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Venus transiting the Sun twice in your lifetime, only happens once in your lifetime. The last time this happened was in 2004. The year of the 2nd Harmonic Concordance when I was sent to England's Nazareth. After that God yelled 'Humanity needs you now', I was given instructions for the spiritual community. Within weeks the Asian disaster happened on Boxing Day, the 26th. 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God.

The nations did mourn exactly as the bible predicted that they would. You can view the Venus transit of the Sun in 2004 as the morning star. This second rare event as the evening star. You do not get one without the other. The Harp of Faithfulness that arrived at night time of the last days of the end times. Exactly as the biblical prophecies predicted that she would.

In a previous post we shared the USHA and Venus information, how this relates to India and Israel.

USHA is also to do with divine consciousness and truth of the divine feminine. Hence, the importance of Venus being both the morning and evening star.

As we know, in May there was also the 'Gateway of Enlightenment' on 555 and some crop circles in Italy the same day. Please see the SALO, Crop Circle post for more information on that.

Nostradamus also made a prediction about the rare venus transit of the sun that would come in June 2012. 2012 is a five year = C5 and 2+4= 6 = June, the sixth month. 

The prophecy quatrain is C5.Q24.

The realm and law raised under Venus,
Saturn will have dominion over Jupiter:
The law and realm raised by the Sun,
Through those of Saturn it will suffer the worst.

Previous post made on this transit.

I have provided a video to explain the detail of it further, it does relate to other prophecies that Nostradamus gave. This rare transit will not happen again until 2117 & 2125. Its now or wait another 100 years to make the shift. 

The Rabbi's say that the Messiah comes in every generation and it is whether the people are ready to accept that impacts on humanity. I have to agree to disagree with them, as the Messianic age was not predicted to come until the last days of the end times in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Also the biblical prophecies agree with that. The Dead Sea Scrolls also predicted the 'usurper' and those that know, know that is Obama who is mentioned in Rev 13. Wisdom was indeed called to do the count on the man 666. 6+6+6 = 18 = 'Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'. Mitt Romney is no different to Obama, just a different covering, IMHV. 

Prophet Zephaniah also predicted that the Virgin would stand with 60 just ones against the 'Son of Lawlessness' and Obama is certainly that. 

Nostradamus mentioned the realm and the law raised under Venus. It is to do with the divine court and its spiritual law. Only those that have broken their own wheel of karma, are not subject to the spiritual law, because all of their accounts are in credit in the heavenly realms. 

The fact that he mentions that 'Through those of Saturn it will suffer the worst', relates to the 'he-goats', and Robert Kennedy is a Capricorn that is ruled by Saturn. He is also mentioned in Proverbs 30, as we know he is a Roman Catholic, and the Vatican has been in the news today. First the Pope's Butler is being investigated for leaking documents, then the chief of the Vatican Bank was 'dismissed'. See previous post on that. 

It is not going to be an easy time for the Roman Catholics, due to what their institutions have done down the ages. Currently, in the USA they are also 'suing' the White House. All the men that are jostling for position, shall be defeated because they're ruled by Saturn and its spiritual law. 

The planet is also in the Saturn in Libra transit as well, and Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships. Saturn in Libra transit continues until October, it is a transit of justice of the spiritual law It impacts on those most strongly, who do not live in alignment with it and its message. Those that deny the true love of righteousness, and integrity pay the price handsomely. 

As we know the spiritual law strikes where it will impact on the people directly, with the Americans that's their pockets, because that is what they value the most. Those that value money, more than the spiritual law and the one that delivers it, will keep on receiving the financial blows. It will not end when Obama has gone. 

I warned people years ago, the more that you have financially, the more that you have to lose. Jesus Christ also pre-warned them and it is written the scriptures. There is no excuse for ignoring the facts. 


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