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Following on from the news that 887 dolphins have died in Peru, 887 is the gematria value of 'Righteousness Gateway'. There is a report of a crop circle found at Bracciano, Bertinoro in Italy.

The report states that it arrived on the 21st of May, 2012. 21st of May is the 'Day of Vision', it was also the day of the recent solar eclipse in the Far East.

I have selected this particular crop circle pic to feature; due to the fact that you can clearly see a key featured in it. In the head of the key you can also see an ancient pictograph symbol that was the letter QUPH. The common theme of the letter is of a circle, revolution, the sun on the horizon. The light gathers at the sun when it is on the horizon. [2]Its also like the Greek symbol for the Phi.

It became the letter Q for Queen and Quatrain, and there were many quatrains from Nostradamus about the Queen that was destined to come. In the biblical prophecies she is the wondrous woman from heaven in Rev 12, Wisdom in Rev 13, and Daughter ZION/daughter Jerusalem in Micah 4.

Prophet Hosea spoke of her in terms of righteousness and faithfulness. King David delivered the revelation that the instrument of the LORD, the 'Harp of Faithfulness' would come at night time, and the Psalms also refer to her as the Royal Bride that was gifted with the golden gown. All of that is truth.


We gathered in Florence Italy for the first harmonic concordance in November 2003, following divine instructions. It was a beautiful sunny day like today. Blue skies and wonderful sunshine. An Israeli, Italians and I carried out sacred ceremony on the river arno that day. In English, Hebrew and Italian. When I returned to England and wrote the report of the wonderful events that day, I wrote about what we saw happen in the water; after we had blessed it. This crop circle reminds me of that blessed day.

This is from the original report.

"The morning of the Harmonic Epiphany the sun was shining brightly and the sky was blue and clear, we were truly blessed with a beautiful warm day in which to carry out the Epiphany sacred ceremony, in celebration of the Harmonic Concordance. Our group were a mystical seven, we walked to a special place on the River Arno where our friend Rom from Israel had been praying for two days in preparation for the event.

We meditated, blessed the waters in our bodies and one of the group had their very first mystical experience with Archangel Gabriel. Rom then carried out a Jewish ceremony with bread and wine bringing together the male and feminine aspects of polarity, we ate the bread covered in red wine prior to blessing the spring water that we were about to pour into the River Arno into oneness.

We stood a good few metres apart throwing the blessed waters into the river, we then blessed the river and sent in healing energy through our eyes of love, beaming energy from our hands and we used the harmonic sound of our voices to express words of gratitude, love, prayer and positive affirmations, in English, Italian and Hebrew.

When we had finished something incredible happened, it was as if, all of the divine love that was in the water congregated in one spot, we stood there silently watching this love energy create a complete sphere in the water and then, sphere after sphere circulated and rippled out from the centre, spreading the love in all directions of the River Arno.

On witnessing this extraordinary experience our hearts expanded even more, and we connected like never before that day, the group and the river became one unifying our vibrational frequencies and transcending through the power of love.

The rest of the day we fed and drank from the spiritual truths that we shared finding completion long after sunset. A day of love, discovery, joy and humour was the blessing for us all, new contacts and friends, young people inspired to continue to bless the waters of Italy until we meet again.'

Picture courtesy of Crop Circle Connector 


It also reminds me of Fibonacci and the day of the crop circle was a fibonacci number, as we know we are also in the 21st century, a fibonacci century.  55 is a fibonacci number and that relates to the 'Enlightenment gateway' in India on the 5th of May, 2012. 144, a fibonacci number, and as we know the 144,000 relates to Rev 14 and the building of New Jerusalem. The Holy City of enlightenment, predicted to come by Prophet Isaiah. 

This crop circle is calling the Italians to pay attention to the KEY and the Key relates to the Key of David, that was given to ELIAKIM. 

In the past we have shared with people about how the Greeks have forgotten about their sacred geometry, and this crop circle is calling the Italians to understand the fibonacci sequence and what it means to this century timeline. Fibonacci, Leonardo of Pisa, no surprise then that I was divinely instructed to go to Florence for the event in 2003. This century is a culmination of previous events, and in particular the year that ended in the numbers that relate to the Fibonacci sequence. 

For instance; in the 20th century years ending in the fibonacci numbers will be impacting on now. So you might like to ponder upon the impact of those events and how they relate to you and your own lives. For instance 13 is a key number for me because it is the date of my birth, I was 34 when my hero (dad) died, 1989 was the year that I launched a new business. That brought forth the manifestation of the one from the root of Jesse that is featured in the Michelangelo Jesse Fresco in the Vatican. 

It also brought forth the skilled writer that was predicted in the biblical prophecies. If that business had not come to be, I may never have started to write, let alone, write professionally. Due to the last recession in the UK, I was forced into it; to save on outside costs of hiring copywriters. I simply could not afford to pay them. I had no choice, my back was against the wall.

In the beginning, I had to mentor myself into doing it with positive affirmations. Bear in mind there was no academic training, and I was taken out of school at the age of 15. My life was based upon experience of it, not theory of it. 

The confidence came in the new reality,  once I could simply apply myself to the new reality with  willingness to be flexible and adapt to changing life circumstances. Miracles can truly happen when people are prepared to stretch themselves beyond their perceived limitations; and embrace a changing environment with both hands with an open mind and heart. Being creative and innovative; can be truly exhilarating, when people are prepared to expand their horizon and worldview. People are born to be creators, co-creators and creative in their views, thoughts, words and deeds. 

When I was 55, it was the appointed time for the herald to run with the Prophet Habakkuk prophecy about Islam. That is coming up again today for the 'interpreter of the law', due to Qatar and what they are doing financially in Europe at this time. They are now buying into Total and Shell. This year, 2012 is also a five year, a year of physical manifestation. 2003 was a five year as well. Hence, what took place in 2003, is impacting on what is taking place in 2012. Please see the video above.

The past creates the present, and the present creates the future. Nostradamus wrote about the present in terms of the sacred Rose that he predicted would come. Rose is also symbolic of wisdom, beauty, love and the heavenly. 

This crop circle is asking you all to look at the sequence of your lives, and what brought you to this point in time. How the Fibonacci numbers are connected to that and what it means to you, what it is trying to show you about the physics of the cosmos, and the rose within you. Have you grown beyond its thorns and blossomed into the perfect fragrance of God's creation? It makes perfect sense that our Creator would send you a beautiful flower for you to be able to hold in your hands. Every petal with its own story, and view of creation on a vibrational level for healing the nations.

A flower that you could love and cherish, one that you could smell to enliven all of your senses. One that was a picture of good health and well-being, prior to the rose dying and becoming something else for his divine purpose. Life and the journey cannot stand still, it is constantly evolving, and change is the only constant in the cosmos. Humanity are not good at accepting change and new realities, due to children not being taught how important change is to their progress; to reaching their potentiality of moving from being to becoming a sacred divine being. 

'Creation evolves and evolution creates' from Sacred Words

This is a wonderful video about the nature of the sequence, divine love feeds the soul and Jesus Christ informed his followers that nature is the holy scroll. He was telling them that nature holds the keys to the physics of the cosmos. 

In my experience when people understand the importance of their own lives, their divine purpose and nature, they then come to know the physics of the cosmos with divine help. 

It is the sacred union with the divine. 


2. Ancient Hebrew Lexicon, Jeff Benner 

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