Friday, 11 May 2012

Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger the 'Pagan'.

Well we are having a field day today. After reviewing some more Catholic prophecies it seems that the Catholic view of the events of the last days of the end times is different to others. However, this post is about Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, who wrote a book titled 'The Promise'. While I was reading what this man had written, the heavenly Father said 'Their fate is sealed'.

This is a response to his blog on what he terms the 'Jewish Church' and in the post he mentions the 'pagans'. The original meaning of the word pagan meant 'peasants'. The people that lived on the land like the indigenous peoples live on the land and in the rain forests. The word 'Pagan' has orthodox Christians relate the word in context today, usually applies to spiritual people. However, there are no greater pagans in a Christian orthodox sense, then people like Jean-Marie.  Due to most of their festivals being based upon pagan ones. In addition, to the fact, they built most of the Churches on top of what they refer as pagan temples.

Yet, they have the audacity to speak with Catholic authority to Israel that does not have a temple. The so-called Cardinal wrote the following as well.

"The fact that this church of Jerusalem was to survive only until the sixth century is one of history's great mysteries and may well be a great spiritual tragedy-whose final outcome remains hidden. For this matter the separation of the church into Eastern and Western branches, cannot be considered settled. These mysteries are a part of the wounds, the sins, that we must acknowledge..."
Why does the Catholic Church like the word 'sins' so much? Is it because it has to own it? Why is the end of the Jerusalem church such a mystery to the Catholic Church? Isn't that the time when Islam started moving in? Isn't that what Prophet Daniel predicted would happen? Check out your timelines folks, it all fits together. If you require a copy of the timeline then please feel free to ask. I wrote a paper on it, although it is posted on this blog. 
How about the fact that the New Testament told the followers of Jesus not to build upon his foundations with building materials? Why did Rome ignore that? The 'spiritual tragedy', is that they built the Catholic Church in the first place. The original word for 'Church' did not mean religious building, it meant community. An ecological, self-sustainable community where people live together in equality and harmony. A community of healers, mystics, spiritual people that lived and worked together in unity and peace like the Essenes. 
The Romans promised the indigenous peoples of Europe equality with the Lords and Kings that ruled over them. That was one of the reasons that the peasants in Europe were willing to become a Christian. Rome gave them the bait of equality with the rich, and the fish took the hook. Before they knew what had happened, the fish had been swallowed by Rome. The rest fought hard to defend their lands and many died under the sword of the Roman army. Including the ICENI Queen Boudica. Thank goodness for King Henry VIII for kicking out the Pope from England.  Thank goodness for Queen Elizabeth I for defending this blessed land of Joseph against the Catholic Church. 
Wherever the Roman Church went, violence followed it. Now we see a repeat performance with Islam. No surprise then that both the Catholic Church and Islam were involved in WW2 and the holocaust of the Jewish people. 
Teshuvah Jean-Marie, teshuvah, as the Son of God would say to you 'Trample your garments of pride under your feet'. The Church of Rome and its 'Crimes against humanity' are catching up with you. 

I can smell talcum powder.


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