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Yesterday, it was appropriate timing for the '529 Conspiracy' video because the day of the 2nd Italian earthquake was the 29th of May, Michael M. Mauldin was also born on the 29th in a different month. Michael lived at number 529 and Nostradamus provided C5.Q29 prophecy about the 'Obamawar'.

There is a loud thunderstorm outside as I am writing this. Loud thunder and lightening. The rains of righteousness are pouring down. Its always the way when the LORD raises his arm up for his legions of light and love. First came the heat of the sun, now the rain to refresh the plants. There is no drought for those that do the will of God. As the Son of God once said to me about the divine work that we were involved in during the early phase of the Rev 12 timeline.

"People that live in their heads instead of their hearts have stolen your work, we are pleased that it is no concern for you, because you know that there is plenty more from whence it comes, victory is yours keep on riding forward, while others are displaced they cannot catch you up". from Sacred Words. 

In 2007, he said 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'.

'529 Conspiracy', 29th of May, 2012.


This video claims that 15 have died. However, I have not seen any updated news reports on the earthquake. It did occur to me today that the quake was a 5.8, I am 58 and 58 divided by 2 is 29 and 29 is 'Grace Under Pressure'.


Hence my age of 58 is double grace under pressure, my son is also 29 years old. When Jordan was six months old, I had to have his father removed by the police, due to him 'terrorizing' me and the baby. Now it is not me being 'terrorized', it is the children of the world, due to what the law of man is doing to our children around the world. The people must turn their hearts to the children for 'Love is not for sale, you cannot buy love'.

In the first video, I mention how I received the first 'threat' when Michael came into my life. At that time, I did not connect the email with him, I have kept a copy of that email in my legal file, just in case. When people you do not know, contact you and 'threaten you', to stay away from a person. You know there is an 'ulterior' motive. Little did they know, that they exposed themselves to me in the words that they had written. The Son of God also warned the people in advance, that they would be judged by their words in this timeline.

Isaiah 58 is about ascension, how the 'light rises in the darkness', it also mentions moving to a sun-scorched land and that is to do with New Jerusalem, and the new holy city of enlightenment. A sun-scorched land is to do with the location that the heavenly Father has chosen in this timeline. I was taken to a sun-scorched land when I was sent to Australia. However, this is the second round trip in a different direction. First she was sent to the South, then to the North, then to the East, the final destination always was the West. However, currently she is sitting on the world axis, she is the moral compass.


No coincidence then that Isaiah 58 mentions the 'Ride of Triumph' for there to be triumph, there has to be a rider. No surprise then that the 'rider' was only two years old when she was standing on a donkey riding bareback along the beach. She also rode on the beach in Spain, and police came to stop her doing what her dad had told her to do, he loved to film her riding. For the rider, it was sheer freedom to ride with the wind in her hair. Oh, how I would love to be able to ride again. Even side-saddle would be wonderful. Although I sense that from now on, it will be horse and carriage. I simply adore horses.

I have no money to get the car back on the road, so if you can donate to help me, please do so. I require at least 400-500 hundred pounds because the government are demanding 200 pounds to get my license back. Then I require an MOT, a new tyre, tax, insurance and a good service for the car.

As far as the 2nd Italian earthquake is concerned. If it is true that 15 have died, then that is to do with Rev 15. Rev 15 is about the seven angels with the seven plagues. It also mentions the temple filled with smoke and that nobody can enter the temple until after the plagues are finished. However, Jesus Christ also predicted that these days will be shortened for the sake of the elect, and if they were not shortened, then nobody would survive at all. Its mentioned in more than one text. It also makes it clear in the Gospel of Peace, that the Son of Man, that he told them would come, would not be himself. 'Son of Man' is simply a term of endearment for a prophet, Ezekiel and Daniel were also called 'Son of Man'.

The LORD God is still waiting to give you his blessings from heaven. However, as the Malachi prophecies convey, there are certain conditions that the people must comply with in this timeline. One of those conditions is that elohim is provided for. Without elohim and its life streams, humanity will not survive on this planet. That is why it is essential that you comply with his instructions that he gave to his true prophets.

The other condition is that the people must turn their hearts to the children. When you do so, it makes him very happy indeed. The LORD God will always put his blessed holy ones first, because he knows that without them, humanity simply will not survive. Only when humanity, truly come to understand this, will they be able turn the tide.

I do hope that you found what Nostradamus termed as 'finding the gold in the milk'.

Love beyond measure


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