Friday, 18 May 2012

Warsi takes directions from daddy

An Islamic member of the conservative government, the so-called Baroness Warsi claims that she decided to speak out after her father urged her to 'show leadership' on the controversial issue of Pakistani men that see white girls as 'fair game'.

1. She takes directions from daddy, instead of being her own person. That smacks of a Pakistani society and culture where children are dictated to by their Islamic parents. Even in adulthood, Warsi follows instructions from daddy. Is that politically correct for a grown woman?

2. As an Islamic woman, should she not be taking her instructions from God?

3. Warsi admits that British citizens are being treated as 'second class citizens' and 'white women as third class' citizens by some Pakistani men. Now where did they learn that? Its embedded in the Islamic religion that came out of Saudi Arabia.

4. What do strong British women call people like Warsi? 'Daddies girls'. Should such a woman be given a title of Baroness by the British crown? Certainly not.

I applaud her for standing up to Islam and its doctrines. However, it would have been far more beneficial, if she had done so due to her following her own heart of conscience, or the will of God.



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Joseph Ali bin Muhammad said...

I do not know much about Pakistan except that it currently has (again) a corrupt government its citizens are not fond of and in Islam prophecy before the emergence of Imam Al Mehdi (known in other religions' prophecies as Elijah, Michael, and by other names) to prepare the world for the return of Christ, Pakistan is to be taken over "by a dark force." That dark force is an arm of the organization of the Anti-Christ that is operating and controlling politics and economics in nations around the world and this is not the only bit of Mehdi prophecy that has manifested coming true in recent world events.

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May peace and God's blessings be upon you.