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Last night while writing about the Catholic priests I was given the smell of 'Talcum Powder'. As we know many people used talcum powder on their babies, and also on themselves and their gential area after bathing. Did you know that Cancer Research have been doing research on the impact of 'Talcum powder' and ovarian cancer?

Did you know that before the 1970's, talcum powder was contaminated with asbestos fibres which are known to cause cancer?

Scientists have found that the evidence is uncertain to do with talcum powder and ovarian cancer. That is because they did not understand the uniqueness of the cases involved, how and why a person becomes susceptible to a particular pollutant on their being. The susceptibility, is usually past life related due to transgenerational disease that is passed on energetically.

For instance, a mother that suffered in a past life in a place like the 'Magdalene Laundries' could then bring that memory back with them, that would then make them susceptible to pollutants that impact on childbirth. For instance I worked with one case where a woman had been 'raped' in a wheat field in a a past life, and that made her susceptible to wheat and its associated allergies.

Until the medical profession and its scientists understand the spiritual law, the impact of the environment and the unconscious mindfields. They're really barking up a tree without its bark. The bark of the tree of life, is the carrier of the message that the tree holds.

No surprise then that the word 'talc' is derived from a Persian and Arabic word, 'talk'. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock composed predominantly of talc. Source link states that prime examples of whitschists include the Franciscan Metamorphic Belt of the western United States, the Western european Alps, especially Italy. It can also be found in the Himalayas, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

The French-based, Luzenac group is the world's largest supplier of mined talc. Headquarters? Toulouse, France. Another known Catholic country. Ring a bell? I can tell you that the heavenly Father has been ringing the bell about 'Toulouse' for a few years. In 1988, it was purchased by the Rio Tinto group. Headquarters in London. A British-Australian multi-national. Check it out, it bought a mine in Spain, another Catholic country in 1873.  [5] It has operations on six continents, although mainly concentrated in Australia and Canada.

The Chairman of Rio Tinto, is Jan du Plessis, he is also the non-executive director of the Board of American Tobacco. In 2006, he was placed tenth by the Times 'Power 100' list. Jan is an Afrikaner, grew up near Cape Town.

Talc has been found in illegal heroin and cocaine to expand volume and weight. As we know, talc is sold globally as a personal hygiene product. Not only have they found links with the ovaries but the lungs as well. The lungs and breathing problems are connected to 'guilt', and not allowing new life in. Hence, 'guilt' to do with relationships, abortion' or the what the Church have done could and can impact on the lungs of the person.

Another example, Dad died of lung cancer, after he left the union to join management due to pressure from his wife and management. Then Murdoch and Wapping happened. The men were locked out by the Australians that were in control, it brought huge adverse situations upon his wife and son, and the union men 'cursed' him with 'poisoned pen' letters.

I once knew a woman that had a long-standing affair, because her husband was living abroad, and having relationships with other women. The 'guilt' that she felt inside, then impacted on her lungs and ability to breath in new life.

If you put talcum powder on your hair it makes it go thick, it thickens it due to the dry substance that is added. Hence, why they have started using it in hairdressing salons. A 1971 paper found particles of talc embedded in 75% of the ovarian tumors studied. The US FDA recommend that talc is safe, and it can be found in table salt as well. Most of my life, I have consumed natural rock salt, in preference to table salt.

Do you remember the other day, I was compelled to share with you about the 'White Powder Prophecy?' and the tumors that are mentioned in the bible? Is this another Vatican conspiracy against the people and their children?

The Johnson and Johnson baby powder story. [3] 'Johnson and Johnson are being sued for drug conspiracy.' (NaturalNews) Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is the subject of a California lawsuit alleging that the company colluded with pharmaceutical consultant Omnicare to push its drugs on nursing home residents. Among the charges are allegations that J&J violated federal Medicaid laws with its schemes to maximize profits. [4] 

If a child is washed, dried and changed regularly, there is no requirement for any baby powder. If you find that your baby is getting a diaper rash, then you can cover their sensitive areas with vaseline, as a barrier to defend their skin. When Jordan was a baby he was very intuitive and would remove his nappy at night, he was clean at 8-9 months during the day, and at one year of a night. He was determined not to wear them, he wished for his body to be free from any restriction. I also allowed him to be free and not to wear any at all, as much as possible during the day time.

A rash is like an open wound, and as we know, the pores open after a warm bath. As such, what you put on to the babies skin, is quickly absorbed into their system. Keep the baby as natural as you can, as they were meant to be, in more ways than one.

Talcum powder is a ground dust that 'pollutes' the air. Dust that babies can breathe in,  directly on to their lungs.




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