Saturday, 26 May 2012


Prophet Isaiah and Prophet Malachi also warned the nations what would happen if they did not do the will of God. The war did come upon Israel in 2006, and so did the fire in 2010. Greece had a biblical plague that same year, and we all know what is happening to Greece and the USA financially. Prophet Isaiah also predicted that the chief officer would take their money. 


This video is about the 'Wisdom Rose' Prophecy and how the people chose war instead of peace. How they chose Obama the 'usurper' in the Dead Sea Scrolls, instead of the fountain of wisdom. Who is the 'interpreter of the law' of the prophets.

Did the Son of God tell Lotus Feet what would happen when she went through the Damascus Gate? No, he let me witness it for myself. She went there with love and joy in her heart, and no expectations. 

Lotus Feet went with open arms, an open heart full of giving love, to the Damascus Gate, in East Jerusalem. To say that she was told that there is no room in the inn by Muslims, is an understatement. She wasn't allowed to step foot in the mosque on the temple mount either. Westerners, and non-Muslims were not welcome. Little do they know, that Prophet Isaiah predicted that the one to come would come from an Island in the West, not Saudi Arabia. 


Rose courtesy of Wikipedia 

Number 73 = Wisdom that leads to the life stream. 


Through the Attic land fountain of wisdom,
At present the rose of the world:
The bridge ruined, and its great pre-eminence
Will be subjected, a wreck amidst the waves.

They didn't understand, and those that did, yet ignored the testimony of warning, had the intentions to see their own nations destroyed. Even my own mother, simply refused to meet me on the bridge of peace. She died two years later, tasting, a terrible, self-inflicted death. May she rest in peace. 


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