Thursday, 31 May 2012


This video is about the 'Palm Branch' that is mentioned in the Nostradamus C1.Q30 Prophecy. It includes the name of the location and some information about what happened in the location in the USA in 2008. Also what followed afterwards, taking us right up to 2012, this diamond jubilee year. 

It did have a divine purpose for being, the prophecy itself is cross-referenced with the biblical prophecies for this timeline. Enjoy it, because the palm branch is a symbol of victory.

This is the quatrain itself that is in the video with a full explanation of the symbology that Nostradamus chose in this quatrain. 

Because of the stormy seas the strange ship
will approach an unknown port,
notwithstanding the signals from the branch of palm,
after death, pillage: good advice given late.

The video shares with you, who the palm branch is, who it was who died, and it shares information about the pillage. It also includes what Jesus Christ said about the 'pillage' and the 'vultures' in the USA in the scriptures. It includes what they have done, the importance of the symbology involved, purposefully used to defeat the USA as a nation. I have not disclosed the name of the ship. However, they know who they are and so do I. As the video explains, it was part of the divine plan to send the palm branch to help the USA.  The good advice coming late; also had a divine reason for being, more will be shared on that later.

In addition to what is included in the video, about the prophecies to do with the ''pillage', and the 'vultures', the word 'pillage' is also to do with the ships. The Spanish used their ships to 'pillage' the lands of others, just like they 'pillaged' the lands of the indigenous peoples. St. Augustine is where they placed the very first cross on the land, I was not aware of that until Michael and I went sightseeing. Prior to my arrival, I had not been informed of the sheer importance of the location, or that it related to a prophecy from Nostradamus. 

No surprise, that this biblical prophecy about the 'death and pillage' also relates to people who call themselves Christians. The term 'Pillage', can also relate to war, and Michael wrote to me about the war with Glenn Still of Still Construction Company Inc. and those that were doing their best to drive him out. In a different video, we share about the arson, burglaries, death threats that were never investigated by the police or fire departments. 

Its important that people understand the symbology in the video, and how it has been purposefully used for decades for the long term plan that some people had for defeating the USA. This is just a part of the exposure of why the USA landed where it did with Obama. The military strategies have been in place for a very long time; and that is another reason that the LORD God sent his palm branch and righteous hand. 

While I was writing this, a ginger cat jumped up on the garden wall. he stopped, turned his face around and looked at me. The cat was standing above a 'Last Will & Testament' that is on the window sill. That also links in with the biblical prophecy that the one that is saved must share their testimony with the nations. I must carry on sharing as ordained to do. The cat reminded me of Michael, the Leo the Lion mentioned in Proverbs 30. Was he the 'Lion of Wrath' mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls? The furious lion? He certainly knew how to demonstrate it towards the orthodox Christians that did not live up to the high standards of the one that they reportedly follow. 

It is important that they know that I am not alone, the legions of love and light stand with me. There are just people in this world, including in the USA. People that have known me for years before the palm branch was sent to the USA. 

After this video was posted, I discovered that there was another anonymous email sent to me by the 'McConnell/Still Camp. It was sent to me with an attachment, they must think I was born yesterday, if they think that I will open any emails, with any attachments from anonymous people. I can tell you this; that by the time Michael is finished with all of them, they will be begging for mercy. He and I, did not go through what we went through together for nothing. Everything had a divine reason for being. Michael would often remind me of that fact. 

The Still camp, don't even have the common decency to email you with names. What does that tell you about them? I am being told, that it is a 'sign of the weakness of their position' and that 'their position is a weak one'. 

They don't like being exposed by the branch of palm do they? Prophet Isaiah predicted that only one in a thousand would be able to stand before Joseph in integrity and that the rest would flee. Do they even know what integrity means? The Marion Still camp have proven that they definitely don't. Michael was definitely right when he wrote to me about them. As we know, the Campbell's always did stand against the MacDonald's. No coincidence that the Campbell name is also in my ancestry of my ancestors. 

I received more divine guidance and good advice that I cannot share at this point in the public domain. However, I will tell you that I am being kept informed. Before Michael passed over, he asked me to be patient and have faith in him. I know in my heart that justice will be done for Michael, for it is divine will for it to be so. As I was writing that, a man went by and he was coming towards my right. 

As we know the word 'pillage' is also to do with being 'robbed', and that is also happening to the USA. It is repeated again in the Malachi prophecies, when it tells them that they're 'robbing', elohim. 

When Michael died, I was told that the 'Dark Lords have descended' and I received a barrage of emails from a man in Florida. He doesn't use a proper name either when he emails you directly. These are people that demand transparency from their government, yet, give none themselves. How ironic is that! 

I am being told that they are of the 'same 'ilke'. Jesus Christ was correct, when he said that all be disclosed, that nothing would remain hidden, and all would come into the light of the day. 

The term 'pillage', also appears again in Isaiah 17. 

"At evening time, behold, there is terror! Before morning they are no more. Such will be the portion of those who plunder us. And the lot of those who pillage us." Isaiah 17:14. Its no coincidence that verse adds up 31, and the Nostradamus prophecy is 'C1.30. = 31. It indicates 'Isolation', what was done to Michael, will come back down upon their own heads. The scripture is clear, in the golden rule, 'do unto others, as you would wish them to do unto to you'. 

Evening time is also to do with Psalm 92, and the arrival of the Harp of Faithfulness at night time. The Harp did arrive at night time on a night flight in the last days of the end times, as the scriptures predicted. When the paraclete flew into the USA, the Philadelphia Prince of Peace Church burned to the ground. The LORD God was letting them know, that his daughter ZION, had arrived in Babylon, as predicted in Micah 4. 

He also said 'By the time they find out what we have done. It will be too late for them to change it'. 

Isaiah 17 is about Damascus and Jacob. No surprise, that there are places in the USA called Damascus. I get the feeling that whatever the USA and Obama does to Syria, the same will happen to the USA. Its all part of the spiritual law of cause and effect. Another cat arrived, this time, it is like a tiger with stripes. The 'eye of the tiger' theme was also given as a theme tune for them and as we know the song from Rocky is about survival. 

In the KJV translation the last sentence reads, 'And behold at eventide trouble: and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us'. Isaiah 17:14. 

'The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters, but elohim shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff to the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind'. Isaiah 17:13 It also mentions one man that shall look towards his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel. 

As far as I am aware, Syria does not have whirlwinds, like the tornado's that the USA have. 

Is there hope for the USA? There is always hope when the palm branch appears. As one American Christian so rightfully said 'Better to be rebuked, than for love to remain hidden'. While the sun shines, the rains pour, and the rainbows still appear there is always hope. 

Love is not for sale America, you cannot buy love that is real. 



Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Yesterday, it was appropriate timing for the '529 Conspiracy' video because the day of the 2nd Italian earthquake was the 29th of May, Michael M. Mauldin was also born on the 29th in a different month. Michael lived at number 529 and Nostradamus provided C5.Q29 prophecy about the 'Obamawar'.

There is a loud thunderstorm outside as I am writing this. Loud thunder and lightening. The rains of righteousness are pouring down. Its always the way when the LORD raises his arm up for his legions of light and love. First came the heat of the sun, now the rain to refresh the plants. There is no drought for those that do the will of God. As the Son of God once said to me about the divine work that we were involved in during the early phase of the Rev 12 timeline.

"People that live in their heads instead of their hearts have stolen your work, we are pleased that it is no concern for you, because you know that there is plenty more from whence it comes, victory is yours keep on riding forward, while others are displaced they cannot catch you up". from Sacred Words. 

In 2007, he said 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'.

'529 Conspiracy', 29th of May, 2012.


This video claims that 15 have died. However, I have not seen any updated news reports on the earthquake. It did occur to me today that the quake was a 5.8, I am 58 and 58 divided by 2 is 29 and 29 is 'Grace Under Pressure'.


Hence my age of 58 is double grace under pressure, my son is also 29 years old. When Jordan was six months old, I had to have his father removed by the police, due to him 'terrorizing' me and the baby. Now it is not me being 'terrorized', it is the children of the world, due to what the law of man is doing to our children around the world. The people must turn their hearts to the children for 'Love is not for sale, you cannot buy love'.

In the first video, I mention how I received the first 'threat' when Michael came into my life. At that time, I did not connect the email with him, I have kept a copy of that email in my legal file, just in case. When people you do not know, contact you and 'threaten you', to stay away from a person. You know there is an 'ulterior' motive. Little did they know, that they exposed themselves to me in the words that they had written. The Son of God also warned the people in advance, that they would be judged by their words in this timeline.

Isaiah 58 is about ascension, how the 'light rises in the darkness', it also mentions moving to a sun-scorched land and that is to do with New Jerusalem, and the new holy city of enlightenment. A sun-scorched land is to do with the location that the heavenly Father has chosen in this timeline. I was taken to a sun-scorched land when I was sent to Australia. However, this is the second round trip in a different direction. First she was sent to the South, then to the North, then to the East, the final destination always was the West. However, currently she is sitting on the world axis, she is the moral compass.


No coincidence then that Isaiah 58 mentions the 'Ride of Triumph' for there to be triumph, there has to be a rider. No surprise then that the 'rider' was only two years old when she was standing on a donkey riding bareback along the beach. She also rode on the beach in Spain, and police came to stop her doing what her dad had told her to do, he loved to film her riding. For the rider, it was sheer freedom to ride with the wind in her hair. Oh, how I would love to be able to ride again. Even side-saddle would be wonderful. Although I sense that from now on, it will be horse and carriage. I simply adore horses.

I have no money to get the car back on the road, so if you can donate to help me, please do so. I require at least 400-500 hundred pounds because the government are demanding 200 pounds to get my license back. Then I require an MOT, a new tyre, tax, insurance and a good service for the car.

As far as the 2nd Italian earthquake is concerned. If it is true that 15 have died, then that is to do with Rev 15. Rev 15 is about the seven angels with the seven plagues. It also mentions the temple filled with smoke and that nobody can enter the temple until after the plagues are finished. However, Jesus Christ also predicted that these days will be shortened for the sake of the elect, and if they were not shortened, then nobody would survive at all. Its mentioned in more than one text. It also makes it clear in the Gospel of Peace, that the Son of Man, that he told them would come, would not be himself. 'Son of Man' is simply a term of endearment for a prophet, Ezekiel and Daniel were also called 'Son of Man'.

The LORD God is still waiting to give you his blessings from heaven. However, as the Malachi prophecies convey, there are certain conditions that the people must comply with in this timeline. One of those conditions is that elohim is provided for. Without elohim and its life streams, humanity will not survive on this planet. That is why it is essential that you comply with his instructions that he gave to his true prophets.

The other condition is that the people must turn their hearts to the children. When you do so, it makes him very happy indeed. The LORD God will always put his blessed holy ones first, because he knows that without them, humanity simply will not survive. Only when humanity, truly come to understand this, will they be able turn the tide.

I do hope that you found what Nostradamus termed as 'finding the gold in the milk'.

Love beyond measure


Fountain of Life -v- Fountain of Death

First there was a video about the reasons to take the children out of school, then I received a message from a friend that the foxes had killed all of her chickens. Then the third message arrived from a scientist titled: ALERT: Fountain of Life -v- Fountain of Death to do with vaccines. That also links into the recent 'LIFE STREAM' annular solar eclipse that took place earlier in May, 2012.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the so-called experts are stating that 'All children should be vaccinated against flu from the age of five to stop them spreading the illness among their families, government advisors have said'. [1]

The second part of the email was titled:

'Avian and swine flu vaccines cause sterility and death'. [2] A third link was also recommended. Go to this site and listen to the audio interview of Dr. John Waterman (11 July-update 4)


The scientist also added this quote from Genesis. 'From the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in that day that you shall eat from it, you shall surely die'. 2:17.

People were advised to eat from the Tree of Life experience. However, as we informed people back in 2004, the roots of the old tree of life are dying due to the 'selfishness' of humanity. A new tree of life is growing at an amazing speed. Those that hang onto the previous tree of life, will die with it. Only those that move into the new heaven and earth will survive what is coming upon the planet and its people.

Video about the children and the 'mystery illnesses' during May, 2012. This is happening throughout the USA. These incidents are being mapped. As the LORD God said 'NO SCHOOL, SCHOOLS OUT'. 'They will fall like a pack of cards'.

As the biblical prophecies predicted, the nations must turn their hearts to the children, if they don't then there will be severe consequences. They must also do the will of God in this timeline, if they wish to survive beyond the earth and climatic changes. The prophecies predict that the tribes of Joseph will be saved. The tribes in my heart are the indigenous peoples and the spiritual that support them and help them.


Does this remind you what is happening to the American children? A toxic powder is being sprayed in the schools in an Islamic country by radical Muslims.
Over 150 girls and teachers are being treated at a hospital following a poison attack on their school on Tuesday in the Takhar province. According to doctors this is the third attack on schools in northern Afghan provinces of Balkh and Takhar.

Takhar province Police Chief, Mahmood Hassan, said an investigation team at the school found that a toxic material appeared to have been sprayed in the air prior to the girls' entering the premises.

Many of the students suffered headaches, vomiting and even fell unconscious as they were being admitted to the hospital.

Police blame radicals for attacking schools with unidentified toxic powder which is used to contaminate the air in classrooms. 


Monday, 28 May 2012


Following on from the news that 887 dolphins have died in Peru, 887 is the gematria value of 'Righteousness Gateway'. There is a report of a crop circle found at Bracciano, Bertinoro in Italy.

The report states that it arrived on the 21st of May, 2012. 21st of May is the 'Day of Vision', it was also the day of the recent solar eclipse in the Far East.

I have selected this particular crop circle pic to feature; due to the fact that you can clearly see a key featured in it. In the head of the key you can also see an ancient pictograph symbol that was the letter QUPH. The common theme of the letter is of a circle, revolution, the sun on the horizon. The light gathers at the sun when it is on the horizon. [2]Its also like the Greek symbol for the Phi.

It became the letter Q for Queen and Quatrain, and there were many quatrains from Nostradamus about the Queen that was destined to come. In the biblical prophecies she is the wondrous woman from heaven in Rev 12, Wisdom in Rev 13, and Daughter ZION/daughter Jerusalem in Micah 4.

Prophet Hosea spoke of her in terms of righteousness and faithfulness. King David delivered the revelation that the instrument of the LORD, the 'Harp of Faithfulness' would come at night time, and the Psalms also refer to her as the Royal Bride that was gifted with the golden gown. All of that is truth.


We gathered in Florence Italy for the first harmonic concordance in November 2003, following divine instructions. It was a beautiful sunny day like today. Blue skies and wonderful sunshine. An Israeli, Italians and I carried out sacred ceremony on the river arno that day. In English, Hebrew and Italian. When I returned to England and wrote the report of the wonderful events that day, I wrote about what we saw happen in the water; after we had blessed it. This crop circle reminds me of that blessed day.

This is from the original report.

"The morning of the Harmonic Epiphany the sun was shining brightly and the sky was blue and clear, we were truly blessed with a beautiful warm day in which to carry out the Epiphany sacred ceremony, in celebration of the Harmonic Concordance. Our group were a mystical seven, we walked to a special place on the River Arno where our friend Rom from Israel had been praying for two days in preparation for the event.

We meditated, blessed the waters in our bodies and one of the group had their very first mystical experience with Archangel Gabriel. Rom then carried out a Jewish ceremony with bread and wine bringing together the male and feminine aspects of polarity, we ate the bread covered in red wine prior to blessing the spring water that we were about to pour into the River Arno into oneness.

We stood a good few metres apart throwing the blessed waters into the river, we then blessed the river and sent in healing energy through our eyes of love, beaming energy from our hands and we used the harmonic sound of our voices to express words of gratitude, love, prayer and positive affirmations, in English, Italian and Hebrew.

When we had finished something incredible happened, it was as if, all of the divine love that was in the water congregated in one spot, we stood there silently watching this love energy create a complete sphere in the water and then, sphere after sphere circulated and rippled out from the centre, spreading the love in all directions of the River Arno.

On witnessing this extraordinary experience our hearts expanded even more, and we connected like never before that day, the group and the river became one unifying our vibrational frequencies and transcending through the power of love.

The rest of the day we fed and drank from the spiritual truths that we shared finding completion long after sunset. A day of love, discovery, joy and humour was the blessing for us all, new contacts and friends, young people inspired to continue to bless the waters of Italy until we meet again.'

Picture courtesy of Crop Circle Connector 


It also reminds me of Fibonacci and the day of the crop circle was a fibonacci number, as we know we are also in the 21st century, a fibonacci century.  55 is a fibonacci number and that relates to the 'Enlightenment gateway' in India on the 5th of May, 2012. 144, a fibonacci number, and as we know the 144,000 relates to Rev 14 and the building of New Jerusalem. The Holy City of enlightenment, predicted to come by Prophet Isaiah. 

This crop circle is calling the Italians to pay attention to the KEY and the Key relates to the Key of David, that was given to ELIAKIM. 

In the past we have shared with people about how the Greeks have forgotten about their sacred geometry, and this crop circle is calling the Italians to understand the fibonacci sequence and what it means to this century timeline. Fibonacci, Leonardo of Pisa, no surprise then that I was divinely instructed to go to Florence for the event in 2003. This century is a culmination of previous events, and in particular the year that ended in the numbers that relate to the Fibonacci sequence. 

For instance; in the 20th century years ending in the fibonacci numbers will be impacting on now. So you might like to ponder upon the impact of those events and how they relate to you and your own lives. For instance 13 is a key number for me because it is the date of my birth, I was 34 when my hero (dad) died, 1989 was the year that I launched a new business. That brought forth the manifestation of the one from the root of Jesse that is featured in the Michelangelo Jesse Fresco in the Vatican. 

It also brought forth the skilled writer that was predicted in the biblical prophecies. If that business had not come to be, I may never have started to write, let alone, write professionally. Due to the last recession in the UK, I was forced into it; to save on outside costs of hiring copywriters. I simply could not afford to pay them. I had no choice, my back was against the wall.

In the beginning, I had to mentor myself into doing it with positive affirmations. Bear in mind there was no academic training, and I was taken out of school at the age of 15. My life was based upon experience of it, not theory of it. 

The confidence came in the new reality,  once I could simply apply myself to the new reality with  willingness to be flexible and adapt to changing life circumstances. Miracles can truly happen when people are prepared to stretch themselves beyond their perceived limitations; and embrace a changing environment with both hands with an open mind and heart. Being creative and innovative; can be truly exhilarating, when people are prepared to expand their horizon and worldview. People are born to be creators, co-creators and creative in their views, thoughts, words and deeds. 

When I was 55, it was the appointed time for the herald to run with the Prophet Habakkuk prophecy about Islam. That is coming up again today for the 'interpreter of the law', due to Qatar and what they are doing financially in Europe at this time. They are now buying into Total and Shell. This year, 2012 is also a five year, a year of physical manifestation. 2003 was a five year as well. Hence, what took place in 2003, is impacting on what is taking place in 2012. Please see the video above.

The past creates the present, and the present creates the future. Nostradamus wrote about the present in terms of the sacred Rose that he predicted would come. Rose is also symbolic of wisdom, beauty, love and the heavenly. 

This crop circle is asking you all to look at the sequence of your lives, and what brought you to this point in time. How the Fibonacci numbers are connected to that and what it means to you, what it is trying to show you about the physics of the cosmos, and the rose within you. Have you grown beyond its thorns and blossomed into the perfect fragrance of God's creation? It makes perfect sense that our Creator would send you a beautiful flower for you to be able to hold in your hands. Every petal with its own story, and view of creation on a vibrational level for healing the nations.

A flower that you could love and cherish, one that you could smell to enliven all of your senses. One that was a picture of good health and well-being, prior to the rose dying and becoming something else for his divine purpose. Life and the journey cannot stand still, it is constantly evolving, and change is the only constant in the cosmos. Humanity are not good at accepting change and new realities, due to children not being taught how important change is to their progress; to reaching their potentiality of moving from being to becoming a sacred divine being. 

'Creation evolves and evolution creates' from Sacred Words

This is a wonderful video about the nature of the sequence, divine love feeds the soul and Jesus Christ informed his followers that nature is the holy scroll. He was telling them that nature holds the keys to the physics of the cosmos. 

In my experience when people understand the importance of their own lives, their divine purpose and nature, they then come to know the physics of the cosmos with divine help. 

It is the sacred union with the divine. 


2. Ancient Hebrew Lexicon, Jeff Benner 


In the post about the 'shepherds being cut off' timeline, the cumin spice was mentioned. [1] Solomon also spoke about the spice laden mountain in respect of the little one that is like a gazelle. The gazelle that defends the tree of life.

No surprise then to find that the spice is in the news and scientists views on its health benefits. US research has shown that cumin, which is found in the spice turmeric, causes a sizeable increase in a protein that boosts the immune system. [2] The article recommends curries to stave off infections, virus's and diseases.

However, one does not have to eat a curry to consume its spices. Saute potatoes, rice and home made soups are all great foods to include specific spices that your body requires. The more intuitive people are, they more they understand their own bodies and what the body is asking for. Garlic is also good for boosting the immune system.

The spice laden mountain and/or the spices was also mentioned in these previous posts.

Before the Dawn - EOS ELIACHIM [3]

USHA and Venus [4] USHA is also to do with the divine court, truth and divine consciousness. As we know, there is a rare Venus transit of the Sun on the 5th of June, 2012.

Pure Nectar [5]

Water On Crop Circle. [7]

Also, in the news the Islamic Baroness Warsi is involved in an 'expenses scandal'. The British press are writing about Obama's 'culture war' and his Jimmy Carter moment. [6] It is certainly time for people like Obama and Warsi to be cut off. This is the symbol of Chicago. Islamic.

Isaiah 28 also mentions the cumin and the chapter rebukes the nations. It is very appropriate for this timeline, especially after seeing the massacre that has taken place in Syria. It is hard to imagine, that Syria was once a Christian nation. It seems wherever Islam goes, violence goes with it. Isaiah 28 tells the people that their 'covenant with death is annulled'. At the same time, the Islamic Senegal have 800,000 starving, and 20 million face the famine due to a drought. While the Islamic Qatar is spending billions having a shopping spree buying up the corporations, a Greek Island and the 2012 Olympic village.

Do Islamic leaders have any common sense at all? Clearly not. The Islamic wealth could completely eradicate poverty in their nations. So then Muslims, ask yourselves why if your religion is so great why are people dying when there is no requirement for them to do so? Christians and Jews can ask themselves the same questions. Enough, really is enough.

There is enough wealth in the world for every single person to be a millionaire.



Sunday, 27 May 2012


Nostradamus 'Divine Word' Prophecy. C3.Q2



The 'Awaited One' prophecy from Nostradamus.

This video is just one of the prophecies about who Nostradamus referred to as the 'AWAITED ONE'. He knew that the spiritual world would await her arrival. Although, she was not aware that they were waiting for her when they found her in the Galilee of the Gentiles. This is the second prophecy where Nostradamus refers to her as a rose. In a different timeline prophecy he also refers to her as an Iris, and describes different aspects about where she would be found after 40 years had gone by. Of course 40 is also to do with Moses and the prophecy given to him about the one that would come.

Blessings in abundance



The Nostradamus 'Seventh Rock' Prophecy, its a mystery or is it? It does foretell planetary changes on a cosmic scale. Seventh Rock is the name of an Australian race horse that is now residing in South Africa, so what does that have to do with the USA and Islam?

The video shares with you that there is a new cycle of time coming, a turning of the wheel of fortune. It will certainly impact on events this year and it will be interesting to view events this coming July, after the planetary changes with the ELOKIM lunar eclipse, and the once in a lifetime, final venus transit of the sun this century.

In the video I also mention Uranus being in Aries.

I didn't include the usual information about the number seven itself, as I feel we have repeated that enough already. However, I can tell you this that those that live under the sun and moon abundantly, have a major wake up call coming, it speaks of their 'ruin' that is approaching.

2005 was a seven year, and the next seven year does not come until 2014. The power of seven is also to do with the charioteers.



Saturday, 26 May 2012


Prophet Isaiah and Prophet Malachi also warned the nations what would happen if they did not do the will of God. The war did come upon Israel in 2006, and so did the fire in 2010. Greece had a biblical plague that same year, and we all know what is happening to Greece and the USA financially. Prophet Isaiah also predicted that the chief officer would take their money. 


This video is about the 'Wisdom Rose' Prophecy and how the people chose war instead of peace. How they chose Obama the 'usurper' in the Dead Sea Scrolls, instead of the fountain of wisdom. Who is the 'interpreter of the law' of the prophets.

Did the Son of God tell Lotus Feet what would happen when she went through the Damascus Gate? No, he let me witness it for myself. She went there with love and joy in her heart, and no expectations. 

Lotus Feet went with open arms, an open heart full of giving love, to the Damascus Gate, in East Jerusalem. To say that she was told that there is no room in the inn by Muslims, is an understatement. She wasn't allowed to step foot in the mosque on the temple mount either. Westerners, and non-Muslims were not welcome. Little do they know, that Prophet Isaiah predicted that the one to come would come from an Island in the West, not Saudi Arabia. 


Rose courtesy of Wikipedia 

Number 73 = Wisdom that leads to the life stream. 


Through the Attic land fountain of wisdom,
At present the rose of the world:
The bridge ruined, and its great pre-eminence
Will be subjected, a wreck amidst the waves.

They didn't understand, and those that did, yet ignored the testimony of warning, had the intentions to see their own nations destroyed. Even my own mother, simply refused to meet me on the bridge of peace. She died two years later, tasting, a terrible, self-inflicted death. May she rest in peace. 



This video is about the Nostradamus prophecy C5.Q29 It is about this timeline and it includes the USA and Greece. In addition to London and tower bridge that was sold to the USA in 2010 as featured in the Daily Mail. The bridge was apparently sold to a man from Utah for 133 million pounds, please see the original press report. 

133 just happens to be the same as Rev 13:3. It was 200 million in dollars and 20 is the number of judgement. Wisdom was indeed called to do the count on the people described in the prophecies in Rev 13. Those that support Obama are not written in the lambs book of life, the same goes for Romney. 


Liberty will not be recovered,
A proud, villainous, wicked black one will occupy it,
When the matter of the bridge will be opened,
The republic of Venice vexed by the Danube.

Daily Mail article about the bridge that opens.

In addition to the above, the words 'OCCUPY IT' have the same gematria value as the following: 


In addition, I was shown this video from LEVI Jeans, where they have allowed a 'Nazi salute' to be put in their 'pioneer video'. 

As we know during WW2, the Muslims stood with Nazi Germany against the Jewish people. 

Tell the children the truth. 



That aligns with the 'Lion and Scroll' Prophecy. See the other post and video on that. 

Also check out the 'OBAMA 'FALSE POEM' Prophecy from Nostradamus as well. 

If this information that we share with you helps you and your nation. Please make a donation if you can afford to do so. Many thanks for your help. 


Friday, 25 May 2012

ELOKIM LUNAR ECLIPSE - 4th of June 2012.

While I was preparing the video for the 5th of June, 2012 Venus transit of the Sun, [1] and pondering upon the forthcoming partial lunar eclipse on the 4th of June, 2012. The LORD God said 'ELOKIM'. This forthcoming lunar eclipse is then the 'ELOKIM Partial Lunar Eclipse' and the word ELOKIM in Hebrew is to do with the judgement. The Rabbi's claim that it is one of the names of God because it is written in the book of Genesis 1.1.

On the 20th of June, 2010, I wrote about 'ELOKIM' and the foreboding that I could feel at that time. It included messages from God and what he said. Please see the original link as it does apply to the USA. [2]

Astrologer, Peter Stockinger wrote that the moon will be in 14:13 of Sagittarius, opposing the Sun in the same degree of Gemini. The eclipsed Moon and the Sun will be forming a square to Mars in Virgo and to the Arabic Part of Fortune in Pisces. He also claims that retrograde Venus will be combust. However, he does not mention the rare Venus transit of the Sun the following day.

Peter also states that those that have Sagittarius rising in their birth chart will feel the influence of this eclipse stronger than others. That goes without saying for me, especially as God has called it the ELOKIM, lunar eclipse, I have Sagittarius rising, and a gemini moon under my feet.

As we know Sagittarius is the archer that shoots the arrows. Both Nostradamus and Prophet Isaiah made predictions relating to it for this timeline. Sagittarius is also the traveller, so you could certainly see some impact on those that are traveling anywhere. Its not a good time to be flying on a lunar eclipse when it is related to the air sign of Gemini. [3] Fire and Air together can be a 'dangerous' time if traveling anywhere.

The eclipse kicks off in Asia Pacifica, Australia, the Far East like the recent solar eclipse did, it ends in the Americas. The South China Sea situation has also been brought to the fore in recent days.

The archer is opposing the sun in gemini, and gemini is to do with communication and the media. As such, the media are opposing the communication that they are receiving. The MSM, simply do not wish to publish, what they have been sent to publish. It signifies complex situations, and the duality going on in the media, due to gemini that can be the 'terrible twins'. Journalists are struggling with their angels within, and their hearts of conscience that is being pricked by the arrows of truth.

Gemini have photographic brains, they are brilliant communicators, and as air signs they love to live in the sun and also in their heads. They're ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger. The winged messenger also reminds me of the 'Lion and Scroll' prophecy and that was to do with the winged messenger and schools. That then coincides with the 'Obama False Poem' prophecy from Nostradamus and the prediction of the impact that will have on Obama's prospects in the presidential election.

Mars in Virgo, gives us the planet of war in Virgo, the Virgin of perfection that shoots the arrows with precision to hit the target. Robin Hood would be an example of Mars in Virgo. Its the men that will be really upbeat in the lead up and during this eclipse.

Men come from Mars, Women come from Venus comes to the fore. We do not require any reminder of how the Islamic Arabs have invested in the Christian lands during the age of Pisces. Or how many Christian lands fell to the Arabs; due to the money that was used to engage people to do their will. Hence, Jesus Christ warned the people not to put money first. He knew that those that were in the 'captivity of money' and making it their master, would bring their own downfall. Hence, the USA is in the situation that it is in. It is judgement upon the USA, and its citizens for putting money above divine will and the sacred union with the divine.

As we know, the bankers and financial institutions in the USA, got in bed with Islam, its Sharia finance, banking and law. As such, judgement is coming upon them for what they've done. The Islamic Arabs have amassed fortunes on the backs of what were Christians and their lands. Just look at Egypt and how few Christians exist there now. Even now, the Arabs are doing deals all over the globe due to the money that you gave them. Remember the cost of oil?

In addition, we have the situation of what the Europeans did to the indigenous peoples, and those arrows of truth. There is no excuse for ignoring the fact that tribal leaders everywhere sold out to the highest bidders, not only in the America's, but also on the African continent and in the Far East as well. The fact is, that the people know who they are; and they're not going to stand for it anymore. Its now ELOKIM time, and the judgement has come.

Stand in integrity or stand down.

Let's return to the numerics of this eclipse. It is 14:13 degrees and it also a Saros 140, 14 is to do with Rev 14, the 144,000 and New Jerusalem. The holy city of enlightenment predicted by Prophet Isaiah.

NASA inform us that the SAROS 140 lunar eclipses all occur at the Moon's ascending node and the Moon moves Southward with each eclipse. It looks like this is also the 24th eclipse in the series; and that links in with the Nostradamus prophecy about Venus.

C5.Q24 and the 24 elders around the throne. In the book of Revelation, each spiritual elder has a harp, a divine instrument of faithfulness to the sacred union with the divine.

140 is the gematria value for 'Company or School'. School aligns with the Lion and the Scroll prophecy. It is also 'to act covertly or treacherously'. This truly is an eclipse to keep your children at home, and don't go outside.

However, it is also the gematria of 'to understand, to know' and 'a raising'. [4] As we know, the raising is to do with the one that was promised to Moses. Yours truly, does know and does understand. The name ELOKIM, has the gematria value of 86, and it is the same value as the Hebrew word HATEVA, it means Nature.

8+6 is also 14.

This eclipse followed the Venus transit of the Sun, is going to impact on the environment, because they are simply not getting it, and what they are being asked to do. They simply do not understand the impact of having a drought where all the cattle die, like it is happening in the Islamic Senegal. 20 million people faced with famine, 800,000 without food in the here and now.

What is a major business for the USA? The beef. What would they do if there was no beef? What would they do if there was no rain to grow the crops? Surely, someone must be able to knock some sense into their wooden and Christian heads filled with wool.

The date of the eclipse is 465 and that is the value of 'Handmaiden of the Lord', 'Spirit of God', 'Palestinians', 'No man is an Island', 'Think Global, Act Local', 'Blessed Are the Meek', 'Hades Number', 'Blood of the Lamb of God'. 'Star Seeds'.

Clearly, it is going to take a lot more before the people will be calling out to God and his Saints; as Nostradamus predicted. The impact of one eclipse was not enough, now they're going to get another one, and this time its a double whammy with the venus transit.

It is the end of the world has you have known it.




Venus transiting the Sun twice in your lifetime, only happens once in your lifetime. The last time this happened was in 2004. The year of the 2nd Harmonic Concordance when I was sent to England's Nazareth. After that God yelled 'Humanity needs you now', I was given instructions for the spiritual community. Within weeks the Asian disaster happened on Boxing Day, the 26th. 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God.

The nations did mourn exactly as the bible predicted that they would. You can view the Venus transit of the Sun in 2004 as the morning star. This second rare event as the evening star. You do not get one without the other. The Harp of Faithfulness that arrived at night time of the last days of the end times. Exactly as the biblical prophecies predicted that she would.

In a previous post we shared the USHA and Venus information, how this relates to India and Israel.

USHA is also to do with divine consciousness and truth of the divine feminine. Hence, the importance of Venus being both the morning and evening star.

As we know, in May there was also the 'Gateway of Enlightenment' on 555 and some crop circles in Italy the same day. Please see the SALO, Crop Circle post for more information on that.

Nostradamus also made a prediction about the rare venus transit of the sun that would come in June 2012. 2012 is a five year = C5 and 2+4= 6 = June, the sixth month. 

The prophecy quatrain is C5.Q24.

The realm and law raised under Venus,
Saturn will have dominion over Jupiter:
The law and realm raised by the Sun,
Through those of Saturn it will suffer the worst.

Previous post made on this transit.

I have provided a video to explain the detail of it further, it does relate to other prophecies that Nostradamus gave. This rare transit will not happen again until 2117 & 2125. Its now or wait another 100 years to make the shift. 

The Rabbi's say that the Messiah comes in every generation and it is whether the people are ready to accept that impacts on humanity. I have to agree to disagree with them, as the Messianic age was not predicted to come until the last days of the end times in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Also the biblical prophecies agree with that. The Dead Sea Scrolls also predicted the 'usurper' and those that know, know that is Obama who is mentioned in Rev 13. Wisdom was indeed called to do the count on the man 666. 6+6+6 = 18 = 'Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'. Mitt Romney is no different to Obama, just a different covering, IMHV. 

Prophet Zephaniah also predicted that the Virgin would stand with 60 just ones against the 'Son of Lawlessness' and Obama is certainly that. 

Nostradamus mentioned the realm and the law raised under Venus. It is to do with the divine court and its spiritual law. Only those that have broken their own wheel of karma, are not subject to the spiritual law, because all of their accounts are in credit in the heavenly realms. 

The fact that he mentions that 'Through those of Saturn it will suffer the worst', relates to the 'he-goats', and Robert Kennedy is a Capricorn that is ruled by Saturn. He is also mentioned in Proverbs 30, as we know he is a Roman Catholic, and the Vatican has been in the news today. First the Pope's Butler is being investigated for leaking documents, then the chief of the Vatican Bank was 'dismissed'. See previous post on that. 

It is not going to be an easy time for the Roman Catholics, due to what their institutions have done down the ages. Currently, in the USA they are also 'suing' the White House. All the men that are jostling for position, shall be defeated because they're ruled by Saturn and its spiritual law. 

The planet is also in the Saturn in Libra transit as well, and Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships. Saturn in Libra transit continues until October, it is a transit of justice of the spiritual law It impacts on those most strongly, who do not live in alignment with it and its message. Those that deny the true love of righteousness, and integrity pay the price handsomely. 

As we know the spiritual law strikes where it will impact on the people directly, with the Americans that's their pockets, because that is what they value the most. Those that value money, more than the spiritual law and the one that delivers it, will keep on receiving the financial blows. It will not end when Obama has gone. 

I warned people years ago, the more that you have financially, the more that you have to lose. Jesus Christ also pre-warned them and it is written the scriptures. There is no excuse for ignoring the facts.