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In the last post we shared the prophecy about the 'Greater voice substituted'. [1] Let us take a deeper look at this in the biblical prophecies.

In the book of Deuteronomy, 'From the heavens He let you hear his voice to discipline you; On earth he let you see his great fire; and from amidst that fire you heard his words. Deu 4:36 They responded 'Let us not die, then, for this fearsome fire will consume us; if we hear the voice of the LORD our God any longer, we shall die. For what mortal ever heard the voice of the living God speak out of the fire, as we did, and lived. You go closer, and hear all that the LORD our God says, and then you tell us everything that the LORD our God tells you, and we will willingly do it. Deu 5:22-25. Verses from the Torah translated into English.

Its no coincidence that verse is 5:22 exactly the same as the quatrain from Nostradamus C5.Q22. The next verse foretells the raising up of his prophet. Nostradamus is referring to the voice of the LORD God that comes through his prophet. The one that was predicted to come in the last days of the end times. As we know Moses asked for the blessing of the burning bush to be given to the tribe of Joseph. In other words a descendent of Joseph. He also knew that the prophet that would be raised up would have the skin disease on their arm like himself. The right arm as white as snow, with skin that flakes.

Its no coincidence that on Monday, a friend put this song on, and it is about being raised up. That particular friend of nearly 30 years,  is anti-religion and anti-spirituality. I smiled, she did not know that the song that she liked, was a Christian song based upon the Hebrew scriptures. When I informed her that what we were listening to was a Christian song, she was silent.

Who put yours truly on his chest and shoulder? The LORD our God. It was an amazing experience. How many people have a sacred union with the divine like that? It was cosmic!

Again, 'For this is what you asked of the LORD your God at Horeb on the day of the Assembly, saying,   'Let me not hear the voice of the LORD my God any longer, or see this wondrous fire anymore, lest I die. nor see this great fire anymore, or we will die'. Deu 18:16.

In the words in the scripture above, there is 'heavens', and the word 'wondrous'. Both those words also reappear in Revelation chapter 12, when it speaks of the wondrous woman from heaven. The Rev 12 timeline ended in December 2008, and it overlaps with Micah 4 in regard to daughter ZION. Scripture tells you that she was given her kingship after her return from the USA in May 2008. The USA is mystery babylon mentioned in Rev 17/18. The USA, holds 85% of the new age market.

In this fresco you can see the difference between the Spiritual and the Religious orthodox. 
The religious orthodox were a substitute for the spiritual. 
A substitute that had no qualms about treating children as 'inferior' beings. 
A substitute that had no qualms about harming the indigenous peoples or their children. 

The great fire also arrived in Israel in 2010 after the sign of Jonah arrived earlier that year. 5 million trees burned down on Mount Carmel, after I asked the LORD our God to give proof to the people on my behalf. As we know the fire is also to do with the Spirit of Prophet Elijah, and the assembly sat around the camp fire when I was sent to Israel in May 2006. The Israeli's asked me to wear white. However, I was divinely instructed to wear the pink of the love ambassador. While we were sitting around the fire, one of the Israeli's interrupted, and stopped me from speaking to them. Just like it happened in the time of Moses.

Prior to leaving for the mission to Israel, I was instructed that we were to use our voices to tone our names. How our voices and names were extremely important to the gathering. Each person that attended had a specific name with a specific vibration, that was necessary to create the circle of unity for the gateway opening. Out of all of the people that came, two did not stay for the dawn toning and the words that were delivered to the people that morning. One of the people that did not stay, took this photograph of me, the photographer 'interrupted', although I did not know that this photo was being taken at the time. There were also a few that chose not to stand in a circle, for the ceremony that had been divinely given.

'Elohim's voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding'. Job 37:5.

'With a mighty voice he shouted: "Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal'. Rev 18.2 

After Mary Kennedy was found hanging in the outbuilding in the USA, the Kennedy family spoke about 'Mary's 'demons'. That then coincides with Revelation chapter 18. It mentions the 'unclean' bird, and 'unclean detestable animal',  Robert Kennedy Jnr was certainly that, the Roman Catholic Church filled the people with such things. As we know, in the legend they were going to murder Mary Magdalene due to 'adultery', when will the people be ready for a breakthrough?

In the bible 'uncleanness' is associated with 'bloodshed and conduct that defiles' and is 'offensive' to God.  Ezek: 36:17 Ezek: 39:24. God makes it very clear in the bible that people must not 'pollute the land with bloodshed and defile it.' Num 35:33 The 'defiling' is also to do with 'adultery' and Robert Kennedy Jnr committed 'adultery', with Mary. Mary Kennedy would have known the commandment about 'adultery' and so did Robert Kennedy Jnr. 

Prophet Ezra talks about the 'corruption that pollutes the land.' Ezra 9:11. Its no coincidence that verse number is 9/11. Prophet Isaiah also predicted that destruction of the towers and the Chief  Officer (Obama) taking their money. 

As we know Chicago is famous for its 'mafia style corruption'. Washington and Wall Street is not immune from it either. Hence, why it has embraced Sharia banking, finance and law. This photograph was taken in Chicago. First the Europeans covered the land of the indigenous nations with concrete, now Islam covers it with their symbolism and mosques. Totem poles replaced by Church spires and Islamic minarets. Is it any wonder that Nostradamus warned about the Greater Voice being replaced with a substitute? 


The bible also predicted the meditation and healing that would come. Who gave the Israeli's the sound of the healing voice on CD? Yours truly. Is it a coincidence that in recent weeks the LORD God said 'They have to hear your voice'. Is it a coincidence that this month, he also mentioned the 'The Jews'? 

What have Israel done by substituting the greater voice? As we know, in football there is a 'substitute' if a person has been 'injured', or the team's manager decides its time for a new player to refresh the team. The original team are the first team, the first fruits if you like. A substitute is clearly not as good as the Greater Voice in the Nostradamus prophecy, as such he warns Israel of what's coming upon them for not listening to the word of God, delivered by the one that he sent to help them.

A substitute is a replacement, that replacement can refer to different realities. It can refer to the 'law of man' that replaces the 'law of the Spirit'. However, in the C2.Q22 prophecy he speaks of it in terms of 'weak' people that will leave Europe and go to Israel to live. Hence, the 'weakness of mortal man' compared with the spiritual that truly walk the talk and have done the inner work. 

'Then a voice came from the throne, saying: "Praise our God, all his servants, you who fear him, both great and small!'. Rev 19:5 The Greek word that is translated as God is qeo/v and it is 'Theos', it means 'god', or goddess', its a general name for divinities. Greek Strongs 2316. The book of Revelation informs the people that the one that was victorious and overcome was put in charge of Theos creation. The one that was put upon the throne, given the crown, the name etc.

The word that was translated as 'fear' in Rev 19:5, relates to flight in terms of fleeing.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls, Prophet Isaiah also predicted that only one in a thousand would be able to stand in integrity before Joseph. Hence, they flee from the one that was sent to help them. Plato understood it well, when he said 'You can forgive a child for being afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light'. Recently, I gave that quote as an intervention for Ron Paul, the same applies to yours truly.

Nostradamus wrote about the 'Greater Voice, he also wrote about the 'Great Light' that would come in the third millennium.

This morning the LORD God said 'Not certified'. Indeed. Islam is not certified, and nor is it to substitute the Greater Voice of the LORD our God. The prophet of Islam, never stepped foot on the land of Israel. To be certified, a person has to be registered in the records of Israel. Only those that have flown into Israel physically, are certified by being registered in its records. That is a condition of the biblical prophecies for a true prophet of the Greater Voice. In addition, to being written in its arrival and departure records, the life of the one also has to be documented in the biblical prophecies for the last days of the end times.

Not only in the arrival and departure records of Israel, but also of the USA as well. Due to the mission to the USA being mentioned in Micah 4. They also have to be written in the arrival and departure records in Egypt and Greece. The biblical prophecies inform you that the uprising in Egypt in 2011, was the LORD's testimony for Joseph, and Greece relates to the Prince of Greece in the book of Daniel, as does Michael, M. Mauldin.

In addition, to the above, one has to have received the 'scroll of remembrance' predicted in the scriptures. The scroll of remembrance that I was given, was penned by a spiritual Israeli who attended the gathering on the holy hill in May 2006. I did not know the significance of it when the blessed one gave it to me. However, I do now. The scroll of remembrance also mentions the words 'Joseph' and 'Sophia'.

No substitute will suffice in either Israel or the USA. The LORD God will have the last word due to what is at stake. This is not just about the survival of the Jewish people and Israel, this is about the survival of the human race.

Does the LORD God plan to substitute his blessed ones with the law of man? No. Does he plan to replace yours truly? No.

Turn your hearts to the children and the indigenous peoples who are defending the eco-system of the planet. Praise the LORD God that they exist and he does too. He kept his promise to the spiritually elect, and it is up to them to honor his promise.

As he said 'By the time they find out what we have done. It will be too late for them to change it'. To HE that understands the promise, there is no secret'.




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