion forums, religion forums, and finally to conspiracy forums. Nostradamus also made a prediction that she would be found amongst conspirators and that she would reign supreme. Prophet Isaiah also told you that she would be found on the circuit of the Galilee of the Gentiles. It was also the organizers of Mind, Body and Spirit/Soul exhibitions that begged her to join the health and healing forum community. She responded to their call for help.

It has been a tremendous honor and a great pleasure to serve selflessly, so many people in the last ten years. Tremendous serendipity took place and it was certainly the will of God.

To be there for people during Christmas, bank holidays, weekends, day and night. Times when people are seeking love or help to understand their lives and experiences. To see the light shinning and love pouring out of so many is a blessing indeed. To enable others to teach their souls to fly divine. To honor their true selves and their hearts of pure intention.

To give beyond measure without receiving anything in return as been our accolade with mercy and grace. The LORD brought literally thousands of people to us over the years so that we could share with them, respond to their questions, help them to get on track of the right path for them.

So many people are now healing the self internationally and seeking within. It is truly wonderful to know and experience.

Now our work on the internet on international forums, comes to an end because it is the end of a ten year cycle. Our work on forums is now done and it is for others that have been enlightened by this reality to continue the work where we leave it, if they're guided to do so.

We must now continue with the next phase of the divine plan and its implementation. We also have to dedicate our time to finishing the projects for God that began in recent years.  We will stay in touch with those that are on our databases and I have received divine guidance that these blogs will continue until further notice.

Now it is the time for the new leaders, spiritual elders and colleagues to come forth.

Its time for the A team of God's secret air service. 

Hand in hand side by side in the front line.

The other day Abba gave me a golden symbol of a hebrew letter known as DALET and Dalet means selflessness. Rabbi Ginsberg says "The dalet. the poor man, receives charity from the rich man, the gimel. The word dalet means "door." The door stands in the opening of the house, the beit."[1]

Once again this signifies that our selfless work on the internet forums for God's glory now moves into a different phase. It also indicates that this door will remain open just like the visions of the pink and golden doors were open the other day. When people walk though these doors of selflessness and pure intention they are then ready for the new Tree of Life that stands before them. 

The day after Abba gave me the golden symbol of the Hebrew letter, he gave me a vision of a rocking horse. The Victorian rocking horse was like one that I had as a child. The only difference is that it was a unicorn. 

The rocking horse from my childhood was put in the basement for safe keeping by my Father against my mother's intuition. She was correct the rocking horse was stolen by man who broke into the basement and took it. The same could be said for their daughter because the genetic Father trusted human nature beyond measure, he trusted in love. However, when the rocking horse was stolen he felt guilty for what he had done. Does it remind you of the guilt offering mentioned in the bible? 

He felt the same after he took his 15 year old daughter to Carnaby Street for a Saturday job. In his desire for her joy, freedom and trust of human nature,  he did not anticipate what would happen to the child that he loved and adored. Her own Father had led his innocent child into the den of men, he had led his gentle and tender hearted lamb to the slaughter for the divine purpose of helping humanity. 

He had taught her to love beyond measure, so when she did, she left home because she did everything for love, he and his wife were devastated. Of course Dad got the blame. However, one comes to know that degrees in life experience are priceless. Life experience is the sacred text of knowledge and what we come to share. When you value everything, everything in life has value. Every dark cloud as a silver lining and when you are a Master of spiritual alchemy you see the gold linings everywhere. 

The next rocking horse was one that I purchased for my own son in the auction rooms after he was born. As far as I remember, the rocking horse was sold when we left for Australia, (1998) it was at that time we sold our possessions to do the will of God. 

When I owned my own business we also had a client who manufactured rocking horses and they also made wonderful wooden toys for children. We kept our overheads to a minimum to keep our clients costs as low as possible. Alas, the client did not understand the importance of the work that we were doing for the medium to long term interests of the company. They were a product led company e.g. desire and not a marketing led company that gives the customer what the customer requires.  Hence, they did not understand the sheer power of marketing or the benefit of a multi-disciplined approach. 

The same can be said for some people that have come across this reality in the last ten years. It is only when a person is fully integrated in multi-dimensional realities, can they truly understand the sheer power of the work that has been spread abroad in the last ten years. Yes, in many cases we were dealing with short term issues and their root causes. However, there was a bigger plan, a divine plan and that was to prepare people for the medium-long term that humanity will now face. We were helping people to become spiritually fit. 

Now is the time for us to receive our inheritance due to the inequities of men. Our earthly inheritance from my parents was spent on supporting us so that we could continue to do the will of God for his glory. So that we could continue to help the people. Now it is time for those that we have helped to help us to fulfill the next phase of the divine plan. Those that are ready will be called by the LORD to come together and work together for the benefit of humanity and the sake of the children of the world. 

So you could say that I inherited you and you inherited me. The internet community also inherited ten years of selfless work that was in harmonic concordance with the divine plan. 

No coincidence than that my computer clock is stuck on 1444.

Next year is 444 and 444 is perfect love.

The 30th of August is also the 'Day of the Rock'. 

Ahava God bless you all.

1. http://www.inner.org/hebleter/dalet.htm

Friday, 27 August 2010

Feminine and Masculine Harmony 7th Day

This morning on waking Abba said 'Read the list, read the list, read the list'. So we did read the list of emails that arrived on our traveling address. The first that we read was to do with a lady that had responded to the Maitreya post. The second was from easy jet offering flights to Barcelona and Paris for 26 euros. 26 is also the gematria value of the name of God. The third was an email from Carl about the 7th Day, this is certainly an extra response to another claimant that appeared on the Maitreya thread. 

I am more than happy to address all claimants and their claims, bring it on. In fact, it is part of my job to put them straight. Very few can stand in front of me in integrity, in recent years I haven't come across a single claimant that as fulfilled the prophecies that we have. Enjoy the 7th Day celebrations of the feminine and masculine together in unity. 

The Conscious Co-Creation Continues:
Celebrating the return of harmony between the feminine and masculine as we enter the Seventh Day

About 5100 years ago, at the beginning of the Mayan Long Count (6th Wave or National Underworld) a polarity of consciousness was introduced that created a separation between the masculine and the feminine. The result has been a suppression of the intuitive and feminine aspects of the human mind and soul. The pain associated with this separation has created a long-standing conflict between men and women that has resulted in often unbalanced, twisted and distorted relationships between them. With the beginning (November 3, 2010, 1 Imix) of the Seventh day of the 8th wave, (Galactic Underworld) a polarity shift in consciousness will support humanity in the co-creation of a new, balanced and more harmonious, relationship between the masculine and feminine. For the two days November 6-7 women and men all over the world are invited to locally co-create processes and ceremonies designed to restore the sacred relationship between the feminine and masculine. The intention of these ceremonies is to co-create balance and mutual respect between the genders and the freedom for all individuals to embody any combined expression of the sacred feminine and masculine. In the first of these two days members of each of the two genders are encouraged to develop healing processes of its own, while in the second day processes and unifying ceremonies may be performed, which serve the mutual recognition, honoring and celebration of the divine feminine and masculine in all of us.

Events are already being planned in several locations in the world for this shift in consciousness and the process has started to create a unified web presence for these.

Carl Johan Calleman

The 3rd of November is the Day of Endurance, the 6th is the Day of Vigour, the 7th is the Day of Discovery. I like it, Endurance, Vigour and Discovery. Discovery also aligns with the Serendipity post. 
It feels like this happening will help to prepare everyone for the major lunar eclipse that is coming on the 21st December 2010. 

Sweet Harmony - The Beloved 

Blessings in abundance 

The Pruning Shears and the A team.

Well there were some wonderful messages and visions given yesterday and they were in relation to the building of New Jerusalem and the A team that is starting to come together. People that have a pre-determined, pre-destined job to do to fulfill the divine plan and the will of God for his glory. 

People are being called to align their will with the will of God. 

The letter A in the hebrew alphabet is ALEPH and it became the Greek letter ALPHA, the beginning. In the ancient pictographs the letter is the head of an Ox representing strength and power from the work performed by the Ox.  Jeff Benner states in his Ancient Hebrew Lexicon that it also represents a chief or leader. He wrote "When two oxen are yoked together for pulling a wagon or plow, one is older and more experienced one who leads the other. Within the clan, tribe or family, the chief or father is seen as the elder who is yoked to the others as the leader and teacher."

I asked Abba if he also had a message for me and he did reply. 

Abba gave me a pair of pruning shears and a command. The pruning shears were green. 

Abba said 'Bring the Christians to me'. 

He then gave me another vision of the most amazing Tree of Life and it covered his chosen mountain like a tent. It was extraordinary. 

I then took a look at the bible to see what could be found on the pruning shears. Isaiah 18 mentions them. It states that before the harvest, when the blossom is gone, and the flower becomes a ripening grape, he will cut off the shoots with pruning knives and cut down and take away the spreading branches. In the Aramaic text the chapter states woe to the Ambassadors. 

Studylight share the following with us on the original meaning of the word messenger. 

"In the Old Testament the Hebrew word Tsir , Meaning "one who goes on an errand," is rendered thus (Joshua 9:4Proverbs 13:17Isaiah 18:2Jeremiah 49:14Obadiah 1:1). This is also the rendering of Melits , Meaning "an interpreter," in2 Chronicles 32:31; and of Malak , A "messenger," in 2 Chronicles 35:21Isaiah 30:433:7; Ezek. 17:15. This is the name used by the apostle as designating those who are appointed by God to declare his will (2 Corinthians 5:20;Ephesians 6:20).

The Hebrews on various occasions and for various purposes had recourse to the services of ambassadors, e.g., to contract alliances (Joshua 9:4), to solicit favours (Numbers 20:14), to remonstrate when wrong was done (Judges 11:12), to condole with a young king on the death of his father (2 Samuel 10:2), and to congratulate a king on his accession to the throne (1 Kings 5:1). To do injury to an ambassador was to insult the king who sent him (2 Samuel 10:5)." [2]

It is clear that the role of God's ambassadors is to share with the people the will of God and that is exactly what we do. So in effect, anyone that does not declare the will of God in the here and now, is neither a messenger or an ambassador in the true sense of the word and its origins. They also have to be divinely appointed. That will certainly cut a few branches in the pruning. Next time you come across someone who states they are a messenger, ask them who appointed them and what will of God do they declare. 

There is also a wonderful prophecy in chapter 18 to all of inhabitants of the world. 

"All you inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, you shall see when the ensign shall be lifted up upon the mountains; and when he blows the trumpet you shall hear". 

You may also remember that there was also a vision given recently of the black faced sheep that was ready to be sheared. I do feel that these messages are connected together. 

'The sheep are ready for shearing'. 'They are ready for the shearer'. [3]

No coincidence then that this posted at exactly 401, there was another thread on 401 software update in August on this blog. Link up all the dots folks! [4]

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Thursday, 26 August 2010


This morning coming out of sleep state I was given ICE CAPS and I asked when and was given 22. The last time I was given the number 22 was in April 2010. [1] I was also given a message for someone known as Trinity at exactly 20.22 and it was posted on this blog in February 2010. [2]

After I received the message today I looked to see if there was any other information about ICE CAPS and 2022 and I did find some links. 

Famous ice caps of Kilimanjaro gone by 2022  [3] + [4]

You will notice in the first link we were given 2222 and the 2nd of February 2022 will be 2222. 

I discovered today that someone else as also been given a similar date. He was shown the 1st of February 2022 marked in ice.  [5]

Before I left for Australia in 1998, there was an article in a national newspaper that showed what would happen to England if the ice caps go. If I remember correctly, everything below London was gone, all of East Anglia,  the whole of the East side of England was gone if the waters rose 10 metres. I still have that newspaper cutting in a box somewhere. When I go through the boxes to have a clear out I will upload this post with a scan of it. 

We must prepare our people, as the numerical correspondence of the recent crop circles have been indicating 'Make plans in advance'. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

After we sent out this message, I received a message from an administrator of a news agency who had written an article that was obviously making inference in a derogatory way. While I was reading the article Abba said 'They can't change it now, it is too late'. 

We told the man concerned that the best thing that he can do now is start encouraging people to make plans in advance. We have to prepare the people now for what is coming upon humanity. We also informed him that she goes out no more. She has to stay with God for God's divine purpose to help the people. See Revelation chapter 3. This reality only goes somewhere if God instructs this vessel to do so. As far as revealing myself is concerned you might like to consider the words of the Rabbi. 

“The soul of Mashiach experiences itself as continuously falling and dying; if not for the ever-present Hand of God "catching" it, it would crash to the ground and shatter to death. The consciousness of fall is the reflection of the egoless state of the fish, in its natural medium of water, when forced to reveal itself on dry land. This is like the experience of a hidden tzadik when forced from Above to reveal himself for the good of Israel and the world.”

If I receive any more messages or information about the ice caps 
we will update his post.

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A colleague just sent this article that was posted the same day that we uploaded this post. 

Climate Change August 26, 2010 - 4:22 pm

Collapse of ancient Ellesmere ice shelf stuns scientists

“The ice seems to be fracturing all over the Arctic once again”


This NASA image shows the section of the Ward Hunt ice shelf which recently broke off. (IMAGE/NASA)
This NASA image shows the section of the Ward Hunt ice shelf which recently broke off. (IMAGE/NASA)


A huge chunk of ice about the size of Bermuda has cracked off Canada’s largest remaining Arctic ice shelf.

The ancient slab of ice, measuring about 50 square kilometres in area and almost 400 metres thick, broke away from the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf on Ellesmere Island’s northern coast last week, the Canadian Ice Service said Aug. 25.

“The whole northeast quarter seems to have gone,” said Trudy Wohlleben, a senior ice forecaster at the service, who first noticed cracks developing on the shelf in early August. Satellite images over the last week have confirmed the huge chunk of ancient ice shelf has broken away, she says. For more information please see the link. 

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Abba said 'Serendipity'.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a vision of a woman and child surrounded with the cosmic images and colours of our spiritual psychology website. When I took the baby in my arms I looked at it adoringly, I stroked its head and then all of a sudden there was a world-wide cosmic happening. I felt this was to do with new science and new biology, I also felt there would be a new scientific discovery to do with mothers and the babies that they carry in their wombs.

The last time I held a real baby in my arms was in 2005, when my family brought my first niece from abroad to see me. We have a strong connection and she has visited me since on a soul level, she is a rainbow child and as we know rainbows are good omens, symbolic of hope and a reminder of God's covenant with us. Every child can be viewed in this way.

During that time we were working on the development of the new website that was planned to be launched at the first Personal Development exhibition at London Excel, January 2006. We had been invited to lecture at the exhibition, so it made sense for it to be the launch pad for the new website, for spiritual psychology that had been divinely given. Within three months of the launch I was given directions to go to Israel (May 2006). The first mission to Israel catapulted a whole new phase of the divine plan that unfolded before me. As such everything else in my life, all projects had to go on a back burner. Israel was now the number one priority in the divine plan.  Then in 2008, I was sent to the USA and then America and its people became another priority.

After I received the vision and held the baby in my arms yesterday, ( a second niece did arrive on the planet in 2010). I then got up and responded to emails. After an important email was sent to a very important person, Abba said 'Serendipity'. I had to look up the meaning of the word because it is not one that I use.

Serendipity is defined as when you are looking for something and then you find something else instead, some believe it to be purely by accident.  It can relate to scientific discoveries that people make due to their intuition, divine guidance or gut responses. However, how many scientists own up to the fact that they have been divinely guided? How many own up to the fact that they have received messages and visions from God and his divine messengers?

I feel sure that many come to this blog looking for something that they had searched for on the internet, what did they find? They discover something or someone that they did not expect nor were they looking for what they found.  Do they then appreciate the serendipity? Some might also call it synchronicity. I like the play on words with serend and surrender, I can also understand that it is a pity if people do not surrender to the cosmic eventualities and signs that are being shown to them. It can also be viewed that God takes pity on humanity and helps people to find the right way through the serendipity of his zealous compassionate action.

Would a scientist reject an amazing discovery that can help to heal humanity if it challenged his belief system? I feel not, I feel his excitement and joy at holding the bundle of joy in his arms would be infectious. Just like holding a new born baby, the new birth, the new beginning, the fresh start and the purity of love.

When the people came to the gathering in Israel in May 2006, I am sure some found something different to what they were looking for or expecting. It surely was an example of serendipity and how God works. We were blessed to meet some students that were doing their degrees at that time. We were able to share and point them in the right direction of the cutting edge new scientists. Especially important because the work of these amazing scientists supports and underpins the spiritual law of the cosmos.

This morning, I received another vision. Today, it was the eye ball and inside the eye ball was the cosmos. The eye is also a primary image on our website. It is time for us to return to work that we have done in the past and bring it into the present. Some of it will be included in a book on the truth of the Christ teachings. With the pure intention to help Christians, so that they can understand the importance of the spiritual psychology that the Christ implemented,  to help his followers and those that stood against him.

There was also a lovely film called 'Serendipity' and it is a love story. Our love story is the sacred union with the divine. When the spiritual journey of the divine training began all those decades ago,  I was soul searching and seeking peace of mind within. Well the serendipity that took place brought far greater realities and discoveries that I did not even know existed. It has been a wonderful journey and it gives us great pleasure to share it for the glory of God. Completion of truth does exist!

When You Know 



I haven't seen the film. Listening to that song again I just noticed
the name written in the book and number. Divine Providence
indeed Abba.

Love you.....