Friday, 25 May 2012


This video of the Italian crop circles was provided by the artist John Scott. The first one appeared on the 5th of May, 2012 at Salo in Italy. John Scott provides you with his view of it and why it is important.

John provided this text with his video.

"The crop circle phenomena is growing depending on how we learn to listen to forms of communication. The propensity for crop circles to be sacred geometry seems to be changing. This chaos depicted in the fields is akin to chaos within order, there is a pattern to this unfoldment but one has see previous narrative which led up to these latest formations. There have been about 6 or 7 crop formations using the flooding theme of water. This reflects ancient rebirth rites of which we all now have to go through irrespective of beliefs." 

My response to him and those that view it is this: 

5th of May was global VESAKHA DAY and the gateway of enlightenment in India. 5th of May was the 'Day of Awakening'. Salt, Ripi and Atlantis are linked and to why it happened. The next transit is Saturn in Scorpio and that relates to relationships, sexuality, and the spiritual law that pertains to it. It begins in October. In addition, the Vatican and its members are going to be decloaked. 

You are probably aware of the school bomb and the earthquake in the Northern Region of Italy, since these Italian crops arrived. Atlantis also sank and Italy is going down the pan. See the Rome and Parma prophecy from Nostradamus. The water is to do with Shiloah in the book of Genesis and the person that holds the sceptre, it certainly is not the Vatican or Rome. Prophet Isaiah knew that she would be born on an Island. 

20 million also face the possibility of famine in Islamic Senegal. The judgement is to do with the cattle was also highlighted by Nostradamus in the 'Sun 20' Prophecy when he mentioned Taurus the Bull. NASA informed us that the moons descending node during the recent annular solar eclipse, was descending in Taurus. It was also a gemini moon and that is to do with communication and what is communicated. As we know the moon also impacts on the tides, although it has no light of its own. 

The wondrous woman from heaven also has the moon under her feet. Rev 12. 

23 is the numeric of the 'Royal Star of the Lion'. Nostradamus. See our recent prophecy videos.

In the video, at about 13.0, John mentions a film that was made about four Italian men,  and the film is titled 'SALO, or the 120 Days of Sodom'. It was released in 1975, written and directed by Italian film director, 'Pier Paulo Pasolini'. 1975, was the start of the last days of the end times based upon the prophet Daniel timeline. 

The film that is based upon a book; includes 'graphic violence, sadism, and sexual depravity', the director was murdered after it was released. Please see the source link for more information.ò,_or_the_120_Days_of_Sodom

John also provided the following credits. 

Thanks to crop circle connector for providing photos

Thanks to Andreas Muller for his photos of the splash down effects in the crop.



Eliakim said...

Following on from the 'SALO Italy Crop Circle and Film' post. There is news from the Vatican.

The Pope's Butler is being questioned over the 'Vatican Leaks' [1] and the Chief of the Vatican Bank has been dismissed. [2]


MrMassi said...

Salve, mi chiamo Massimiliano, il video dei crop circle l'ho girato e fotografato io..
Io ho visto e toccato di persona quel grano, ho un amico che dovrebbe sorvolare la zone, abbiamo scoperto che 100 metri piu avanti dovrebbe esserci un altro segno..
Cmq la data esatta dell'accaduto è il 20/05/20012, stesso giorno del terremoto..
Collego il vaticano collego il terremoto ma non troppo la bomba, e assolutamente no sodoma e pasolini.
A mio parere il segno che ho visto assomiglia ad una mappa che sto cercando di capire ma servirebbo foto dall'alto..
un altro collegamento con la data la ritrovo con l'allineamento Sole, Pleiadi e Terra pre detta dai Maya.
La zona i primi 2 giorni mi dicono che è stata chiusa da gente che parlava la lingua inglese e avevano macchine scure..
vi invito a tradurre e leggere questo articolo
Grazie e apresto