Monday, 7 May 2012

Canadian Genocide - Church and State Cover-Up

Well we all saw the jaunt of William and Kate to Canada and the wonderful time that they had celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. We have also seen how the Duchess of Cambridge has been made patron of the Hospice of dying children. Are they joking or just setting Kate up for the fall like they did William's mother before her? Princess Diana our Queen of Hearts.

You can be sure that while William and Kate were in Canada having a lovely time, they did not throw this picture on the table and ask why this happened to the indigenous children in Canada. Does William even ask his Father or better still his grandmother? Would his mother not have taken up this case in defiance of the British monarchy, that have been co-creators of it as head of the commonwealth?

Am I surprised that after Kevin Annett from Canada brought this truth to the world, he was refused entry at Stansted Airport in 2011 and deported. Why have we not seen this story all over the newspapers in the UK?

Oh, would it upset Elizabeth II and her Diamond jubilee?

The Hidden History - The Canadian Holocaust

An Indian child with small pox 

This is from an interview that Kevin did for Heyokamagazine, photograph courtesy of them as well. 

HM: In the film you show how biological warfare was used like smallpox and tuberculosis on the Natives. Do you know what year these biological agents were first used on the children in the residential schools.
Kevin Annett:  As early as the 1860's on the west coast, 1740's on the east coast. Smallpox was used long before the residential schools, but tuberculosis was used as the main weapon in the schools.

HM: Did you ever find out who and why these German doctors were conducting  experiments on the children in 1939?

Kevin Annett:  It was connected to a joint research agreement between Canada and Nazi Germany that continued after World War II thru Project Paperclip.

HM: What is this Canadian Indian Act about and is it still in affect in any way? [1] 



Anonymous said...

Watch out for this guy. Kevin Annett is a con-artist. Read this story, and make sure you read the comments...

Eliakim said...

I have read the comments and I have read about you Greg. Would I trust a man like Greg with your background? Certainly not.

Unlike you Greg, Kevin didn't have a corporate and business background. I am sure character assassination and all the rest did not occur to him when he first went into the Church to serve the community. It is also clear from the film that he did not anticipate what he found inside the Church or what he found to be related to it.

This didn't all begin now. As far as I can see his involvement has been for at least 15 years.

Is it positive that an ex-Church member is standing against the Roman Catholic Church? Yes.

Is it positive that he gave the Indians a voice? Yes.

The rest is between him and the people that he supports, and no business of yours.

When I come across people like you Greg, that go out of their way to 'crucify' a person that has already suffered enough, alarm bells go off. Especially as you even went to the effort to make a post on my blog. Furthermore, I have had enough of the 'witch hunts' and 'gang mentality', from North Americans in the last five years, enough to last me a lifetime.

After all these years, for goodness sake give the man a break. If there is anyone with issues let them sort it out between themselves.