Sunday, 13 May 2012


While making a cup of coffee after making the last post, a beautiful gold light appeared in a sphere above my head on the left hand side corner of the room. First I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and then I looked directly up at it. It was like the gold light was switched on and off.

There was a couple of new crop circles reported and they are in the same place of 'Water Eaton Copse', Nr Hannington, Wiltshire. Reported on the 12th May, 2012. The 12th of May was the 'Day of Maverick' and as we know they called the American politician, McCain the 'Maverick'.

Photo courtesy of Crop Circle Connector 

Well it is a spacey kind of design, so did McCain know about the scientific weapons used on 9/11 that reduced the twin towers to powder? Did he know about the biblical prophecies that relate to it? 

The location of the crop is WATER EAT ON COPSE. As we know water is to do with the divine feminine, and fish swim in the water. We also know that the US military, are using sonic weapons in the ocean and this is impacting on the natural environment. Be careful about what you eat, and where it comes from, especially from the oceans. 

The crop circle has two 'basket weave' type circles on the outer, as we know baskets are carriers. There are also two peppermint type discs opposite each other. Two great superpowers, two minor ones. East and West being major influences on what is currently taking place on this planet. Mint also relates to coinage and currencies. 

In the centre of the crop is another large ring with four small circles. The four corners of the world, four sacred directions, four winds. Altogether I count 13 aspects to the crop design, and that can relate to 
Revelation chapter 13. The chapter includes the Leo the Leopard Obama, the 3rd beast and what looks like the 4th Mitt Romney. Hence, wisdom was called to do the count. This called for wisdom and wisdom was called. No surprise then that this is post 33 in May, as 33 is to do with the wisdom gateway opening in Greece in 2010. After that there was the biblical plague of frogs in Greece.

In Hebrew gematria, 13 is also the value of the words 'LOVE' and 'THE ONE' in Hebrew. There have certainly been times when I have felt 'Beam me up Scotty', 'Get me out of here'. 13 also relates to the star gate opening that took place on the 13th of May in Israel in 2006. It was a cosmic happening with a comet exploding for most of the time that I was in Israel. 

Today, this 13th, is our anniversary of the celebration of the unity gathering on the holy hill in May 2006. The 13th of May is also the 'Day of Appeal' and the day to make appeals to the people. I encourage the people to inspire others to build fish farms together, so that you can feed your communities. The location of the crop circle also indicates this. It is also asking you to consider what you eat on, what kind of plate, the plate can relate to your state of consciousness. Is the plate clean? Is it airborne? Can it fly divine beyond earthly realities? Ponder upon it.

Is your plate of food larger than you require? Do you consider others that do not even have a plate let alone food to eat? Did you know that people could be feeding their communities for free if they did the will of God?

Act of God or scientific weapon?

On this day there was a hail storm in China that killed 40 and injured 87.

40 relates to the prophet Moses and the 40 years in the wilderness. The number also relates to the Nostradamus prophecy about the Iris prophet and the age of Iris. Nostradamus predicted that she would not be seen for 40 years, and after 40 years she could be seen everyday. Prophet Isaiah also predicted that she would be found in the Galilee of the Gentiles, the other side of Jordan in the West. As you know, the name of my son is Jordan. Isaiah also knew that she would be found on an Island, on this blessed land of Joseph.

So what do we have on 87? In Hebrew gematria 87 is the value of 'Levanah/Moon' [1]and as we know we have just had the super moon that does impact on the water flow and tides. As we know, the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet.

The heavenly Father said 'What's cooking?' Sounds like it is time to cook some food and eat. Jordan bought me some salmon, and I shall have it with carrots and saute potatoes cooked in garlic and turmeric.

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Eliakim said...

In May we had the EATON Crop Circle and it was related to the moon.
Now we have a shooting at EATON shopping centre in Toronto.