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There are two connections here with this alchemy and it is divine providence.

First with the 'LAVA prophecy' received in 2007 from the Son of God. Then with the Obsidian, first that I was led to a particular sphere at the beginning of the ascension. That was almost at the beginning of working in the galilee of the gentiles after Jordan was born. As predicted by Prophet Isaiah.

As we know the word 'galilee' means 'circuit', and I was working on the circuit with the healers and other spiritual people at that time.

The Obsidian pillar was given with my covenant name prior to the second mission to Israel in 2007.

The biblical prophecies also predicted that ZION would receive a new name, and that this one was born in ZION. ZION is not Israel, for the biblical prophecies state that the LORD God loves ZION more than Israel. He is speaking of his daughter ZION that he sent to help the world. ZION is a celestial reality.

As we know the one that was chosen in the book of Revelation was made into a pillar in the temple of God. The name inscribed in gold letters was ELIAKIM, the name was inscribed in gold. Afterwards, the LORD God also instructed me that when I write my new name, I must write the name in caps, in the way that he had done.

Here is the text with the video. You will notice that the film maker as highlighted 0.36. 36 is also the gematria of 'righteous soul' and the Hebrew translation of the word also includes my birth name. In the same way that ELIAKIM does as well.

The diamond pick is interesting, as the diamond is to do with multi-faceted, multi-dimensional consciousness, it also relates to the diamond heart, the pure heart with many facets that can multi-task.

Obsidian is very powerful, and it is for the sensitive and gentle hearted. Some say, very few can work with this Obsidian due to the sheer power of it. An ex-stock broker once said to me 'You have no idea how powerful you are', 'You are an asset to humanity'.

In the video, you will see how the sun can vaporize the metal and metal energy. The metal energy that the LORD God called 'Vulcanics' to do with man, male energy and the law of man.  Hence, you can understand that when the sun of righteousness arose with healing in its rays, the metal energy simply evaporated due to the power of the sun upon it. You can also view it in terms of the integrity of the creation that is created by God, versus what humanity co-creates.

It also explains why the orthodox Christians, atheists and secular do not ascend due to them not developing their multi-dimensional consciousness and arising into their diamond hearts. It takes a leap in consciousness that happens naturally and organically, due to the healing process when people put the effort into seeking within. The more that people seek within for the kingdom of God, the more that people turn their hearts towards healing. Then the more that they arise like the sun everyday, with healing in their rays. The solar healing angels of elohim, the Angels of the Light and its love.

You will notice that it was the Professional grade lens that the sun worked with in this video, and the lens is also to do with consciousness that has many plates. In other words, he chose a professional healer, clairvoyant and spiritual counselor, to be the advocate that the Son of God promised would come. By choosing a professional that had been victorious and overcome themselves, in addition to helping others to do so. The one that he chose, to put upon his throne, had been duly tried and tested by their peers, the spiritual community and the general public. Prior to them being told who they were, and being summoned by the heavenly father.

Face to face, they saw her, and watched the love pour out of her. Their cup was overflowing with joy and they knew that she had come, and that it was divine providence. When she left for Australia they said 'It is Australia's gain and England's loss'. When she left Australia, they said, 'It is Australia's loss and England's gain'. However, I still hold Australia and its people deeply within my heart, and always will do so.

"Using a rock as film to capture a temporary image of the sun 0:36. Backyard Lava Homemade Obsidian Rock conversion and How the sun can vaporize aluminum with a Professional grade Fresnel Lens. Forming borosilicate glass tubing. At 0:36 the image of the sun is exposed into the rock surface."

Love beyond measure


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