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William 'Under Baggage' Lakotah

In the last post we shared about the messages to do with the 'Five Kings and the Lord of the Breakthrough'. This morning at dawn I had a lucid dream, there was a man and he was close to the government. He did not speak to me, he just played a romantic love song to me, that I feel was from a London musical. He played the song over and over, and I listened to it intently. In the dream I knew the song and the tune, when I came back into awake consciousness,  I could not remember the name of the song so that I could share it with you. Although I have taken a look to find it.

Then David Cameron came into the room and I was speaking to him about his journey, where he has been and where he is going. I told David that he would be successful with the word, and how important the 'word' is. I spoke to him about health and the health of the nation and its children, I reminded him of the work that I had been commissioned to do with the underprivileged families and how successful it was.

I also told him that when his political career was over, he should become a writer, an author. David listened intently to what I was saying to him, and he was happy.

Then the other man and I left together, we got into a lift together, the lift was shown to be a freezer, and I got out of the big freezer and he remained inside it, in a box in the freezer. Then the door of the freezer would not close and it was bursting out with frozen food. A lady came to look at it, and what we could do about the freezer, so that we could close the door. Then the dream ended with the door of the freezer left open.

When I went to youtube a video had been uploaded of a Lakotah elder with the name of 'William Under Baggage' he speaks of his people, their language, culture, their sun dances, their prayers for good health for themselves and their people, for all of you. 'William Under Baggage' has diabetes and William was the man that I saw in the dream this morning. He also mentions how he has travelled to meet up with the Mayans, and unite with them in their struggle to defend their land. He mentions White Buffalo Woman and how she came with her peace pipe and taught them how to communicate with the Creator.

The Creator does hear their prayers, and he did send a woman again to help them with their communication. However, when I went to the Lakotah forum, the Indian men rejected the help that the sweet Lord of Breakthrough was offering them earlier this year. That did not deter me, I still hold them and their nation in my heart, and will continue to address what is required to be addressed by them here.
In the will of the Creator, let them find and read this information that is specifically posted for them.


1. William's Lakotah name means ''Carrying the burden'. The first thing that this spiritual elder advises him to do is ask the divine to give him a new name. Words are incredibly powerful, each word has a vibrational frequency, each name carries its own frequency and intention in the cosmos. It is imperative that his name is changed. When people evolve spiritually, they are given a new name by the divine, a divine name that is different to the name given at birth. With each level of growth and development, the name of a spiritual person changes in line with their state of being and what that state of being is to do.

The fact that William has the name 'Carrying the burden' means that he is 'carrying the burden', not only of his own dis-ease but also that of his people. The 'iniquities' of others have impacted on him, his name volunteered him to carry it. The word 'baggage' also relates to 'emotional baggage', it indicates that there is inner healing work to be done. His own words tell me that his soul has carried this 'baggage' through many life times; and it is time to heal it and release it once and for all. To break the never ending cycle and have a breakthrough celebration.

2. Diabetes, the metaphysics to do with the root causes of this condition is do with 'Longing for what might have been', in other words it is related to 'regrets in life'. 'A great need to control', 'Deep Sorrow', 'No sweetness left'.

Control is to do with an energetic blockage in the solar plexus that is in the divine shrine within. Many men from ancient traditions, many indians from different nations have an issue with 'control'. Hence, Indians have also been developing stomach ulcers and cancers due to them simply not 'letting go' of 'control' of their women and children. The women and children are arising for equality with the men, to be honored as sacred co-creators.

I understand the 'deep sorrow' that the indians feel. However, it is essential that they heal it, because their emotions are impacting on their own health and the health of their people. The deeds of the fathers impact on at least 3-4 generations. Disease shape shifts across the generations, so healing for the Lakotah is a top priority.

Reiki healing practitioners have had some success with students with diabetes including myself. We have found that when a person did a Reiki healing training course, they required less insulin. After receiving a treatment people have also found that they experience high blood sugars. So it is important that the Reiki Master teacher is prepared in advance; as well as the student that the Reiki healing will impact on their blood.  In 1989, a paper was published in the 'Journal of Holistic Nursing' that Reiki treatments increased the hemoglobin by at least 28%. [2]

I have also found it to be incredibly powerful, with breathing diseases and lung conditions. I was blessed to experience a few miracles with Reiki. Every Indian reservation should have an Indian trained in Reiki to help its people to heal in its love energy.

Does dancing heal a person? Dancing releases tension and reduces stress levels, it is an energetic release. It is also about movement and the movement of the energy. However, it has not been proven to me, that dance heals the the root causes of the core issues of disease.  That takes serious inner healing work and self-realizations. It is written that Christ said 'When you know how to suffer, then you know how not to suffer'. Even suffering can have a reason for being to help your people not to experience it.

As we know there is a song called 'Lord of the Dance' and dance is part of every indigenous culture. Yes, dance is to do with freedom and freedom to move, it is a creative expression of the reality in which you live. It is your soul's singing to you that I was born free, a reminder that it is the dance of your soul with divinity, and the planet on which you live. The Spirit and the Soul dance together until the day comes; when you have purified your souls and can merge with the perfect Spirit.

I mentioned the 'sweetness' to do with the diabetes, and that can be to do with the honey of wisdom that their people lack. Sweetness is also to do with children, and he has a sweet down syndrome child. The down syndrome children come to teach people unconditional love, their love is beyond measure and love can be very sweet indeed. However, during the Rev 12 timeline, the Son of God advised me, and he said 'Some have some sour taste buds and not a sweet tooth'. from Sacred Words

In other words, some people did not have the taste buds for the sweet teachings of wisdom, that I had been sent to deliver at that time. Some were not ready for the light of love beyond measure. Hence why some of the Angels stood against me and did not wish to embrace that which could help them at that time. However, I found his words of wisdom profound, it was all about taste buds and what people like to consume.

In the dream that I had this morning of the man in the video, he stayed in the freezer, he stayed in the cold instead of leaving it with me. He knows in his heart that he is not meant to stay in the cold, my advice to him. Is listen to the warmth of your heart felt messages, let them guide you home to live in a warm place. Let your heart and body truly return to the Sun for the sun of righteousness is indeed here and you will arise with healing in your rays. Spiritual alchemy includes communication, and how you communicate, it is all about the art of communication, and the communication that comes out of your hearts.

In my experience of speaking to a female Lakotah, they have taught their children that other people are 'liars'. I ask the elders, was this a blessing to your children? Russell Means taught his people that the English language is the language of 'deceit', is that a blessing to your children when they are all speak a form of English? 'Liars' and 'deceit' are words that are coming out of the hearts of your people and who put those words there? Seek within and to heal it. Did I teach my son such things when he was a child? Of course not, I taught him that his happiness was most important, and that good health is the greatest wealth.

Most important that the Indians count their blessings, for they are blessed in so many ways.

My advice to William 'Under Baggage' is return to your people, the Mayans. Return for the healing remedies and to the medicine mountain where they can be found. Your people were told back in 1997 that the Lady would come, she is indeed here as prescribed in the texts of many nations and cultures. She is speaking to you right here and now, you truly can heal yourselves with the right help. A few keys of David to help you to make a breakthrough can be given to you, if you are open to receive them.

I have been blessed with the keys of the beloved, and the door is open for you if you wish to leave the cold where people live on frozen food.

Love beyond measure


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