Thursday, 10 May 2012

American Mutations due to fall out

After Fukishima I advised people to keep an eye on the plants and animals for signs of radiation fall out. My son Jordan was right, this is not a good time to be having children. The other day we had a discussion about his future, marriage and children. He said that he did not wish to bring a child into the world due to what the world is like. I have to agree with him, if I was a young woman today considering having a baby, I would certainly think twice about it. 

People say that dandelions are 'weeds'. However, they are a medicinal plant, not a 'weed'. This is in the food chain. Not just in Michigan all over the USA.

This is the text that came with the video 

Dandelions found today in a parking lot in Rochester Hills Michigan, about 20 miles north of Detroit, where I found mutations last weekend.

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