Friday, 11 May 2012

God said 'THE JEWS'

Last night while I was bathing, God said 'The JEWS', he didn't sound very happy, so what is going on with the Jewish people? Jewish people have stayed away from an annual festival in Tunisa due to warnings received. Apparently, in January while Islamists were greeting a Palestinian delegation at the airport they chanted 'kill the Jews'.

Tunisa has one of the largest and oldest Jewish communities in North Africa. Although the numbers are less than 1,800. [1] The number 18 also relates to Rev 18, the USA and its corporations/organizations.

In the blogosphere, there is also an article titled 'Jews talk community. Christians talk faith'. Of course the writer is talking about evangelical Christians. So let's see what Lee Wunsch is talking about. Lee states that to many Jews, their identity as Jews is tied to their attachment to organizations, and, as such, their faith has become "civil Judaism".

He also states that the Christian faith is 'played out in churches and in their daily lives'. I am pleased he added the word 'evangelical' at the start of the article because there are a mass of Christians that don't go to Church, yet, they are involved in community, NGO's and fund raising for charities. There is a mass of Christians that now call themselves Spiritual, yet, the Christ teachings of goodness are embedded within them and activated unconsciously.

People are given divine experiences to share with others; as testimony and to show others how God is working in our lives. The fact, that Lee infers that the Jewish people don't do that is probably due to the nature of the rabbinical leaders that have controlled most aspects of their reality, especially in Israel.

One has to bear in mind that the Jewish people were not even allowed to say God's name. Why is that? Oppression and suppression. Jewish people must seek within on a day when Ethiopians are campaigning against 'racism' that they are experiencing in Israel. Come and speak to me about community when that is resolved, and then we might have something to discuss.

Otherwise Jewish people like Lee, and their 'community' speech is nothing more than 'rendering over the cracks' that are deep and wide.  "If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal." I Corinthians 13:1 

How deep is your love Lee? Is it as deep as the ocean and as tall as tree? 

Spirituality is growing at an incredible rate in Israel, and the healing community face the same issues that everyone else is facing in every other Western nation, including poverty on their own soil. Come and speak to me about community Lee, when there is no poverty in Israel.

'Praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals'. Psalm 150:5. In effect, Lee is putting community above praising the LORD. I appreciate that there is a time and a place for it, this blog is such a place. Some people write songs, some write poetry, others go to Church, some create films or symphonies, every one praises God in their way. Life is a miracle, and there are no miracles without the involvement of our Creator. 

Jewish people love their traditions and festivals; and we all know what the bible says about them. So what is it, that really makes a person Jewish? To have Jewish blood running in their veins like I do? Would I say that I have Christian blood as well? Fact is, the blood of the nations is all the same color. 

How archaic is it for the Jewish ultra orthodox to only accept a person if they come from a Jewish mother? How 'cruel' is it, that the the Jewish people still circumcise children due to a tradition built upon 'faith'? Cuts that run deep and impact on the genetics of the child and future generations. Resolve that one Lee, because the Jewish people carry a heavy karma due to what they have done to their own children and the generations that followed. Exodus gave a mighty warning about the deeds of the Fathers, and how it impacts on 3-4 generations. 

The article came across as trying to see eye to eye, and where different people are coming from. Try telling that to ultra orthodox men that hide their faces behind books and papers, and won't even give a blessed visitor directions in Jerusalem. 

However, you are correct about the Christians getting organized. In the UK they tend to be much more fragmented than the Christian community in the USA.  In the UK, 'belief' is often something that is private and not discussed at all. Although that is changing due to the sheer impact that Islam is having on the countries in Europe. 



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