Sunday, 20 May 2012


This is our annular solar eclipse offering, and it is do with the prophecies that relate to the chastisement of 2012. On our other blog we have featured the Italian earthquake and how that relates to the 'Sun 20 Prophecy' video that we posted the other day. 

This video includes two quatrains that relate to each other. C.2.Q12 and C1.Q96. It also relates to the Church, sects and temples that Nostradamus informs you were changed by 'fantasy'. 


In addition, there has also been news today about an antique stone that has been discovered. It is dated to be 800AD. It also links in with these prophecies due to the difference of what scholars say, compared with my view and gnosis.

For viewing Nostradamus prophecies yourself. I recommend this website as the translations are provided in both French and English. They have also been translated by French speaking people. As we know, Nostradamus was a Christian, and he had an incredible understanding of the different timelines involved in the last days of the end times. A natural healer himself that worked with flower essence remedies for healing.

On the Hidden Truth about the indigenous people and the Canadian genocide. Please see Kevin Annett's website. His books about it, can also be purchased online.

In the video I mention Sun Essences and they can be contacted here for flower essence remedies.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask. 

I should add that the word 'curse' does not exist in the Aramaic translation of the Malachi prophecies. The word is 'smite', not 'curse' in that translation. In fact, when the NT informs you that Jesus Christ 'cursed' the fig tree, there is a different text, it was Peter that 'cursed' the fig tree, and Jesus rebuked him for doing so.

I hope that you found the video informative, and that it helps the people to open their eyes as Nostradamus predicted that it would.

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