Monday, 14 May 2012


Yesterday, I listened to Rand Paul from the USA speak about the 'depravation' in the USA. How many of the moral issues that are like a 'plague' in its society and culture, is not for politicians to decide by creating even more laws. Rand spoke a lot of sense, and he is right that man-made laws do not help the people or the community to grow in the right way.

Western cultures are faced with cultural issues and also what is being termed today in the UK press as 'Cultural baggage' that has arrived on our shores from other lands. When others arrived from Islamic countries, they brought their cultural 'baggage' from their cultures with them. This then influenced the children of these lands, and it impacted on their job prospects and futures. One police officer also told me that 'gun crime' was exported from the USA to the UK. When I was a child there was no knife crime either. Although there was known to be some violence in a few areas were there were well known crime gangs, the east end of London being one of those places, in those days.

Paul raised an important point about the fact that there are politicians; then there are spiritual leaders. He imparted that there is a requirement for strong spiritual leadership in addition to political leadership. He saw them as being two different realities, and that deep seated issues that America faces within its communities requires spiritual leadership with solutions to the moral issues. Spiritual leaders that can offer the guidance that the communities require.

It is clear to me, that those spiritual leaders are not religious leaders, the religious leaders have had plenty of time to get it sorted and have not done so. In fact, what many religious leaders in the USA have done is actually driven the children into 'depravation', and 'disease', due to their 'orthodoxy', and 'rigidity'.

Unfortunately, many American religious leaders 'chased the money' instead of following the true love of the real Christ teachings. Hence, why in this time line many of them are being 'cut off' as the Zechariah prophecy predicts. If I had a pound for every time I saw an American write 'follow the money', or see them write about money, I would be rich. In fact, that is the first thing that hits you when you arrive at New York airport, books about money and financial success everywhere.

Rand Paul and his father, Ron Paul speak the truth. They have a powerful message that David Cameron and his government should listen to as well. Today, in the news Cameron's government is now going ahead with its plans to cut benefits to people who are disabled. If a person has lost a limb, they are going to be forced to work. There was also a case where a lady with cancer had her benefits 'cut off' by the governments 'henchmen' and died months later. The last thing that a person with serious health issues requires is financial pressure as well. Financial issues and pressure also contribute to ill-health, and can in its extreme co-create disease due to the power of emotion on the body and its energetic system. This is a serious moral issue, that governments and politicians are not equipped, or spiritually evolved enough to resolve.

Does Cameron's government have a spiritual moral compass? No. They have let the rich get off scott free, while the suffering of the poor has increased and will continue to do so. Once again, the poor are having to pay for what previous governments have done without recourse. Politicians do not batter an eye-lid at bringing in laws and measures that will reduce this land of Joseph to the levels of 'depravation' that the USA has suffered for decades. Levels not seen or witnessed in the UK since WW2. When you have an unhappy nation, 'addiction' and 'disease' is the result. As such, it just compounds the financial issues further.

When I was young, I always had a choice of jobs offered to me at the same time. These days children the same age apply for 500 jobs, and do not even get a single interview. What does the government think that does for the self-esteem of young men? What does the government understand about forcing young men to do jobs that they do not wish to do? The self-esteem of the children in the UK was at a high level. However, it is decreasing every year, due to the lack of a future and prospects.

How would politicians feel if their children told them that they do not wish to bring children into this world? The world that the politicians have co-created for our children, reduces them to nothing but a number that can be taxed to the hilt till the day that they die. Of course that is if they can find a job. Some families have never worked due to high unemployment in some areas of the UK.

People say that you can tell how civilized a nation is by how well they treat the children and animals. Well I will add that you can tell how civilized a nation is by how well they treat the disabled. Duncan Smith should be imprisoned for 'crimes against humanity'.

The MP's are no better, they simple repeat the same rhetoric that civil servants give them, it is nothing but being fobbed off with the same 'excuses' for their actions that are against the poor in every way that they turn.

Rand Paul is correct, there is a 'moral crisis' and that is because most of the nations are ruled by people that were born with silver spoons in their mouths. As such, they do not understand that there is a spiritual global crisis, and it is forcing people to become anti-establishment. Just like Jesus Christ was anti-establishment, anti-rich and wealthy. He informed the rich that they could not enter the kingdom of heaven due to their attachment to their wealth. In other words they wouldn't share it with the poor, or with him, a man that lived in a spiritual community of healers.

My heart goes out to disabled people who are being forced to go in the wheelchairs, or stand before doctors that have become prosecutors of them. Doctors for hire, paid for by the highest bidder; to ensure that the rich and wealthy can continue to live in the manner in which they have become accustomed.

How many more homeless people on the streets will it take before the conservatives understand that mercy is essential? Will it take people committing suicide in public like in Greece; to shame the rich of this country?  How about the Buddhist nuns and monks setting fire to themselves due to the oppression by China?

I have witnessed no mercy and compassion from this conservative government, and I can assure you that they will pay the price at the next election. They seem to forget that the people without money to spare, outnumber the people with a lot of money.

Taking money from the poor, is not the solution to get people into the workplace, when there is no jobs for the young healthy people, let alone those that are disabled. The Cameron-Clegg coalition has brought shame upon this country and its people. First with the war against Libya, then with what it has done to the welfare state and the NHS.

Why pay taxes and national insurance all of your working life, only to find that when you seriously require help, that help is simply not there for you? Why should the poor pay for the civil servants and for doctors to have state pensions in excess of £50,000 a year?

Here is the moral compass, a doctors pension should be no different to the pension of anyone else. The same with the military and the teachers. Why should public sector workers receive anymore than anyone else? Pray tell me why public sector workers gain so much on retirement from the tax-payer?

Do you know why? The Labour Party depended on unions to support it financially, and with its block votes. The governments also gave the workforce the bait of job security and pensions if they went into the public sector instead of the private sector. So does the public sector attract the right people for the right reasons? Or are they only there for job security and pensions? Ponder upon it!

Our cultures require a serious change of heart, if they are to survive what is coming upon them, due to what successive governments have done. As the bible states, those that showed no mercy will be given none. Is it any surprise that over 40% of British people wish to leave the country where they were born? Good hard-working people are being driven out of this country, due to what governments have done in the last 30 years. Yet, the people have no recourse, where is the justice system? Of course, they're all in bed with each other. So it is left to the people to take their power back from the institutions that the UK became, or watch it sink into the abyss like America.

When the people stop caring about the conditions of the poor, then the poor stop caring about themselves. Then crime becomes rife, due to cities that are riddled with poverty. The children set fire to the cities in 2011, yet, you still did not get the message, it was a prophecy waiting to happen.


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