Sunday, 13 May 2012


After I wrote the '9/11 Powder Weapon' post the heavenly Father said 'GAYNOR'. That reminds me of Gloria Gaynor who delivered wonderful songs. 'I will survive',  'I am what I AM'. 'Never Can Say Goodbye'. Gloria Gaynor, otherwise known as the 'Queen of Disco'. Gloria Gaynor is going on tour again in 2012 to enliven the great classics for the youth of today.

Oh the nights that I sang and danced to this song when I was young.  I certainly did survive a broken heart many times, although it was hard at first. Time is a great healer, until the day comes when people are ready to seek within and heal themselves. To understand life experience and its multi-dimensional realities is mighty indeed.

Gaynor is an Irish name, the original Gaelic form of the name gaynor is 'Mag Fhionnbhairr', it is derived from the word 'Fhionbharr' and it means 'Fair head'. [1]

What's in the news today?

From Saturday's Daily Telegraph
The creepiest image published this week shows Chinese teenagers hooked up to IV drips in a classroom, feeding amino acids into their bloodstreams so they can concentrate harder on their National College Entrance Exam. The school, in Xiaogong, central China, is unapologetic. Parents ask for the drips, it says, because otherwise their children become exhausted swotting for examinations that will determine the course of their lives. [2] 
'The gay marriage endorsement was all about Hollywood's money and Obama's ego.' [3] 
This 13th of May, is also the anniversary of the Unity gathering with the spiritual Israeli's in 2006. A comet was exploding for nearly three weeks while I was there. Each time I was sent to Israel, a comet exploded. Truly incredible, now that is God's will. 

The 13th of May is the 'Day of Appeal', as such, we shall appeal for donations once more. The heavenly Father is speaking to me of the tribulations that the people shall continue to encounter; until they do as he asks of them. The Dead Sea Scrolls made it very clear, that the Sons of Light will not win until they come to my aid. Lets hope that they get the message sooner rather than later. For the longer they leave it, the more suffering there will be due to man's co-creation. 



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