Wednesday, 23 May 2012


As this is a five year, I took a look at the other numeric 22 prophecies. This one feels important due to it being for the same area as the recent earthquake. It mentions the great one giving up the ghost at Rome, and an ambush at Parma that is near Milan. It is C5.Q22. May is the fifth month in this five year, still in the eclipse energies. After the video was finished, it reminded me of the dream that I had about the indigenous Indian man that did not leave the freezer. David Cameron also appeared in the dream and as we know on the 20th of May there was a meeting in the USA of world leaders.

In this Rome & Parma prophecy, it ends with two reds celebrating, and as we know the 'reds' are symbolic of the communists. Parma is also twinned with a town in China and Hungary.

The freezer reminds me of the biblical prophecy of 'love growing cold' in this timeline. That is certainly how one could feel about the people that bombed the school in that area.

It no coincidence that the song with the video mentions the North wind because prophet Daniel also spoke of the King of the North. Although in my reality, in the sacred direction of the North is to do with healing.

Here is the link to the English and French translations of the prophecy for your consideration.

Forewarned is forearmed. The quatrain is also 5.22. Five is the number of physical manifestation, and 22 is to do with the divine feminine. I have been given a direct message about the cold as well. The LORD gave me 'ICE CAPS 22'. If the ice caps went in Italy in 2020 or 2022, there would certainly be a lot to contend with.

As we know what is known as the boot of Italy, as water on both sides. Best you make sure that you are in a safe place. Listen to your hearts, and take heed of the messages that you receive. The earthquake was a major warning.

Love beyond measure


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