Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I am very concerned that only one person in the USA did the will of God after that instruction had been received. The young man that gave his dollar a day, was born into the Mormons.

Will the heavenly Father consider that to be enough? Will he reward the Mormons (USA) because only one of them did the will of God? The young man was not consciously aware of the original instruction received, yet he gave from his heart that compelled him to do so.

It wasn’t enough in 2006 when few people followed his request to ‘defuse the last days of the end times’ and follow his instructions. The war with Israel came within weeks of people ignoring his request. In 2000, I warned the people that if we did not get through 2006 without a war, then it would be a very bumpy ride into 2012.

Israel had not done enough to help the holy one of the LORD.  He sent the sign of Jonah as a testimony for his Queen, the biblical prophecy was fulfilled and they still did not return, then the judgement began. 

They experienced the flotilla disaster, the ‘beast from the sea.’ Then 5 million trees burned down on Mount Carmel in Israel Jewish New Year, Prophet Isaiah predicted it would happen and that the fire would come if they did not do the will of God. We all know what else has been going on in Israel, and also what happened in France. 

It wasn’t enough in 2004, when he told the spiritual people ‘Humanity needs you NOW” and gave instructions what to do. The world 'refused to listen and went their own way'. The Asian Disaster came afterwards on Boxing Day, it fulfilled the biblical prophecy that the world would mourn. He knew that the people would turn a 'deaf ear' and 'not do his will'. As such, the prophecy was fulfilled.

Australia had not done enough to help his Queen, and when his Queen was imprisoned overnight, the floods came, it flooded Queensland. Yet, they did not understand the reason why. 

New Zealand had not done enough, as such Christchurch was hit. Japan had not done enough and they experienced the 'tsunami of pain' that had been predicted months previously.

England had not done enough, and the children set fire to its towns. Richard Branson had not done enough, and his house burned down. He did not help the Virgin when asked to do so. He was more interested in trains, than 'depressed and suicidal children'. The farmer's livestock was plagued, and still they did not understand it, and how it was a biblical prophecy about the last days of the end times. 

Pakistan and Muslims did not do enough when he asked one of them to give a report on contraceptive products that had been banned in the USA. American products that are being sold to third world countries. They did not do enough when he asked them for financial help, they gave nothing at all. 

That then cost that person a lot of money, time and effort. They said that they had sat their consultancy exams eight times. What you do not give with one hand, he will take away with the other hand. As the prophecies predict, what you give will come back to you 30, 60 or 100 times. It relates to the spiritual law. 

Eight is the Hebrew gematria value of CHET and the CHET visions were received in March 2009. Eight is also the number of spiritual transformation. 

The Prince of Greece did not do enough to help the holy one with the writ, and deliver the messages when asked to do so, and we all know what is going down there. 

The LORD sent a biblical plague of frogs to Greece and California. 

Yet they did not understand it, and how it relates to the holy one that God promised to send for his people at night time with the children. 

China was instructed to leave Tibet, it did not do so and then it had a 'plague of rats.' 

China let my people go.

The uprising in Egypt in 2011 was predicted to be the LORD’s testimony for Joseph. They did not understand that it was a biblical prophecy for this timeline, and honor why it happened, so democracy did not come to be.

We warned you about the testimony of warning, and what would happen if you do not pass on the messages of warning to the people. 


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