Tuesday, 15 May 2012


20th May 2012, comes next annular solar eclipse and that is the 'Day of Expression'. 20 is also the number of judgement so there is bound to be a lot of expression to do with that. If there are clear skies it can seen over the US, Canada and Mexico. Space Daily state that this is the first "central' solar eclipse to cross the USA since 1994. [1] It will begin at Sunrise along the southern coast of China, (there it will be the 21st, the 'Day of Vision'). A better eclipse for the social visionaries of China and Japan than for the USA.

NASA state that the eclipse occurs at the Moon's descending node in central Taurus and as we know, Taurus the Bull is also about the home and the homeland, so you can anticipate the politicians being 'bullish' at this time. The 2012 presidential election is also underway and the golden bulls are found in the Mormon temples, remember the legend of the golden calfs -v- the Prophet sent by the LORD God?

This solar eclipse is in GEM_IN_I, astrologically, its going to be all about self-expression, how you express yourselves in the present will impact on your future. There is bound to be some fireworks on the internet and in the news media, as more and more people start to let off steam.

As I write this, the heavenly Father is talking about the 'LIFE STREAM', and how important it is that you follow the communication stream that leads to life.  In other words he is warning you all about the wars, that your countries and nations are involved in.

It really is time for the people to make major breakthroughs in their own realities, so if you require help with making a breakthrough, please do not hesitate to ask. We can help you to break the never ending cycles that people find themselves in, if they reach out and accept a helping hand.

Gemini is also the twins ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger. Hence, why it is about communication, media, publishing, internet, films and music industry as well.

SAROS 128 


'At Bach = ח ל ן ם = gematria = 128 which is 2 to the 7th power (2x2x2x2x2x2x2=128). It is also 4 times 32 which represents the 32 paths of wisdom as they manifest through the 4 worlds.' [3] 

2 to the 7th power, the life number of the Lute of Lovingkindness (otherwise known as Jesus Christ) and myself, the Harp of Faithfulness both have the life number of seven. As we know seven is also to do with forgiveness in the NT and the spiritual law. It also relates to JOSEPH and the coat of many colors, all colors of the rainbow warriors. 
Bach also speaks to me of the composer Bach and Dr Bach flower essences and its frequencies. It was around 1994 that I first met two wonderful ladies from Norfolk that still produce them by hand just like Dr Bach did in Norfolk. Each flower, plant and tree has what we call its own 'signature' just like a signature tune or theme. Each have their own song of frequencies that can help people to make a breakthrough with the healing process. So from my worldview, it is very much linked to the Galilee of the Gentiles and the new agers, healers and spiritual people. 

It feels like a 'harnessing' of the energies and its self-expression. 128 is the value of 'Tzaw Lay Ach' and it means 'advancement, success and prosperity'. However, it is also the value of 'Lah Chahtz' and that means 'oppression', 'pressure' and 'duress'. [4] As we know, China is advancing in the USA, is successful with its consumerism in many countries, and has attained prosperity due to the huge oppression of its people. Let us not forget that it was China that was taking the organs of spiritual people and locking them up. As we know Mitt the Mormon is a businessman, and China is in the USA for business, not for fun. The choices that Americans make this year, in this presidential election,  will impact on them for the next 30 years. 

It will also be a 20+5+2+1+2 = 30 and is the value of the LAMED, in the ancient pictographs it is the shepherds staff. That links into Zechariah prophecies of the 'worthless' shepherds that have 'no favor or union' with the LORD being 'cut off' in this timeline.

The date will also be a 255 frequency and that also adds up to 12, the number of the 'victim' in numerology. 12 Apostles that relates to Christianity. 255, is also 'Chicago's Obama', 'Last Call', 'End of Islam', 'Archangels', 'Hidden Ones', 'Lamplight', 'Seminar'. This is going to be a powerful eclipse for the 'religious leaders', they just have no comprehension of what's coming.

I will update this post if I am given anymore information that relates to it. It is certainly a good time for creativity, writing, making videos, and expressing yourselves to the fullest, in the best of your creative intentions and potentiality.

Make that call, ELIAKIMJOSEPHSOPHIA@skype.com

Choose wisely, choose the life stream.

Love beyond measure


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