Monday, 7 May 2012

River goddess documentary

Following the India gateway on 555, good to share some Indian culture. The river of the divine feminine that is life sustaining. Humanity cannot exist without water. Hence, India has stayed close to its ancient ways of being connected to nature and its environment. As we know the river Nile was also very important to the Egyptians as well. People always liked to live close to the water.

No surprise then that the bible mentions the rivers and streams in relation to the location of New Jerusalem and where the new holy city shall be built. The LORD has chosen a sacred river in the location of his choosing, in the West. He has chosen the West because the place of his choosing is untainted by bloodshed. The direction of the West is also the direction of peace. No surprise then that since 2000, I live on the South West side of our town. The South being to do with the Queen of the South, it is the direction of the prophets. Hence, the South West is 'Prophet Peace'.

From the beginning there was always the river, 'A river watering the garden flowed from Eden'. Genesis 2:10 The documentary above mentions the cows that give the water, the cows and the river also mentioned in the book of Genesis. 'When out of the river there came up seven cows, fat and sleek, and they grazed among the reeds'. Genesis 41:8

Psalm 36 speaks of the 'River of delights', in Psalm 46, 'There is a river whose streams make glad the city of elohiym, the holy place where the most high dwells.' Psalm 98:8, 'Let the rivers clap their hands, let the mountains sing together for joy'. Psalm 105:42, 'He opened the rock, and water gushed out; it flowed like a river in the desert'. Interesting that the White Stone that I was given split into two, I have positioned both sides together, and have not stuck them together.

Song of Songs, 8:7, 'Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away'. Indeed that was proven in the Rev 12 timeline, and following it. The Lute of Lovingkindness was correct, 'Wisdom will be proven right by her actions'. He knew that wisdom would be ready, when she was called to do the count in Rev 13.

Isaiah 18:2, 'Go swift messengers, to a people tall and smooth skinned'. 'The land is divided by rivers'.

Isaiah 43:2, 'When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.'

In Isaiah 66, the LORD speaks with great affection. 'I will extend peace to HER like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream. You will nurse and be carried on her arm, dandled on her knees'.

No surprise then that Prophet Ezekiel saw water coming from the threshold of the temple. I remember in 2010 I had a dream and there were three men that would not allow me to release my water, I had to get away from them and find somewhere in the garden where I could go. Then a woman that I knew tried to touch me, and I pulled away from her and would not let her touch that which was sacred.

Ezekiel also saw trees either side of the river. Fruit trees of all kinds. In Ezekiel chapter 47, he does not call it a temple, he calls it a sanctuary. It states that the fruit will serve for food and the leaves for healing. In Rev 22, the leaves are for healing the nations. No surprise then that India also use plants for healing, as do many nations.

Prophet Amos spoke of the river in terms of justice, righteousness like a never-ending stream. The Lute of Lovingkindness also spoke of the holy streams and they are featured in the Gospel of Peace. Prophet Nahum saw the river gates thrown open, and then the palace collapses.

In the book of John, 'Whoever believes in me, as scripture has said, 'rivers of living water will flow from within them'.

In Rev 12, the 'serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake me and sweep me away with a torrent'. Interesting that the academic specialized in Hindu philosophy. However, the LORD God had a rescue plan underway. Nobody was going to take his wondrous woman from heaven from him, not man or beast could take her out of his hands. I was given a divine warning from Archangel Michael about the man that had entered my life at that time. Michael rebuked me and counseled me, he said, that the man that had come into my life was not about relationship. Hence, it was brought to an abrupt end in 2004, soon after it began. Melchizedek was also there to counsel me at that time, and he is very strict. A man of few words, that are profound.

In Rev 22, where Eden is restored, the angel showed John the river of the water of life. The water was as clear as crystal. Flowing from the throne of theos and the lamb. No surprise then that there are two lambs mentioned in Rev 14. One lamb leads them to the other lamb. The lamb is symbolic of the tender hearted, gentle soul. 'Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see theos'.

May the LORD God bless India with abundance, and raise up its people out of poverty.


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