Monday, 28 May 2012


In the post about the 'shepherds being cut off' timeline, the cumin spice was mentioned. [1] Solomon also spoke about the spice laden mountain in respect of the little one that is like a gazelle. The gazelle that defends the tree of life.

No surprise then to find that the spice is in the news and scientists views on its health benefits. US research has shown that cumin, which is found in the spice turmeric, causes a sizeable increase in a protein that boosts the immune system. [2] The article recommends curries to stave off infections, virus's and diseases.

However, one does not have to eat a curry to consume its spices. Saute potatoes, rice and home made soups are all great foods to include specific spices that your body requires. The more intuitive people are, they more they understand their own bodies and what the body is asking for. Garlic is also good for boosting the immune system.

The spice laden mountain and/or the spices was also mentioned in these previous posts.

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Also, in the news the Islamic Baroness Warsi is involved in an 'expenses scandal'. The British press are writing about Obama's 'culture war' and his Jimmy Carter moment. [6] It is certainly time for people like Obama and Warsi to be cut off. This is the symbol of Chicago. Islamic.

Isaiah 28 also mentions the cumin and the chapter rebukes the nations. It is very appropriate for this timeline, especially after seeing the massacre that has taken place in Syria. It is hard to imagine, that Syria was once a Christian nation. It seems wherever Islam goes, violence goes with it. Isaiah 28 tells the people that their 'covenant with death is annulled'. At the same time, the Islamic Senegal have 800,000 starving, and 20 million face the famine due to a drought. While the Islamic Qatar is spending billions having a shopping spree buying up the corporations, a Greek Island and the 2012 Olympic village.

Do Islamic leaders have any common sense at all? Clearly not. The Islamic wealth could completely eradicate poverty in their nations. So then Muslims, ask yourselves why if your religion is so great why are people dying when there is no requirement for them to do so? Christians and Jews can ask themselves the same questions. Enough, really is enough.

There is enough wealth in the world for every single person to be a millionaire.



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